Gray Wolf Recovery
Weekly Progress Report

January 30, 1996


The last shipment of 18 wolves left British Columbia at about 10:00am CST on Friday. Since the recovery team captured a quantity of wolves that was higher than their goal, several young wolves were released back into their former packs.

Six of these wolves, consisting of five females and one male, were bound for Yellowstone National Park. They arrived in Missoula, Montana and had to be driven to the park. By Saturday morning, they were already in their holding pens. Mike Phillips, the Project Leader for the Gray Wolf Restoration Project in Yellowstone National Park, is thrilled with the new wolves heading for Yellowstone National Park. They all seem healthy and include a good assortment of features. The coloring ranges from black to gray, and two are so light in color that they might as well be white. There are also three wolves that weighed in at about 135 pounds. This brings the total for Yellowstone National Park to 17 wolves.

Twelve wolves from this shipment were bound for central Idaho. This group includes five females and seven males. On Saturday, they were driven by snowmobile into the release site at Dagger Falls on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. This brings the total for Idaho to 20 wolves.

If this total for Idaho does not seem to make sense based on our earlier reports, that is because one of the nine wolves from the first shipment had to be destroyed. A large male wolf bit the thumb of one of the handlers while he was trying to give him water. The bite caused a puncture wound and a broken thumb for the handler. As a result, the wolf had to be put down in order to test for rabies.

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