Idaho Wolf Status Update for Mid-Feb.


This is a month ago, and there should be
new information soon, but I just received
the results of February tracking flights
of the Idaho wolves.

For comparison's sake, match this with my
"Status update on the 1995 Idaho wolves"
dated 1/31/96. This information came from
the Nez Perce Tribal Wolf Recovery Team.
I have edited it.

The names of the wolves came from central
Idaho school children in 1995. Only some
of the wolves received names.

B6 "Bee-Yah" (F) and B8 "Keea" (M) remain
paired in the southern part of the Frank
Church/River of No Return Wilderness as
they have been for some time. The twenty
new wolves were introduced not far from
their area, and some the 20 are nearby.

B9 "Hinton" (M) and B16 (F, no name) remain
paired, but they traveled 60 miles south
from the Chamberlain Basin to the Middle
Fork of the Salmon River not far from the
release point of the 20 new wolves.

B14 (M, no name) traveled from the Twin
Peaks area near Challis, ID, 80 miles
northward to Blue Joint Meadows just
inside Montana. This is a wandering wolf
because in my last report I said it had
traveled southward well over 100 miles
from the Lochsa River.

B12 (M, no name), another wanderer, went
even further -- from the S. end of the
Frank Church Wilderness very near Stanley,
Idaho to Painted Rocks Reservoir in Montana.
Painted Rocks is not far from Blue Joint

B15 (F, no name), is still north of U.S.
Highway 12 in Kelly Creek and with an
unknown wolf (as reported earlier). Accord-
ing to the Tribal Recovery Team, the
wolf could have dispersed from the nearby
Ninemile Pack, Thompson Falls Pack, or other
NW Montana (non-reintroduced) packs. It
could also be a migrant from S. Canada.
A further possibility is that it is male
wolf #9013. This wolf was radio-collared
in Glacier National Park in 1990, but dis-
persed from its pack in 1991 and was last
radio-tracked in Kelly Creek from Jan. 1992
until September 1993, when the radio signal
ceased. During 1994 and 1995, a gray wolf
was seen many times in Kelly Creek. It
was assumed to be #9013.

B2 "Chat-Chaaht" (M) was last located on
Nov. 17, 1995 near UL Lake near Salmon,

B4 "Kelly" (F), subject of a previous post,
was recently found dead near Drummond,
Montana -- probably killed by a mountain

B5 "Moonstar Shadow" (M) and B10 "Libre" (F)
had been paired for some time. B5 was loca-
ted in the west of the Frank Church Wilderness
just ten miles east of its December location,
but B10 was not located.

B11 "Blackfire" (F) which was seen often last
summer crossing through the Salmon River
Valley and the outskirts of Salmon, Idaho,
was located near Blue Joint Meadows just
inside Montana.

B7 "(M, no name) which had been lost since
July 1995 was found west of Lost Trail Pass,
just inside Montana.

Is it significant that nos. 7, 11, 12, and 14
were all located with 5 miles of one another?
Is a pack forming?

B3 "Akiata" (F) was last tracked in the Bitter-
root Mountains near Darby, Montana a year ago
-- March 3, 1995.

B13 was shot on Gene Hussey's ranch near
Salmon in late January 1995.

Wolves 17 - 36 (the new wolves) were found
dispersing in a radial pattern from their
reintroduction site at Daggar Falls on the
Middle Fork of the Salmon River. There
have been some reports of wolves in the
Sawtooth Valley area not far from Stanley.
I hope to have an update on the new wolves
soon (this is a month old).

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1996 Ralph Maughan
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