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Druid Yearling Wolf Killed by Vehicle at Soda Butte.

May 26, 2000

Kevin Sanders, "The Bearman," has told that a yearling male from the Druid Peak Pack was found dead in the middle of the road near the Soda Butte Cone. "A local resident Wayne Kendall happened upon the body of a yearling gray male wolf from the Druid Pack early in the morning hours near Soda Butte Cone. The yearling gray was affectionately known as the 'striped' [saddleback] male. The body was found in the middle of the road and it appeared the yearling male was probably killed on impact, but was dragged down the road for several yards. It is unknown who hit and killed this yearling."

Note: a second report from Sanders indicated the dead wolf was the one called "the Streak," not the "the Saddleback"

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The death of this yearling leaves just two males in this pack -- the alpha male no. 21F, born to the Rose Creek Pack in 1995, and the one remaining yearling wolf. One has to wonder if the unusual behavior of this wolf pack is not in part due to the plethora of female wolves.

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