Wolf Recovery Foundation's
Alpha Award Winners

Each year at the North American Wolf Conference, the Wolf Recovery Foundation proudly presents the Alpha Award to an individual whose achievements and contributions benefit the recovery of wolves.

2008 Rick Williamson ~ Wildlife Services
2007 David Parsons ~ The Rewilding Institute
2006 Diane Boyd ~ Numerous important positions regarding wolves in many wildlife agencies and private conservation organizations .
2005 Suzanne Stone ~ Defenders of Wildlife.
2004 The Nez Perce Tribal Wolf Recovery Team and the Nez Perce Tribe
2003 Mike Jimenez ~ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
2002 Val Asher, Wildlife Biologist ~ Turner Endangered Species Fund
2001 Doug Smith & Debra Guernsey ~ Yellowstone National Park
2000 Rick Williamson ~ Wildlife Services ~ Special Recognition Award
1999 Roy Heberger ~ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services
1998 Carter Niemeyer ~ Wildlife Services
1997 Joe Fontaine ~ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services
1996 Ed Bangs ~ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services
1995 Norm Bishop ~ Yellowstone National Park
1994 None
1993 Steve Fritts ~ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services
1992 Jay Gore ~ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services
1991 Mike Blake, Author ~ Dances with Wolves

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