McKittrick gets six months in the Pen


Convicted killer of wolf no. 10, Chad
McKittrick of Red Lodge, Montana, has
finally been sentenced. He was given
six months in prison and one year pro-

McKittrick told Federal Magistrate Richard
Anderson that it wasn't his intent to kill
a wolf,but that he thought it was a big
wild dog that might threaten livestock.
Anderson did not accept the explanation,
and said "If Mr. McKittrick has any remorse
for what he did, it is remorse only for the
fact that he was caught." Nevertheless,
McKittrick was not given the maximum sen-
tence of a $100,000 fine and two years
in prison.

McKittrick killed the large gray wolf last
April 24. He was convicted on Oct. 25, 1995
on three misdemeanors in violation of the
Endangered Species Act: killing, transport-
ing, and possessing an animal protected by
the ESA.

Wolf no 10 had previously mated with female
no. 9. No. 9 gave birth to eight pups short-
ly after the death of no. 10. Her and her
pups were returned to the Rose Creek enclosure
in Yellowstone NP, fed, and released last Oct..
No. 9 soon bonded with no. 8, a second-year
male from the Crystal Creek Pack. Later,
one of the pups was killed when run over by
a delivery truck.

The remaining nine wolves in the rejuvinated
Rose Creek pack are the largest pack in the
Greater Yellowstone ecoysystem. They have
been frequenting the NE and northern reaches
of the Park.

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