Wolves rain on Idaho. 12 more released


On Saturday, Jan. 27, twelve more wolves from British
Columbia were released at Dagger Falls on the Middle
Fork of the Salmon River in central Idaho.

My earlier report said that ten wolves were expected
to be released. The twelve new wolves brought to
twenty the number of new wolves for Idaho this year.
Last year four wolves were released on the Main Salmon
River and eleven on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

In total, 37 wolves were released this, probably the
final year of reintroductions, into central Idaho and
Yellowstone National Park. This brings the total
number of reintroduced wolves in Idaho to between 31
to 34. Three wolves have not been found by radio-
tracking for some time now. This does not necessarily
mean that these three are dead.

The wolves were snowmobiled into the release site
just in head of a storm in a thick fog. Twenty
people observed the release.

The wolves were caged for a total of 72 hours from
the time they left British Columbia until their


Just a brief update on this previous story. The
wolf was not shot; it was given a lethal injection
some time later. The injured biologist (broken
thumb) was John Weaver, a long-time wolf researcher
who is very knowledgeable about the Greater Yellow-
stone ecosystem. He conducted searches in the area
to see if any natural recolonizing wolves were pre-
sent in the mid 1970s.

Weaver was reported to not be pleased that the wolf
was put to death.

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Ralph Maughan
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