As Expected Wyoming Declines Interim Wolf Management


The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has adopted the recommendations of the Department of Game and Fish and formally declined to participate in the management of wolves in Wyoming prior to the time when the wolf is delisted - taken off the Endangered Species List in the northern Rocky Mountains of the United States (see my story of 7-16 on the recommedations of the department).

Wyoming's position does not become final until it is approved by Governor Jim Geringer.

When the wolf is delisted management will pass to the states. Each state must have a plan, approved by the American government, to guarantee that the species won't decline so that it has to go back on the List. One of the key things that Wyoming must do is to change the legal status of the wolf in Wyoming from "predator" to a status that does not permit indiscriminate killing of the species.

The head of the commission indicated that it might be hard to get the legislature to do this. In the meantime, the Game and Fish Department is thinking about developing guidelines as what should be done when a wolf kills livestock, thus permitting the state some involvement.

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