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Student Reports

We receive an overwhelming number of requests for school reports and projects regarding wild wolves. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources at this time to respond to these requests, especially those that are very general in their scope.

Most of the information needed for reports appears on pages within our website along with some very informative sites you will find linked below. If you are unable to find specific information needed or questions answered then please us and we will try to help you find what you need. We also have available the 'Wolf Weekly Updates' and annual reports: both posted on our site. Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News Blog has detailed information about Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Yellowstone National Park wolves.

We are a non-member organization, all funds donated are used to benefit wolves in the wild and research projects. For those wishing to volunteer, we are not in need of volunteers at this time, and we ask that you please check with other conservation organizations if you have time to give. We do not have a 'physical' sanctuary and are not involved with placing "pet" wolves or hybrids. We are very sorry that we can not help should you have an animal that needs placing. Thank you.

We deeply appreciate your help!

* Submissions -

    "He's The First"   -   by M.L. Johnson
    "The Den"   -   by T.L. SevenMornings
    "Freedom"   -   by J. Knipp
    "Bear Valley and the Landmark Pack"   -   by S. Laverty

* Teaching Units -

NOVA Online: Wild Wolves

* Wolf Reintroduction - History of -

The Reintroduction of the Gray Wolf: Includes wolf reintroduction documents.
Yellowstone Wolf Restoration

* Rocky Mountain Wolf Updates - Idaho, Yellowstone, Montana

Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News
Weekly Progress Reports

* Education -

The Searching Wolf
Boomer Wolf - For the kid in all of us.
Endangered Species Information
Endangered Species - Kid's Corner

* Gray Wolves -

Gray Wolf Facts
Wolf Recovery in the Western states
Wolf Recovery in the Eastern states (includes the upper Midwest)

* Mexican Wolves -

Mexican Wolf Recovery Program
Mexican Wolf Conservation. Arizona Game and Fish

* Red Wolves -

The Red Wolf Recovery Project
The Red Wolves of Alligator River

* Yellowstone -

Yellowstone National Park Wolf Information

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