Defenders of Wildife Pays for Wolf and Grizzly Bear Depredations


Defenders of Wildlife has announced that it recently paid two Idaho ranchers near Leadore (pronounced "lead ore," as in the the rock) $540 for a calf and $110 for a lamb lost to one of the dispersing Sawtooth yearling wolves.  Alan Purcell, shot the wolf legally as it was killing his lamb. The depredations were in early July.

Defenders has also paid a sheep rancher from Eureka, Montana $4000 for sheep losses due to two members of the Murphy Lake pack. The two wolves responsible were killed. The rest of the pack remains intact. Eureka is in extreme NW Montana near the British Columbia border.

In a surprising move, Defenders paid a rancher near Kalispell, Montana, $150 for a calf killed by a grizzly bear last spring.  A reimbursement fund for grizzly, livestock depredations had by run by the Great Bear Foundation.  However, GBF has gone under, and the grizzly reimbursement program has been picked up by Defenders of Wildlife.

GBF limited their payments to grizzly kills on the Rocky Mountain Front, which is to the south and east of Glacier National Park -- a place where, happily, grizzlies still venture out onto the plains.  Defenders has not only picked up the GBF program, but expanded it to any livestock losses in the Northern Rockies (that is, the Northern Rocky Mountains of the United States).

The grizzly bear in question has a history of killing livestock, and the intent was to capture and kill her.  However, she escaped into the woods and has eaten natural foods since the most recent incident.

Here is the entire list of Defenders' payments for wolf kills of livestock in Idaho and Montana since the program was initiated.

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