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The Yellowstone Bison Page Updates
 From 2000 through 2004.


2004 Dec. 26 Plenty of applicants for bison hunting licenses. By Mark Henckel. Billings Gazette.
2004 Dec. 21 Domesticating Yellowstone bison. Editorial by the Idaho Falls Post Register.
2004 Dec. 9 Report from the field. Buffalo Field Campaign. DOL wastes some taxpayer money, vaccination and more.
2004 Dec. 7 Activists question efficacy of bison vaccination program. By Becky Bohrer. AP. Helena Independent Record.
2004 Dec. 7 Yellowstone Park bison population near historic high. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. Another reason to let the bison roam outside the Park where their numbers could be kept in check by a fair chase hunt.
2004 Dec. 6 Horse Butte residents group to Montana DOL: Let the buffalo roam. By David Warner. West Yellowstone News. Sounds like folks gave em hell.
2004 Dec.3 Brucellosis Found. Jackson Hole cattle to be slaughtered. Associated Press. The irony of it all. . . Montana and Idaho with brucellosis rules so strict that bison bulls are shot (bulls can't pass on brucellosis to cattle) . . . Then there's Wyoming with its 5th infected cattle herd from all the brucellosis-infected elk (and maybe bison) with rules so lax they even let cattle graze next to bison and elk inside Grand Teton National Park. There won't be any more Grand Teton National Park grazing for this outfit.
2004 Nov. 30 Montana Department of Livestock Slaughters Second bison bull of the season. News Release. Bison bulls infected with brucellosis cannot transmit the disease to cattle unless they mate with cattle, not likely especially where there are no free ranging cattle for miles.
2004 Nov. 25 Buffalo Field Campaign gives thanks. Local residents getting sick of Montana DOL trespassers. It's good to see local landowners standing up to the Montana DOL thugs.
2004 Oct. 29 Montana DOL and lackeys invade Yellowstone Park. Report by the Buffalo Field Campaign. It also boggles my mind that they can harass the bison miles deep into Yellowstone Park. I wonder how many other Park animals this disturbs, including bears that are moving into their dens?
If snowmobilers did anything like this, can you imagine the outrage, but Montana DOL and the Forest Service, which has been prostituted into the DOL's service, have a special privilege to invade Yellowstone on the absurd proposition that they are protecting cattle (non-existent cattle at that) from bison bulls that can only transmit the disease if they mate with cattle.
So my question is, what is the real purpose of this? Some people might think of better reasons, but I think they are doing it just to show who is boss in the area -- they do it because they know it offends people. They are giving us all the finger
2004 Oct. 21 Montana Department of Livestock starts their annual festival of killing early this year. Report by the Buffalo Field Campaign.
2004 Oct. 19 Frontrunning candidate for Montana governor appears to endorse fee ranging bison in areas near, but outside Yellowstone Park. Seems like Schweitzer 's election could end the decade long nastiness over Yellowstone Bison.
2004 Oct. 14 BFC Report. Montana DOL at it again, plus BFC's position on the bison hunt.
2004 Oct. 8 Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission supports a larger bison hunt. AP Billings Gazette. Note that the substance of the story reported below is, therefore, reversed.
2004 Sept. 30 Montana Bison hunt scaled down. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle.
2004 Sept 17 One-Man Campaign to Help Yellowstone's Bison Herd. By Polly Summar. ABQ Journal Staff Writer
2004 Sept. 3 Park ponders bison vaccination. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle.
2004 Sept 2 Buffalo Field Campaign. Update from the field. Oppose the bison vaccination proposal.
2004 Aug 19 Buffalo Field Campaign. Update. BFC videos now available for Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Real Player.
2004 July 22 Buffalo Field Campaign. Report from the field. Senator Enzi's buffalo nickel, and more . . .
2004 July 17 Foes of bison hazing lose appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court. AP
2004 July 8 Buffalo Field Campaign. Report from the field. Today is the last day for your comments on the proposed Montana bison hunt adjacent to Yellowstone Park.
2004 June 24 Report from the field. Buffalo Field Campaign.
2004 June 22 Hunters divided on plan to hunt bison outside of YNP. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman  Chronicle Staff Writer. I like the idea of a bison hunt, but the hunt must be in place of the current policy of Montana Department of Livestock slaughter and harassment, not in addition to it. No hunt unless the useless, brutal, lying, tax-dollar-gobbling DOL is cut out!
2004 June 18 U.S. House has refused by a narrow margin to cut funding for the pointless harassment and bison slaughter that occurs each winter on the boundaries of Yellowstone Park. Story from the Billings Gazette.
2004 June 15 Upcoming congressional Amendment would cut funding for the buffalo slaughter. News Release
2004 May 29 Update from the Field: Montana Department of Livestock Wastes Tax Dollars to Haze Buffalo. Buffalo Field Campaign.
2004 May 24 Expert: Yellowstone bison give elk little disease. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Staff.
