Northern Idaho Wolf Update for late March

Pup in Running Creek Pen Dies in Accident upon Release


I received a new Idaho wolf update today, but all of the wolf positions south of the Salmon River were the same as in the last update (so it wasn't an update).  Below I report the positions of the wolves north of the Salmon River. Where the Salmon River flows across the middle of Idaho is often regarded to be the demarcation between North and Southern Idaho.

The interpretations and opinions expressed below are my own, not those of the Nez Perce Tribal Wolf team.

The Selway pack wolves, B-5-M and B-10-F and their two pups from 1996, (now almost two years old) were located in Bargamin Creek, a major wilderness tributary of the main Salmon River.

The Kelly Creek Pack (B15F and her native mate, plus pups) was located in Cache Creek, a tributary to Fish Creek on the Lolo National Forest in Montana.

The Running Creek Pair, wolf B-11-F and wolf B-7-M, have moved off of the Bitterroot Front and were located just southwest of Lolo Hot Springs.

The new pair of wolf B20F and wolf B31M were located on Jungle Point, just south of Cedars Campground in the upper reaches of the North Fork of the Clearwater River.

Wolf B33M was located in the Anderson Butte area at the head of Horse Creek, east of Elk City. This is on the Nez Perce National Forest. The report did not mention if there were any wolves with him (he may have picked up one or two dispersers from the Chamberlain Basin Pack about a month ago).

The two pups that were captured from the native Boulder Creek pack last year and have been in the Running Creek enclosure in the middle of the Selway/Bitterroot Wilderness for many months were slated to be released on March 20. In the process of the darting the pups for a tranquilizer, the lung of the male pup was punctured, and it died. The female pup (now almost a yearling) remained around the enclosure for about a week. Then she started travelling. On March 28, she had traveled five miles upstream on the Selway River. The enclosure is near the confluence of Running Creek and the Selway River.

Regarding the death of the male pup, the wolf team stated "It was an unfortunate accident and a sobering moment for all who worked so hard to provide a second lease on life for these two young wolves."

As many folks know, Timm Kaminski was recently dismissed as the head of the Tribal Wolf Recovery Team. He was in essence head of the Idaho wolf recovery. Explaining his efforts and his views, Timm sent this letter to a number of us, including the news media.

Email addresses for members of Congress and other officials.
They need to hear from wolf supporters. The Idaho and Yellowstone wolves are still in jeopardy from the Farm Bureau and Judge Downes' Decision

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