Defenders pays $2,078 for livestock kill


As most folks know, Defenders of Wildlife has promised to pay,
and has paid in the past, compensation for livestock killed by
restored western wolves. They also pay for livestock killed
by in-migrated wolves, such as those in NW Montana.

Defenders has announed that it has paid $2,078 this summer for
ten sheep and and three calves. These are for incidents in Montana
(sheep killed by no. 27F on which I have written a number of
articles) and calves in Idaho (killed by a wolf that later died
in an ADC trap).

The $100,000 fund was established in 1987. So far it has compensa-
ted about $22,000 to 28 livestock operations (about $20,000 of this
to operators in NW Montana where wolves reinhabited the area naturally
from Canada).

Despite a recent incorrect and inflammatory column by Alston Chase,
the wolf depredation rate in the greater Yellowstone Area is *not*
above predictions. The Final Gray Wolf Environmental Impact state-
ment predicted an annual livestock loss of 19 cattle and 68 sheep per
year for Yellowstone. This would be for 100 wolves. About 34 wolves
are presently free-ranging in the GYE (Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem).

The predicted loss for central Idaho was 10 cows and 57 sheep.

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1996 Ralph Maughan
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