Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Deaths to date in 2005-
These data were pieced together by Brian Peck. I hope he is able to keep up the
good work as the agencies may not be happy to see such prompt and accurate
information available to the public.

Last year 31 grizzlies were killed, a record, but the data wasn't released until late fall. By then it makes less of an impression. Hopefully this year, a running tally will have more of an effect.

The NCDE consists of much of Northwest central Montana -- Glacier National Park, the Great Bear, Bob Marshall, and Scapegoat Wildernesses and adjacent lands.  It doesn't include the small NW Montana population of bears in the Cabinet -- Yaak area up against the Idaho and B.C. borders.

1. 4/10/05, Adult Male, Blackfoot Reservation, Mgmt. removal over livestock depredation.

2. 4/30/05, 3 yr. old Male, Lake Blaine, Flathead Valley, shot by resident, under investigation.

3. 5/3/05, 5-6 yr. old Male, near Choteau, NATURAL, killed by a larger bear.

4. 5/3/05, Yearling Male, Four Horn Lake, Blackfeet Res., unreported cause.

5. 5/5/05, Adult Female at Chewing Blackbones on Blackfeet Res., unreported cause.

6. 5/13/05, Adult Female, Blackfeet Res., poached.

7. 5/14/05, Male, Middle Fork Flathead River, Mistaken ID by black bear hunter.

8. 5/15/05, large Adult Male, Joe Show Rd., Blackfeet Res., poached ( paws, ears, lips taken to remove signs of a marked bear).

9. 6/5/05, Subadult Male, Choteau, Mgmt. removal for killing sheep.

10. 6/21/05, Unknown age,sex,cause; under investigation; Middle Fork Flathead River.

Sex of Mortality:
Males = 7
Females = 2
Unknown = 1

Mortality Cause:
Natural = 1
Human-Caused = 6
Unknown/unreported = 3

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