Pacific Creek, Northwest Wyoming

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Pacific Creek in the Teton Wilderness


Pacific Creek is a long drainage that begins at Two Ocean Pass deep in the Teton Wilderness and after about 30 miles melds with the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park.

Most of the drainage is only accessible by trail on foot or horseback. While the Pacific Creek trails itself gets quite a bit of horse use, the vast designated wilderness around it sees few people except in hunting season.

The area abounds with all kinds of wildlife, especially elk and grizzly bears. In 2005 the Pacific Creek drainage began to get its first permanent wolf use when the Pacific Creek wolf pack was established.

Looking across Pacific Creek at the typical topography of the area.
This is about 3 miles into the Wilderness area.
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The area is mostly forested with some large meadows, although much of the forest burned in the great Yellowstone fires of 1988 and is now regenerating.

Two Ocean pass is unique in that Two Ocean Creek rushes down the side of the Two Ocean Plateau, right on the Continental Divide. The creek divides at a large tree right on Two Ocean Pass. Here, at Parting of the Waters, one fork runs to the east as Atlantic Creek and the other to the west as Pacific Creek.


Parting of the Waters at Two Ocean Pass.
Atlantic Creek to the left and Pacific Creek the right

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