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Founded in 1986 as a nonprofit 501.C.3 organization, the Foundation was the first organization in Idaho dedicated to the restoration of wolves in the Rockies. The Foundation has achieved its many accomplishments through public educational programs, and recently including Ralph Maughan's wolf reports, which have become part of the Foundation.

Beginning in 1987 with our special "Night of Wolves" program, a multi-media presentation featuring the biological and mythological aspects of wolves, the Foundation continues to provide educational programs for thousands of students and adults to fulfill our mission of creating a new heritage of acceptance and appreciation of wolves. Each year we co-sponsor the North American Inter-agency Wolf Conference where presentations of research by biologists, social scientists, and wolf managers attracts great media attention and over 100 participants.

* Establishing a network of partners -

In 1988, the Foundation established our first government partnership with the Central Idaho Wolf Recovery Steering Committee, comprised of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game, the Bureau of Land Management, the Nez Perce Tribe, US Fish & Wildlife Service, the USDA Forest Service, and Wildlife Services. Since that time, the Foundation has broadened our network to include:

* Defenders of Wildlife
* Greater Yellowstone Coalition
* Idaho Conservation League
* Global Wildlife Resources
* International Wolf Center
* Mission:Wolf
* National Wildlife Federation
* Yellowstone National Park
* WolfStock Foundation

* The Wolf Recovery Foundation Alpha Award -

In 1991, the Foundation began awarding special recognition to individuals who greatly advanced the recovery of wolves in the Rockies. The first Alpha Award was awarded to Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves. The Alpha Award serves to honor those individuals who are the most dedicated, ethical and successful helping restore wolves to the wild.

The 2005 award, presented in April 2006 went to Dr. Diane Boyd.

* Protecting wolves from bad laws -

In 1991, the Foundation, accompanied by Michael Blake, went to Washington DC to stop the Federal Wolf Management Committee's plan to cripple the wolf restoration effort and the Endangered Species Act. Our efforts were successful and the plan was never adopted by congress. The Foundation and our partners were successful preventing the American Farm Bureau Federation from forcing the US Fish & Wildlife Service to remove the reintroduced wolves from Idaho and the greater Yellowstone area, including Yellowstone National Park. We are presently working to assure that delisting the wolf in Northern Rockies does not result in state management that jeopardizes the successful recovery.

* Field Research -

The Foundation conducted numerous aerial and field research efforts to monitor for wolf activity in Idaho prior to the reintroduction of wolves in 1995. At the time the Foundation also funded a wolf hotline to collect reports of wolf activity in Idaho. Recently we funded a study of the exciting early spring interaction of grizzlies, wolves and bison in Yellowstone's remote Pelican Valley.
In the late spring of 2004 we also helped purchase hay so that cattle would not be turned out on a remote pasture which was the rendezvous site of Idaho's Buffalo Ridge wolf pack.

* Education -

The Foundation has presented programs for over 25,000 students and adults. The Foundation has received the following rewards for our efforts:

* The 1990 Idaho Interagency Wolf Recovery Committee Award for Outstanding Achievements in Public Education and Outreach.
* The 1991 National Take Pride in America Award for Conservation Education.
* Governor Andrus' Take Pride in Idaho Award for Conservation Education.
* The National Forest Service Volunteer Award for Environmental Education

* Wolf Reintroduction -

Foundation representatives played a key role in the reintroduction of wolves to Idaho and Yellowstone in 1995 and 1996. Among them, our director, organized critically needed funding, equipment, and volunteers to aid the effort. According to Ed Bangs, Wolf Reintroduction Project Leader, these efforts literally helped save the reintroduction project and played a vital role in its success.

Today, the Foundation is continuing to fulfill our mission. Our efforts include the protecting the wolves from legal efforts by the American Farm Bureau to remove the reintroduced wolves, co-sponsoring the 2000- 2006, Annual North American Wolf Conference, conducting a variety of workshops and expeditions, ongoing educational programs, and serving as a strong advocate for the Wolf Clan. We invite you to join with us in these efforts.

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