Listing of the new Yellowstone wolves


Here are the details on the 17 new wolves
that are in the acclimation pens in Yellow-
stone National Park:

BLACKTAIL PEN: No. 35M. Black. 120 lbs. From
the Chief Pack/// No. 36F. Black. 103 lbs.
From the Bessa Cr. Pack. Both are adults
and are hoped to mate.

CRYSTAL CREEK PEN: No. 31M. Gray (pup). 82
lbs. From the Kravac Pack/// No. 32F. Gray
(adult). 90 lbs. From the Kravac Pack///
No. 33F. Black (pup). 96 lbs. From the Kravac
Pack/// 34M. Gray (adult). 106 lbs. From the
Musquaw Pack. It is hoped 32F and 34M will

ROSE CREEK PEN: No. 38M. Gray (adult). 115
lbs. Original pack is unknown. This is a
hoped for mate to 39F/// No. 39F. Gray (adult)
93 lbs. Alpha female from the Bessa Cr. pack
/// 40F Gray (pup). 94 lbs. From Bessa Cr.
pack/// 41F Black (pup). 80 lbs. From Bessa
Cr. pack/// 42F Black (pup). 92 lbs. from the
Bessa Cr. pack.

NEZ PERCE CREEK PEN: 26F Gray (pup). Not
weighed/// 27F Gray (adult). 115 lbs. Alpha
female/// 28M Gray (adult). 130 lbs. Alpha
male/// 29M Gray (pup) 100 lbs./// 30F Gray
(pup). 100 lbs./// 37F Gray (pup). 90 lbs.
All of these wolves are from the Half-way

In the data above the word *pup* refers to
wolves in their 1st or 2 d year (perhaps
sub-adult would be a better name for some
of them, but the Park Service did not dis-

Wolf no. 3, which had killed two sheep and
was captured and put in the Rose Creek pen,
was released just before the new wolves
arrived. No. 3, a male from the Crystal
Bench pack of last year, was released in
the Pelican Valley, just north of Yellow-
stone Lake.

All of the new wolves are from NE British

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Ralph Maughan
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