97 M.L. Johnson
This is Mt. Maurice, where Wolf #10 was KILLED. Beautiful country.
Just the perfect place for a free and wild wolf.
The wolf in this picture, is Wolf #10. This is what he REALLY looked like.
Strong, majestic, and beautiful.
I will always remember you Wolf #10.

He's The First

He's the first.
He's the Alpha,
The leader of the pack.
He stands tall and proud.
He's called Number 10.
He leaves the pen,
The boldest wolf of all.

He's the first.
To be free in Yellowstone.
He calls to his mate,
His howl long and low.
Come run with me,
Be free with me,
Live with me,
In this new land of plenty.

He's the first.
Walking slowly along the ridgeline,
Silhouetted against the sky.
Does he see --
The reflection of the scope,
The man with the rifle.

He's the first.
The only wolf who would run close,
When they came inside the pen.
The only wolf who left for freedom,
When the door was opened.
The only wolf to stand,
In sight of all,
And howl for his mate.
The only wolf who has shown little fear,
He shows none now.

He's the first.
He feels it rip thru his body!
What has he done?
He's gone!
By way of a rifle, a scope, a bullet,
A MAN -- For FUN!!

He's the first!
But he lives on!
In our hearts!
Through his sons and daughters.
His song will always be heard in the Lamar.
He will always be remembered!


Listen to the
Howl on the


If you would like to know more about Wolf #10, please visit "Forever Free"

Picture of Mt. Maurice where #10 was killed is reprinted with permisssion of Ralph Maughan.
Overlay of wolf #10 created by M.L. Johnson.

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