Five pups for lone wolf R27F! Her recapture is planned.


More wolf pups have been born in the Greater Yellowstone
ecosystem this spring. It has been discovered that the lone female
that dispersed far north of Yellowstone Park when released
in early April whelped five pups on the Custer National Forest
near Nye, Montana.

R27F became separated from the rest of the wolves of her pack
held in the Nez Perce pen. Subsequently, the rest of "Nez Perce"
wolves became separated from each other.

She traveled far to the northeast out onto the plains, but then
returned to the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains and
denned. It appears that she will be unable to care for
these pups without assistance. An attempt will be made
to recapture her and her pups and raise them over the summer
in one of the Park's empty acclimation pens. This method
proved very successful last year when R9F had eight pups
near Red Lodge, Montana, shortly after her mate R10M had
been shot by Chad McKittrick.

R9's pack, the Rose Creek Pack, is now by far the largest
in the Park, and she has given birth to three or more pups
again this spring.

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