2004 May 13 Report from the field. "Zero tolerance day" for bison outside the Park is May 15. Buffalo Field Campaign.
2004 May 13 Little interest in Jackson bison hunting meeting. Jackson Hole Star Tribune. The Jackson Hole bison situation is totally different than Yellowstone's. The bison are fed all winter. They are not naturally regulated and a hunt is needed because the population in Jackson Hole is increasing at point it will drive out other wildlife and damage the range.
2004 May 7 National Survey Shows Americans Oppose Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter. Buffalo Field Campaign news release.
2004 May 5 Montana gubernatorial candidates share views on park bison. By Charles S. Johnson and Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette State Bureau. All of them are cautious, but some sound friendly, and Tom Keating, "Republican, petroleum landsman and former state senator from Billings" sounds stupid . . . "There will be criticism from PETA no matter what is done." His depth on the issue is such that he apparently thinks the pro-bison activists are from PETA. Has he heard of the Buffalo Field Campaign? What else hasn't he heard?  Looks like he would be a good successor to current clueless governor Judy Martz.
2004 April 22  Montana DOL still harassing bison on Earth Day. Buffalo Field Campaign's Report from the Field.
2004 April 15 1. Cattle to be turned out in Grand Teton NP. By Jeff Gearino. Casper Star Tribune. The contradiction is amazing -- bison can't be tolerated outside Yellowstone Park in Montana because they might pass brucellosis to the nearly non-existent cattle in the area, but cattle and bison will be allowed to mingle freely in Grand Teton even though the Jackson Hole bison herd is many times more infected than the Yellowstone Park bison.
The only consistency in government policy seems to be that the government does what livestock interests want.
2. Buffalo Field Campaign Report from the Field. Lots of activity still.
2004 April 14 Church Universal and Triumphant said not to be a good neighbor because of its decision to bring cattle next to YNP and thus endanger bison. LTE. Bozeman Chronicle.
2004 April 10 1. Bison trap protest continues. By Kellyn Brown. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.
2. Trap Closure Forces DOL to Haze, not Kill. Activist Occupies Buffalo Trap for Second Day. Buffalo Field Campaign.
With the end of winter and no snow on the northern range, the bison-Montana DOL-protester conflict has moved to the higher altitude western edge of Yellowstone Park.
2004 April 9 1. Yellowstone bison: To shoot or not to shoot? Rangers have killed 2,700 due to a rare disease. Now, activists are fighting back. By Todd Wilkinson.  Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor
2. Bison released from Stephens Creek [YNP] bison corral. By Kayley Mendenhall. Bozeman Chronicle.
About 200 bison that were captured near the north boundary of YNP and tested negative for exposure to brucellosis were released back into the Park April 7 as the northern range began to green up.
2004 April 2 "Be outraged". LTE. Bozeman Chronicle.
"On whatever side of the fence you stand on regarding the Yellowstone buffalo and brucellosis controversy, two things are certain. This disease hasn't been eliminated and our tax dollars are being spent foolishly."
2004 April 1 1. Bison Hazing west of the Park. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. Why can't the bison leave the Park to graze on the green grass of Horse Butte? There are no cattle and the summertime grazing allotment on Horse Butte has been purchased and closed. Local residents in the Horse Butte sub-division are largely opposed to this hazing. The only explanation I can figure is that bison are not the real target. They push bison around to irritate people and to show us who is the real boss in the area.
2. Award winners named for park bison debacle. Humorous letter to Bozeman Chronicle.
3. Buffalo Field Campaign Buffalo Advocates File Federal Suit over Civil Rights Violations by Montana DOL, others. News Release.
2004 March 27 Manage bison with fair chase hunting. LTE in the Billings Gazette by the secretary of the American Buffalo Association.
2004 March 26 Buffalo Kill To Control Disease Questioned. Environmental Groups Dispute Risk to Cattle. By Juliet Eilperin. Washington Post Staff Writer. This year's bison slaughter has now made its way to the Washington Post. To stop the slaughter and to secure Yellowstone bison habitat, please support the legislation introduced by Reps. Maurice D. Hinchey (D-N.Y.) and Charles Bass (R-N.H.). It is  HR 3446 - "the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act."
2004 March 25 1. Lots of news from the Buffalo Field Campaign.
2. Rounded up bison being brutalized in YNP corrals. By Rebecca Huntington. Jackson Hole News and Guide.
2004 March 23 1.Another 50 bison sent to slaughter. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. By Scott McMillion.
2. Urge agencies to stop bison slaughter. By Gail Richardson. Letter to Bozeman Chronicle.
2004 March 18 Park Service Slaughters 260 Wild Buffalo Inside Yellowstone. Buffalo Field Campaign news release.
Some notes added on March 19. The bison have come down to the north entrance of the Park, not because of snow. It is gone. There is nothing to eat, however. The drought continues on the northern range. The snow is gone at lower elevations, but vegetation has not greened up. Many elk are outside the Park looking for something to eat. The role of drought should be emphasized as much as predators in the decline of the northern range elk herd population.
