Third Pen to be Opened Today in Park 4/5/96


Today, April 5, 1996, the 2 wolves from the Blacktail pen will be
trucked to an area south of Old Faithful and placed in a temporary
holding pen about a tenth the size of the Blacktail pen. No food
will be left for the pair, and the temporary pen will be left open.
It is expected that the temporary pen will allow the wolf pair to
recover and then leave on their own.

The release area is far south of the Blacktail pen, but deemed
necessary because wolves released last year have established a
territory adjacent to the Blacktail pen. The release is also
south of the new Nez Perce pen, where wolves were released
on April 2.

The Nez Perce pen wolves were captured from the Half-way Pack in
British Columbia. They have left their pen and were tracked Thursday
morning, April 4, 27 miles to the NE in the central part of
Yellowstone National Park.

As of Thursday morning the wolves in the Rose Creek pen had not left
their enclosure even though it was opened on Tuesday. The wolves in
the 4th pen, the Crystal Bench pen will be released next week.

This information is based on a news release from the National Park

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1996 Ralph Maughan
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