Wolf B4 Killed by Mountain Lion?


It appears that Kelly, the six-year old gray
female whose remains were recently found in
Montana, was killed by a mountain lion. At
least it appears that way from the scrape marks.
There is some possibility that Kelly (wolf B4),
was partially consumed by a lion after her

The FBI lab in Ashland, Oregon is examining
the remains. My report is unofficial, subject
to change.

The dead wolf was found near Drummond, Montana.
She had a puncture would from a mountain lion
through her skull.

B4 was one of the first wolves reintroduced
to Idaho. She was released with three other
wolves at Corn Creek on the main fork of the
Salmon River in Central Idaho in January 1995.

She migrated to Montana and spent the summer
and fall in the vicinity of Rock Creek, SE of

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1996 Ralph Maughan
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