Soda Butte pack returns to Yellowstone


Despite fears that the Soda Butte pack might winter along the Beartooth
Front, rather than in Yellowstone National Park, the pack returned to
the vicinity of the Park about Dec. 18.

The five adult wolves and their yearling were spotted eating an elk
they apparently had killed near Cooke City, Montana, close to the NE
entrance of Yellowstone NP.

In early Dec., the wolves suddenly went north out of Yellowstone Park
and followed the Stillwater River through the Beartooth Mountains to near
Nye, Montana. The wolves then moved eastward toward the area near
Fishtail. Here they encountered and killed a small hunting hound that
ran into them.

A couple days later the wolves were tracked to Red Lodge Mountain and
Red Lodge Ski Area. This is about 15 miles farther east.

The pack then apparently returned west and then south to the Park
through the rugged Stillwater River which drains through the Bear-
tooth Mountains, the highest range in Montana.

The pack has become very familiar to the area. They spent part of the
summer in the Stillwater and along the foothill/farm/mountain inter-
face along the Front.

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Ralph Maughan
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