Gray Wolf Recovery
Weekly Progress Report

Week of August 24 - August 30, 2002


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The radio-collar from the Ninemile pup that was tagged last month was recovered. It had been chewed on by other wolves which strongly suggests there are other pups in the pack. Three Ninemile pups have been killed by vehicles from that pack since July 20.

Please report wolf sightings in MONTANA, IDAHO, OR WYOMING!!

Livestock Depredations & Management (control)

In the Ninemile drainage [NW MT], WS caught 2 yearlings, one had been previously collared. The other wolf was collared and both were released on site. Additional electric fencing was installed that should provide a secure night pen for llamas on the farm where several attacks have taken place. On the 26th, at least one wolf was seen on the outside of the fence and llamas were alarm calling. Dense cattail cover was being cut this weekend to remove hiding cover close to the night pen.

Another calf was killed in the Upper Green River late last week and another in the Gros Ventre area on the 24th. It is unknown which wolves are involved since both the Washakie and Green River wolves occasionally use this area. Five days of trapping at Union Pass in response to a calf depredation was unsuccessful.

A calf on the Elk Ranch allotment in Grand Teton National Park was confirmed killed (probably by the Teton pack) on August 25th. No control is planned at this time but the wolves may be harassed if they stay in that vicinity.

A calf on a Forest Service grazing allotment was killed by the Sunlight pack [GYA area] on the 27th. Traps will be set in the area and any radioed adults or pups will be radio-collared and released on site, other adults/yearlings will be killed.


Nothing new to report.

Information, Education & Law Enforcement

A dead wolf pup from the Taylor Peak pack (GYA area) was found along the highway near the Madison River on the 22nd and its death is under investigation.

Jimenez met with Wyoming Game and Fish biologists to work out the details of this seasons field work on wolf and elk use of Wyoming state elk feed grounds. WY G&F will monitor wolf use and kills at all state feed grounds. WY G&F will assist the Service which will lead the fourth winter season of investigations on wolf/elk relationships on the Gros Ventre Valley feed grounds.

Smith and Niemeyer gave presentations to about 25 people who attended a Defenders of Wildlife workshop in Yellowstone National Park on the 26th.

Niemeyer met with about 95 Idaho Fish & Game biologists to discuss wolf recovery issues at their state F&G meeting near Orofino, ID on the 27th.

On Tuesday September 3rd, Peter Jennings and ABC news will begin a series of six TV shows "In Search Of America" that examines how the basic principles of our Founding Fathers are holding up in today's America. One of the hour long shows, (the wolf one is Tuesday September 3rd PM MST), uses the wolf recovery effort in Idaho to examine state and federal relationships and authorities. Several wolf project personnel and representatives from nearly all the various viewpoints in this continous issue were interviewed.

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