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July 5, 2002

The cabin was full of great energy this week.  14 students and two teachers from Sierra Institute came out to learn more about how these majestic buffalo are being treated.   We showed them the lowlights from last season and many were in tears.  They are now strong supporters for the buffalo and are interested in doing outreach for the campaign.   

Our yearly mass mailing is now on the way.   It is so great to see the hundreds of people who we can reach all over the states.  I'm sure everyone who receives a newsletter will be very pleased. Thanks to everyone who helped with the mailing it would not have been possible without a huge team effort.

A few of us at the campaign have had the opportunity to watch the Druid wolf pack in Yellowstone.  T his pack is the most studied pack in America and biologists there are making ground breaking discoveries. The valley where the wolves live has a myriad of wildlife.  We watch three big buffalo bulls grazing by eight wolves that were lying in the sun while two puppies played next to them.  The bulls seemed so full of energy.  We watched them wallow, then take off in a sprint to release energy.  They grazed in a big circle around these wolves and bedded down for a nap when the circle was complete.  This was a wonderful experience for us and we will be forever smiling when we think of this moment.   
Tabling in Yellowstone has been a great success and we are going to begin tabling in theTetons  next week.  We have a good number of hard working folks here so we are able to set up a second table.  The table will be near Moose Village.  

A strong warrior for the buffalo, Joe went to jail Monday to begin his thirty day sentence.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He went with his head held high because he knows he made a sacrifice for the buffalo.  
    . . . for the buffalo

Megan Fishback

BFC volunteer serving 30 days for peacefully protesting

Bozeman, M.: Joe Strusz is currently serving 30 days in the Gallatin County Detention Center, and has been given a $600 fine, for peacefully protesting at the Horse Butte Bison Capture Facility. He locked himself to the trap on April 2, 2002, in order to deter the Department of Livestock from capturing and killing Yellowstone's Wild Buffalo.

Strusz reasoned that "because so many letters and petitions are consistently ignored by the state and federal government, I felt my action was necessary to bring attention and an end to the unjustified slaughter."

This winter and spring 202 buffalo were slaughtered indiscriminately by Montana and the federal government. One hundred thirty-five of the slaughtered bison were never tested for the disease brucellosis, the supposed reason for the slaughter.

Brucellosis transmission from bison to cattle has never been documented in the wild, yet the DOL stubbornly insists on killing bison that leave the park.

The bison, and other Yellowstone wildlife, are merely following their instincts by migrating to lower elevations for winter and spring forage. When they leave the park they enter the Gallatin National Forest in Montana, where the majority of the killing takes place.

Strusz was sentenced by Honorable Judge Smith. Immediately before Joe's sentencing Judge Smith gave much milder sentences to two men who had been convicted of more violent crimes.

One man, charged with a D.U.I. and violently obstructing a peace officer, was sentenced to five days in jail, five days in a work program, and given approximately $300 in fines and court fees.

Another man, found guilty of partner or family member assault, was given a two day sentence, a week in anger management, and approximately $200 in fines and court fees.

During Strusz' deliberation the District Attorney stated to Judge Smith, "this is one of those Buffalo Field Campaign people." The judge acknowledged this fact as he delivered Joe's thirty-day sentence.  

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