List & status of 1995 Yellowstone wolves


Because I gave a list of the new 1996 wolves
for Yellowstone, I thought I'd better give
a list of last year's introduction and a brief
report on each's status as of Feb. 1.

Here is the rundown:

4M, a black adult. Alpha. Lamar Valley
5F, a gray adult. Alpha. Lamar Valley
2M, black. 20 months. Just paired with 7F.
Seems to no longer be part of the Crystal

3M, black. 20 months. Dispersed and killed
two sheep. Released in the Pelican Valley

4M, black. 20 months. With 4M and 5F in the
Lamar Valley?

8M, gray. 20 months. He is now the alpha male
in the Rose Creek Pack.

So the Crystal Creek Pack is down to 3

9F. black adult. Original alpha. Lamar Valley
8M. gray. 20 months. New alpha male (see above)
Lamar Valley.

10M. black adult. Original alpha male. Shot last
spring near Red Lodge, Montana. Sired 8 pups with

16 - 23. These are the eight pups. One was hit
and killed by a delivery truck in December. It
was a male (I don't know which number it was).
The remaining seven are 4 females and 3 males.
They are now about 8 months old.

7F. gray. 20 months. This female dispersed from
the Pack shortly after her original 3-member
Rose Creek Pack was released last spring. She
has been alone until the recent pairing with
2M from the Crystal Creek pack. She has spent
more time in the NW part of the Park than any
of the other wolves.

11F gray. Adult. Beartooth Front.
12M black. Adult. Last spotted at Dubois, WY
on the north end of the Wind River Mtns. Jan.
16. This is a very large wolf. He dispersed
from the pack near Cooke City, Montana,in mid-

13M black. Adult (very old). Beartooth Front.
14F gray. Adult. Beartooth Front. She is the
presumed mother of 24.

15M black. 20 months. Beartooth Front.
24? black. 8 months. Beartooth Front.

The Soda Butte Pack has been the most reclusive
pack, spending much of their time in the Bear-
tooth Mountains north of Yellowstone Park and
on the Beartooth Front (the foothills of the
Beartooth Mountains). It is unknown which
wolves are now the alpha pair.

I hope for the best for 12M who is now very far
south of the rest of the pack (indeed far south
of Yellowstone Park).


Because the new wolves have inhabited some of
the pens that gave the names to the packs de-
scribed above, I'm not sure what the new packs
will be called when they are released in late


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Ralph Maughan
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