Gray Wolf Recovery
Weekly Progress Report

Week Sept 11 - Sept 17, 1999


Packs in the Yellowstone, central Idaho, and NW Montana areas are in their normal home ranges. The Nez Perce pack was seen with 5 pups.

Trapping in northwestern Montana will begin next week when pups are large enough to easily wear a radio-collar.


Trapping and placing draw baits for wolves on the Diamond G Ranch ended on 9/11.

Jimenez investigated a report of several horses being pushed through a fence, and a couple possibly bitten by wolves near Grand Teton National Park. Monitoring of the Teton pack indicates they have been traveling in the direction of this 300-acre private pasture. The horses are expensive polo horses and were being boarded and trained on this property. The Service will attempt to place a radio activated light/siren device between the wolves and horses and recommended to the landowner that he harass the wolves in a non-injurious manner if they came on his property.

The Sheep Mountain pack apparently scattered some cattle on a grazing allotment. The rancher saw and harassed (rode at) the wolves when he was returning his cattle to the allotment area. All the cattle were accounted for but it did mean more work for the rancher. The pilot locating the Sheep Mountain pack (Yellowstone) saw them in Goldprize Creek near livestock on a Forest Service allotment a few days later. The livestock owner was contacted about the wolves in the area but no problems were suspected with those cattle. On the 15th, the pilot buzzed the wolves when he saw them chasing cattle in the same area. Service biologists went into the area to locate and harass the wolves. When the biologist went to the area the producer was removing the livestock from the allotment but still needed to round up 8 more pair. A brief search of the area showed no indication of any depredation.


Nothing new to report.

I & E

Jimenez talked to about 25 Wyoming sheep producers at their annual meeting on the 13th.

Bangs gave a presentation to the Society of Environmental Journalists at their National Conference in Los Angeles on the 17th.

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