Activist dumps rotting bison entrails on Montana Governor and Secretary of Agriculture

On Sunday, March 23, an activist from the new "Bison Action Group" ran into a meeting in Gardiner, Montana, and splashed the rotting internal organs of bison on Montana Governor Marc Racicot, US Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, and Montana's U.S. Senators Conrad Burns (Rep.) and Max Baucus (Dem.).

Delyla Wilson ran into the meeting with a bucket full of "guts" and tried to dump them on Racicot, but her aim was deflected by an aide to Conrad Burns and the bad-smelling material was dumped instead on the table in front of the officials. Apparently all were splashed, but Racicot and Glickman got the most.

The meeting, which was on the bison controversy, got underway again after the officials had cleaned themselves off.. Wilson, who carried out the action with a painted face ("war paint"?) was arrested for disorderly. conduct.

Wilson told reporters that she got the offal from the Montana Department of Livestock, the Montana agency which has been auctioning off the parts of the Yellowstone bison its gunners have shot.

Gardiner is a small town, but an estimated 500 people attended the meeting, apparently many very in a very angry mood.

One report said that beginning on March 25 "activists" (I don't know from what group) will begin patroling Yellowstone Park boundaries to try and stop the shooting of bison that leave. Note: I'm not sure if bison are still wandering out of the Park.

This entrails incident got the media attention at the meeting, but at the meeting, Defenders of Wildlife outlined specific "steps to 'stop the madness of bison slaughter.'" News Release.

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