Wolf Recovery Foundation

~ Goals ~

The Wolf Recovery Foundation is actively pursuing the objectives and goals most critical in securing the full recovery of wolves in the Rockies and the Southwest. Our current focus includes:

* Meeting with key researchers to develop and implement methods of non lethal wolf control which will protect livestock and help keep wolves alive.

* Sponsorship and participation in upcoming key conferences focused on regional, national and international wolf management.

* Distribution of information and presentation of educational programs both by internet and one on one contact.

* Continued assistance and networking with key agencies, organizations and foundations to enhance partnerships.

Comments about the Wolf Recovery Foundation

Ed Bangs - Gray Wolf Recovery Coordinator, U S Fish & Wildlife Service, Rocky Mountain Region

"The Wolf Recovery Foundation has done a lot of work with public relations and making people aware of what the truth is about wolves and wolf recovery. That always helps people accept wolves. They have tremendous ability to reach people and talk with people - providing accurate information to the public. That way, when people make decisions about wolves, they are making them as informed citizens rather than myths about wolves either one way or the other. The critical key to wolf recovery is to get accurate information out to people."

Carter Niemeyer - Gray Wolf Biologist and Retired Wolf Specialist, USFWS. Recipient of the Wolf Recovery Foundations 1998 Alpha Award

"The Wolf Recovery Foundation has provided my agency with the opportunity for our people to make important contacts with other agencies and organizations which in the past has not been easy for our agency people because of how isolated their work is. It helps broaden their horizons and careers. The Wolf Recovery Foundations Alpha Award is quite a reward for me personally and its invigorated me to keep working toward better wolf management."

Douglas Smith - Wolf Project Leader, Yellowstone National Park

"The Wolf Recovery Foundations efforts, through events like the Annual Interagency Wolf Conference, is key for us who are directly working on wolf recovery by giving us the opportunity to meet and share critical information, important resources and develop working relationships that enhance all of our efforts.

The Wolf Recovery Foundation can do what the government cant do. I am a government biologist. I have to keep my nose to the grindstone. The Wolf Recovery Foundation is an arm of flexibility and contact and mobilization of people around issues, causes, and funding that all help the government wolf program. Without the Wolf Recovery Foundation we would be limping along."

Joe Fontaine - Former Montana Wolf Project Leader, U S Fish and Wildlife Service

"The Wolf Recovery Foundation has done an excellent job of providing assistance. A lot of times people forget that when you're a government agency your time is limited and your funds are limited. If it wasn't for the efforts of the Wolf Recovery Foundation and the great work that these folks do - the assistance and the information they put out all of that is invaluable. You just cant put a price on it. Its through these type of dedicated people that were able to get further along with wolf recovery. Without them, wed probably be several years back in time. They will play a key role in the future of wolves in the Rockies."

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