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Idaho anti-wolf folks get special audience with Secretary Norton's Scientific advisor and Senator Larry Craig


The latest "gray wolf progress report" from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service contains the following brief description of a recent Boise, Idaho meeting with Dr. Jim Tate, Special Scientific Advisor to Interior Secretary Gale Norton . . ."Niemeyer, Mack, and others met with Dr. Jim Tate, Special Scientific Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior, in Boise, ID on the 1st to discuss the wolf recovery program." That's all it said.

Who was really there-

Representative Lenore Barrett of Challis, Idaho is perhaps the brownest member of the Idaho legislature. She writes an occasional column in the Idaho Falls Post Register. Her words from today fill in some details.

From "Senate wolves, House grizzlies." By Lenore Barrett. Feb. 10, 2002.

"Tuesday, the Central Idaho Wolf Coalition and I met with Dr. Jim Tate, Interior Secretary Gale Norton's science adviser, and on Wednesday, we met in Sen. Larry Craig's office with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Idaho Wolf Recovery team and their boss from Spokane. They listened attentively to compelling arguments for the immediate delisting and removal of wolves by whatever means necessary. Was anything meaningful accomplished? We can only hope they weren't one straw short of a bale." From


Folks may recall "The Central Idaho Wolf Coalition's sole objective is the immediate removal of the Canadian gray wolf from Central Idaho. . . ." (From their web page at: http://www.usa4id.com/ciwc/ ).

Tate was in Idaho before. That was at the wolf hearing in Salmon where Tim Sundles' story how-he-shot the-wolf-that-attacked-him-and-his wife was showcased. No scientific information was presented at the meeting except from Gary Powers.

There are always a lot of people in position in Washington with names like "Special Assistant for this "Special Advisor for that. These vague title always mean one thing -- "political operative."

So was this really a strategy session to do the wolf in?

Article on the Salmon, Idaho wolf meeting last August.

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