The Dunoir, Wyoming

Telephoto view into the Dunoir

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Telephoto of the Dunoir Valley

The DuNoir (DO . nore) refers to the general area drained by DuNoir Creek, which runs into the Wind River about 10 miles NW of Dubois, Wyoming. DuNoir Creek has two major tributaries, the West Fork and the East Fork, both of which flow through impressive rugged valleys.

Although most of the DuNoir is public land, the lower part of the Dunoir Valley is privately owned. Despite a nice gravel road,  there is definitely no public access (see photo below). This makes public access very difficult except into West DuNoir Creek. You can get into the West Fork by use of a scenic pack trail from Brooks Lake, going over Bonneville Pass, and after 5 miles dropping into Dundee Meadows at the head of the West Fork.

No Trespassing

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The East Fork is not legally accessible except by a long backpack or horse trip.

The DuNoir is notable for its many elk, moose, and large predatory animals -- grizzly bear, black bear, wolves, cougar. The DuNoir has long been the core of the range of the Washakie wolf pack. The grizzly bear density is similar to key grizzly habitat in Yellowstone National Park -- lots of them!

Despite the plethora of predators, a couple ranchers raise livestock in the valley. As a result, each year a few are killed by grizzlies, cougar, wolves, and coyotes.

Much of the Forest Service portion of the DuNoir is a congressional designated management area that prohibits roads, timbering and motor vehicles. This is the result of a stalled effort to add the roadless part of the DuNoir to the adjacent Washakie Wilderness.


Upper Dundee Meadows in the West Fork of the DuNoir.
Photo taken 8/15/2002

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