Another wolf-killing bragger gets caught

June 14, 2002

Wayne Rose of Darby, Montana bragged a little too much about killing 2 wolves in the nearby Big Hole Valley.

According to a story in the Missoulian, Rose came under suspicion last March when an informant told federal law officials.

Last February federal wolf biologist Joe Fontaine had discovered the body of radio-collared B63M under the ice and snow approximately 10 miles north of Jackson, Montana (not Jackson, WY) in the Big Hole Valley.

After their suspicions had been aroused, federal officials uncovered the body of a second (un-collared) male wolf.

Rose, a taxidermist in the southwest Montana town, plead guilty June 11 to killing the wolves. Rose is free and will be sentenced in September. Rose is the second wolf killer apprehended due to his bragging. Last Dec. a Utah man bragged to much, got turned in, and plead guilty to killing an Idaho wolf. He got 8 months in jail.

B63M originated from Idaho's now-defunct White Cloud Pack, but he dispersed from the pack before most of the pack was killed off in the East Fork of the Salmon River by federal officials after the pack continued to sporadically kill a few cow calves.

B63M had been sporadically part of a group of five wolves in the West Fork of Bitterroot River. The existence of this group as a pack has not been confirmed.

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