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Update from the Field
June 16, 2005

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* Update from the Field
* The Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act
* Calls to the Governor are Working!
* BFC West & East Coast Road Shows
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* Update from the Field

Last week, the last four bull buffalo that chose to remain on the "wrong" side of Yellowstone National Park's border  - the Montana side - were forced back into the Park by Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) agents.  Now, all the buffalo are inside the Park.  If it weren't such a prison for them, a place they are forced to be, the only place the last wild buffalo are allowed to be, we could say they were safe.  Safety, however, is a relative term. 

For now, at least until the fall migration begins, the country's last wild buffalo will be left in relative peace.  They will be visited and admired and photographed by millions of park visitors. The Buffalo Field Campaign is enjoying this quiet time and we now turn our attention from the field to the policy arena and to the millions of countrymen and women who have yet to hear what the last wild buffalo suffer at the demands of livestock industry interests.

BFC will be in the park to let the people know why the buffalo they see are wearing ugly, multi-colored radio collars; we will tell them about the vaginal transmitters the females are forced to endure; we will explain to them what the unnatural black stripes and glued on number-tags mean; we will tell them all that we have witnessed over the course of the last nine months, and what will continue to happen until we all raise our voices in protest and demand that it cease. 

The country's last wild buffalo endure tremendous and needless human-induced suffering throughout the course of the Fall, Winter and Spring.  We who witness their suffering share it.  The buffalo also make the most out of living when they are left to living.  So, if there's any one lesson we continue to learn from them it seems to be that in the face of oppression, the buffalo do endure.  In non-violence and with dignity and strength, they resist, persist, persevere.  They are the very best teachers we have ever had.  How can the buffalo ever be thanked?  We can honor and respect them by creating a world in which they roam unmolested.  We can thank them by becoming a world, as eight-year old buffalo warrior Japhy says, in which "babies play peacefully in the sage...[and] Mother Buffalo calve on their traditional calving grounds!"

Please read on to learn how, together, we can make this a reality.

For the Last Wild Buffalo,

P.S.  Our prayers and thoughts go out to Katie, who lost her dog Puggles last week in a tragic accident.  That little guy will be missed!

* Support the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act

Has your House Representative signed on to H.R. 2428, the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act?  There are at least four good reasons why they should do so immediately:

1.  Buffalo will be allowed to roam on national forest lands adjacent to Yellowstone, lands where they are currently targets of hazing, capture and slaughter.
2.  The bill gives the National Park Service sole jurisdiction over buffalo inside Yellowstone National Park.  Currently, the DOL has the authority to continue to haze buffalo within the borders of Yellowstone's western edge using helicopters and horses. 
3.  The bill will shut down and dismantle the Stephens Creek bison trap located within the borders of Yellowstone National Park near Gardiner, Montana.
4.  It requires the National Park Service and the National Forest Service to acquire additional habitat for wild buffalo.

Take Action for the Buffalo Today! 
Please contact your House Representative and urge him/her to become a champion of America's last wild buffalo by signing on to H.R. 2428, the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act.  Write, call, email, and fax them today.  If your Representative happens to be Hinchey or Bass, please thank them for taking the courageous and truly patriotic initiative to introduce this critical legislation.

To contact your House Representatives visit:

To learn more about H.R. 2428 visit:


* Calls to the Governor are Working!

Good news! Your calls to Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer are working.  We are hearing from his office, and he is listening.  We must keep the pressure on.  Montana resident or not, your calls are critical and they really are making a difference.

Please continue to make Governor Schweitzer's phone ring off the hook for the buffalo!  Tell him that Montana's current treatment of buffalo is shameful and that the state must save face and stop the harassment, slaughter and domestication of the country's last wild buffalo.  Urge him to secure substantial habitat within Montana where buffalo can roam freely, and tell him to strip the Department of Livestock of any wild buffalo management authority.  Tell him that a Montana with wild and free buffalo is a Montana worth celebrating, and one you want to live in or visit!

Call Governor Brian Schweitzer by dialing 406-444-3111 today!

* BFC West & East Coast Road Shows

Would you like to bring the Buffalo Field Campaign to your neighborhood? 

We will soon be hitting the road, heading to the West Coast and then the East Coast for our annual road shows.  This is a chance to show people our footage from the field, discuss the issue, and inspire folks to take action to protect this sacred herd.  If you would like to bring the buffalo's story to your community, or know anyone who does, and can help us organize a video presentation, fund-raiser, festival, tabling event, or any outreach opportunity please contact [email protected]
* Last Words

Buffalo Tracks

Dark clouds sweep over broad prairie Below
All is quiet
No Life
But three Indian spirits
Sit on their ponies near an old buffalo wallow
They look out over a wide expanse
Gone are the buffaloes that wallowed here
Only their bones
Leave their spirit prints
Gone are the teepees
That once rested here
Only the wind
Across the prairie

~ J.Glenn Evans


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