Idaho Wolf Update
March 13, 1998

Information on gray wolf locations is disseminated on in this format weekly, generally on Mondays or Tuesdays. This report includes the most recent location of wolves in the state. Information will change in accordance with conditions that allow aerial and/or field monitoring of wolves. Gray wolves identified in weekly updates are referenced as B-XX-Y. The B identifies the wolf as a central Idaho animal, numbers identify individuals and the Y (M or F) indicates male or female.


Wolf locations for this report were obtained from flights on 2 and 12 March, 1998.

All wolves being monitored via radio-telemetry remain within the experimental area, most on national forest land. Twenty-three radio collared wolves being monitored are paired or packmates. Six of 8 Idaho wolf packs produced pups in 1997. Five additional wolf pairs have established home ranges in Idaho and may produce pups in 1998. Three of these wolf pairs include wolves that either were not part of the translocated experimental population, or are wolves with failed radios.


North of the Salmon River

Up to ten radio-collared wolves remain north of the Salmon River. Two wolf packs and 2-3 wolf pairs occur in this area. One litter of 5 pups were produced this year north of the Salmon River

Bitterroot National Forest

Wolf B-11-F and Wolf B-07-M were located in the Big Creek Drainage on the west side of the Bitterroot Valley. Two wolf pups being held at the Hornocker Institute facility in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness continue to eat regularly and are doing well. They will be released in the Selway River drainage at the Hornocker pen with radio transmitters during early spring, 1998.

Clearwater National Forest (and Lolo National Forest, Montana)

The Kelly Creek pack including wolf B-15-F was located in the upper Fish Creek drainage on the Lolo National Forest in Montana. B-20-F and B-31-M were located together in the Swamp Creek drainage just west of Moose City.

Nez Perce National Forest

The Selway pack wolves including adults B-5-M and B-10-F and their yearling pups were located in the Wilderson Creek drainage a headwater tributary to the Selway River.

South of the Salmon River

Up to 23 radio-collared wolves remain south of the Salmon River. Nine wolf pairs occur in this area including five pairs that have produced 25-27 wolf pups this year; two of these pairs also produced pups in 1996.

Payette National Forest

The Chamberlain Basin pack including adults wolf B-16-F, Wolf B-9-M, and pups were located in the McCalla Creek drainage in Chamberlain Basin. Wolf B-22-F and her associate were located in the Monumental Creek Drainage. Wolf B-33-M was located up the west fork of Elk Creek west of Elk City.

Boise National Forest

Wolves B-30-F, B-28-M and wolf B-19-M were located at the head of Sulfur Creek. Landmark pack wolves B-06-F, Wolf B-08-M, and pups were located at the head of Elk Meadow in Bear Valley.

Salmon-Challis National Forest

The Jureano Mountain wolf pack including wolves B-25-F and B-32-M were located along Panther Creek at the mouth of Little Deer Creek. We did not locate wolf B-24-M.

The Moyer Basin pack including wolves B-29-M and B-37-F and their pups were located in the Camas Creek drainage near the mouth of Yellowjacket Creek. Wolf B-35-F and Wolf B-18-M were located in the Warm Spring Creek drainage at the confluence of Mahoney Creek.

Sawtooth National Forest

Wolf B-23-F and Wolf B-27-M and pups were located on a ridge above the main Salmon River at the confluence of the Yankee Fork. One pup collar is in on mortality in the Sawtooth Mountains. Wolf B-02-F either slipped her collar, or is dead. Wolf B-36-F was located along the East Fork of the Salmon River near the confluence of Bowery Creek.


Nothing new to report.


Evening programs to share information on the results of monitoring efforts across the State with Idaho residents in rural and urban communities are in progress.


Nothing to report.

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