Idaho Wolf Update: More pairs. 2 deaths


Here is the latest Idaho wolf update. Readers may want to review
the updates of June 8 and May 10 for comparison.

Idaho wolves continue to do well. Two more pairs have formed. Two
wolves are dead since the last update. One of these I have reported
on (see the article about the trapping death of B21). Wolf B26 has
been found dead of unknown causes near Deadwood Reservoir in west
south central Idaho. It is assumed that there are pups, but none
have been spotted, probably because of rough mountain and forest
nature of central Idaho.

The following text is direct quotation from the "Idaho Wolf Update"
for June, which is produced by the Nez Perce Tribal Wolf Recovery

"Telemetry flights were flown on 5/31, 6/5 and 6/13-16, and 6/23. . .
Monitoring efforts were increased during June to gather more
information on the status of paired wolves in Idaho. Four additional
wolves may have paired bringing the total to nine pairs. B23, an
adult female, and B27, a subadult male, appear to have settled into
the Stanley Basin area. B28, an adult male, and B30, a subadult
female have been located together on several occasions in the Bear
Valley area.

Of the nine pairs, five are composed of animals released in 1995,
while the remaining are composed of wolves released in 1996. Pairs
have formed between a combination of different aged wolves. One
pair released in 1996, B34 and B35, were captured from the Petrie
Pack in Canada and are considered too young to have bred this winter.
Two additional pairs are composed of adult/subadult combinations,
while the remaining pairs are composed of adults.

Aerial monitoring is being coupled with ground tracking efforts to
document reproduction. Some pairs, mostly those composed of younger
animals, continue to travel considerable distances, while 4 or 5
pairs composed of adults have had more localized movement patterns
during June. Ground tracking wolves is quite a challenge and we
would like to send out a special thanks to the dedicated field crews
of USFWS, Student Conservation Volunteers, University of Idaho, and
Jim Johnston."

Boise National Forest
Wolf 19 was located near Deadwood Reservoir and wolf 26 was found
dead there. The pair B28 and B30 are near Bear Valley Creek. The
long-standing pair B6 and B8 were also in this general area. Note:
Bear Valley Creek runs through a large meadowy reach that has been
visited by many Idaho wolves, including some before the reintroductions. 
Wolf B36F was located near Landmark, ID, just to the west of
the Frank Church Wilderness.

Challis National Forest
The pair B23 and B27 have settled down in the northern end of
Stanley Basin near the northern end of the Sawtooth Mountains.
Wolf B34 was also located near Stanley, Idaho, although more
to the NE, near the southern boundary of the Frank Church Wilder-

Clearwater National Forest
Wolf B15 was again found paired with an unknown wolf in the Fish
Creek drainage as has been the case for many months. Wolf B18 was
found in the North Fork of the Clearwater River. Wolf B33 was
located near the Kelly Creek pair. These four wolves are the most
northerly of the central Idaho wolves.

Nez Perce National Forest
The pair B5 and B10 were again found near the middle of the vast
Selway/Bitterroot Wilderness.

Payette National Forest
The pair B9 and B16 remained together deep in the Frank Church
Wilderness in Chamberlain Basin. B12, last located near Riggins,
Idaho, was located in Big Creek near the western boundary of the
Frank Church Wilderness. B20 was located east of Cascade, Idaho,
near Williams Peak. In May B20 had been 30 miles to the north (NE
of McCall, Idaho). Wolf B22 was located in the Secesh River drainage.
This was a happy event because B22 had not been located for many
tracking flights. Wolf B24 was in the French Creek drainage, far
north of its May location.

Salmon National Forest
Wolf B25 was located on Salmon River Mountain a few miles N by NW
of the town of Salmon. The pair B29 and B37 were once again found
together just east of the Yellowjacket area in the Salmon River

Idaho wolves in Montana
No Idaho wolves were found in Montana in May, although the pair
B11 and B7 had often dipped over the border. This month B7 and B11
were located in the Big Hole Mountains in Montana. Note: the Big
Hole Mountains are a scenic rugged range. The crest is the Idaho/
Montana border as well as the Continental Divide.

Wolves not located
In June, B2, B14, B17, B31, B32, and B35 were not located. B2 has
not been located since April 22, 1996 when it was in Chamberlain
Basin, deep in the Frank Church. I should add that in the past
long periods have passed without B2 being located. B17 has not
been located since April 4, 1996 when it was located in Cabin
Creek NW of Challis.

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1996 Ralph Maughan
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