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Ralph MaughanRalph Maughan is the President of the Board of Directors. He is a political scientist who specializes in environmental politics, public opinion, elections, political parties and interest groups. He is also the author of several academic books, numerous articles, and author or coauthor of several hiking guides -- the last two published by Globe-Pequot Press. He served on the board of directors of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC) from 1995 through 2001. He was also one of the founders of the GYC in 1983. Maughan has been on the board of the Wolf Recovery Foundation for the last 10 years, and is beginning his third year as  President. He has, in the past been on the Board of numerous conservation organizations. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Western Watersheds Project.

Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News on the web is arguably the most comprehensive source of news about wolf restoration in the Northern Rockies.








Salle Engelhardt is the Foundation's Vice President. Engelhardt received her bachelor's degree in Anthropology and MPA in Environmental Administration at Idaho State University. Her graduate studies focused on issues concerning Yellowstone National Park/Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, history, management policies, and political culture.

She is active in oral and written testimony for both state and federal public hearings on land and wildlife management. Salle formulated and presented a public policy proposal for bison wildlife management in Yellowstone National Park. Her interests include wilderness and wildlife habitat preservation, public education and policy with an understanding of diverse cultural values.






Kim HoltOur secretary-treasurer is Kim Holt. She works as an administrative assistant for a subsidiary of Puget Sound Energy in the Seattle area, but her passion is with Canis Lupus. She has been involved in the wolf recovery efforts since 1999 in several capacities. Kim worked in the field on the Wolf Guardian program, has spent a considerable amount of time during the summers as a volunteer at the Wolf Education and Research Center in Winchester, Idaho, and also experienced some time with Wildlife Services trapping and radio collaring. Recently, Kim has also been chosen to be on the Wolf Working Group by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to help develop a State Management Plan for wolves when they enter the state after delisting.

She says, "I am in it for the long haul. My love and dedication for these animals is unconditional and I hope to be of some assistance in their continued recovery and acceptance."

Kathie Lynch

Director Kathie Lynch is passionate about wolves and wilderness.
An avid wolf watcher in Yellowstone National Park, she is devoted to observing wolf behavior and helping to document the incredible story of wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone. Her detailed and enthusiastic field notes have helped to inspire and inform the public about the value of saving wolves, wilderness and wild places. Her knowledge about wolves and Yellowstone has been enhanced by the many field seminar courses she has taken through the Yellowstone Association Institute. She also had the opportunity to gain hands on experience as a wolf pup nanny at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota.

At the annual North American Wolf Conference, she was particularly inspired by the prospects for wolf recovery in the Southern Rockies. As a Wolf Recovery Foundation board member, she would like to continue to educate and inspire the public about all that the Yellowstone wolves still have to teach us and to advocate for the return of wolves to the Southern Rockies.

A career educator, Lynch teaches high school biology and yearbook. She lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, but spends every spare minute watching wolves in Yellowstone!


Norm BishopDirector Norman A. Bishop. Norm is also International Wolf Center field representative for the Greater Yellowstone region. Board member of Wild Things Unlimited, and co-chair of the Gallatin-Park County chapter of Montana Conservation Voters.
Bishop grew up and attended schools in Denver, Colorado.  At the University of Denver he majored in Botany (BS 1954), and was a member of Phi Sigma Biological Society.  He served as a Naval Aviator for four years (1954-58), then returned to Colorado State University 1958-61 for a graduate major in Forest Recreation and a minor in Wildlife Management.  At CSU, he was a member of Xi Sigma Pi Honorary Forestry Fraternity.

He worked for the National park Service 36 years, at Rocky Mountain National Park, Death Valley, Yosemite, Mount Rainier, and in the Southeast Regional Office in Atlanta.  At Yellowstone from 1980-1997, he worked as a park ranger in Resource Management, Interpretation, Research, and in the Yellowstone Center for Resources.

From 1985, when he facilitated the Yellowstone venue of the Science Museum of Minnesotas Wolves and Humans exhibit, to March 1997, he was the leader and supporter of wolf restoration interpretation  in Yellowstone.  He presented a frequently- updated slide program on that topic to hundreds of audiences in the Yellowstone region, promoting understanding of wolves and the restoration program.  During and following his 17-year tenure at Yellowstone, Norm has led several dozen seminars on Yellowstone wolves for the Yellowstone Institute, Teton Science School, and International Wolf Center, and contributed to several others.

Bishop was a reviewer of the 1990 and 1992 reports to Congress, "Wolves for Yellowstone?" He also contributed to the 1994 EIS, "The Reintroduction of Gray Wolves to Yellowstone National Park and Central Idaho."  For his wolf education work, he received the National Park and Conservation Association's 1988 Stephen T. Mather Award, and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition's 1991 Stewardship Award. Upon his retirement in 1997, Norm received a Meritorious Service Award from the Department of Interior, and an outstanding performance award as Resources Interpreter. April 9, 1997, Norm received the Wolf Recovery Foundation's Alpha Award for outstanding professional achievement and leadership toward the recovery of wolves in the northern Rockies. Norm is a co-author of "Yellowstone's Northern Range: Complexity and Change in a Wildland Ecosystem," published by Yellowstone National Park in 1997.

For summer recreation, Norm enjoys hiking, running, cycling, and kayaking.  In winter, he competes in nordic skiing, both classical and freestyle, and has won Montana, western region, and national masters cross-country skiing age group championships. 

Norm's spouse, Dorothy, also enjoys outdoor activities.  Norm has three married children from an earlier marriage, and five grandchildren

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