2004 March 17 Yellowstone bison now being killed without brucellosis testing! Associated Press.
2004 March 17 Bison capture facility filling up. By Scott McMillion Bozeman.  Chronicle Staff Writer. Excess animals will also soon be shipped to slaughter whether they test positive or negative for brucellosis exposure. A friend in Bozeman who saw the photo accompanying this article emailed " In the hard copy there is a photo of bison being funneled through the Park's corral system. Upon first glance, I thought the animals in the picture were pigs.  Seriously.  To my dismay I realized they were wild bison being treated like pigs.
To reach your Congress person the number to call is 800-839-5276
     A few questions to ponder - Why aren't the animals testing brucellosis free turned loose? Won't the animals vaccinated with a live brucella vaccine test positive for exposure down the road?  Does it matter to you, that wild bison will now be roaming around with ear tags and color ID markers?  Since we are running out of room to store all these pesky wildlife, should we just build a bigger corral?  Maybe we could add value to these pests and just set up a slaughter and processing plant on site so tourists could have a wild bison burger before they enter the Park brought to you care of the Montana Department of Livestock?
2004 March 16 1. 150 more bison captured in Yellowstone. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette.
2. Bison have nowhere left to roam. New Scientist.
This is a good article, but it is not quite true. There is plenty of room for bison to roam west and northwest of Yellowstone Park. Only one thing stands in their way -- the killers at the Montana Dept. of Livestock. It is also true wildlife migration corridors in general are being cut off by oil and gas development. Oilman George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, our CEOs-in-Chief,  will probably go down in history as the greatest destroyers of natural wildlife in America since the 19th century.
2004 March 6 Yellowstone Park Rangers haze bison away from park boundary. By Bozeman Chronicle Staff. This is good news. Having captured more bison than they thought they would all winter in their Stephens Creek trap, perhaps they are going to stop trapping the bison inside the Park.  Other good news it that it looks only about half of the 301 bison captured this winter will be killed. 154 have tested "negative" for brucellosis.
2004 March 4 Buffalo Field Campaign. News from the field. There is a lot!
2004 March 4 1. Yellowstone bison slaughter rises. 300 have now been captured. About/ 2/3 expected to be killed. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. About 1/3 have been killed. About 1/3 have tested "negative" and will held until spring.  300 is many more than the Park Service anticipated before the winter.
2. Yellowstone Slaughter Continues: Park Service Captures 101 Buffalo. Buffalo Field Campaign news release.
2004 March 2 Better brucellosis test in sight. AP. This is very important because an unknown number of the bison that test "positive" for brucellosis and are slaughtered (see below) are not really infected or infectious.
2004 March 2 Bison meat donated to tribes, food banks. By Scott McMillion Chronicle Staff Writer. Too dangerously infected to be allowed to live, meat of slaughtered Yellowstone bison is often donated to Indians and the poor. Instead of bison meat most tribes reject this racist gesture and would rather have brucellosis free bison from the Park to recreate bison herds on reservations. 200 bison have now been captured and about half show now signs of exposure to brucellosis. The unexposed animals will be released in the spring.
2004 Feb. 26 Nearly 90 bison captured this winter. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.
2004 Feb. 25 1. Yellowstone to Slaughter 26 of 33 Buffalo Captured Saturday; Park Rangers Capture Another 45 today. News Release Buffalo Field Campaign
2. Dozens of Yellowstone bison trapped, tested for brucellosis. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.
2004 Feb. 23 Defenders of Wildlife Alert on what you can do for Yellowstone bison given the current situation
2004 Feb. 21 Park Rangers Capture 33 Wild Buffalo inside Yellowstone National Park. News Release Buffalo Field Campaign.
2004 Feb. 19 Montana DOL Slaughters 10 Buffalo, Releases Orphaned Calves. News release Buffalo Field Campaign. And so it begins for the winter. Will the killing be small and sporadic or escalate into a major campaign of bison decimation?
2004 Feb. 15 Wyoming and Montana deal with brucellosis in completely different ways. By Becky Bohrer. Billings Gazette.
2004 Feb. 15 Montana FWP seeks public input on proposed bison hunt issues next to Yellowstone NP. I strongly support the concept of a I bison hunt. Unfortunately, Montana DOL is still calling the shots, not Montana FWP. Unless public comment supports a real hunt where bison get to live outside the Yellowstone Park, this will be just a "shoot them all at the Park boundary" plan. Montana DOL hates the idea that the bison will became a valuable game species. They would like nothing better than to create conflict between bison supporters and hunters, so their filthy hands are out of sight.
A fair chase of bison is possible. A wild herd lives in the Henry's Mountains of SE Utah, and a successful hunt is a real adventure.
2004 Feb. 10 Yellowstone to vaccinate bison for brucellosis for first time. Helena Independent Record.
2004 Feb. 6 Montana [says it] preps for roaming buffalo. Associated Press. This relates to the story below.
2004 Feb. 4 MT Department of Livestock Erects Trap for Yellowstone Buffalo--Threatening Wildlife on Gallatin National Forest. News Release Buffalo Field Campaign.
2004 Jan. 31 Horse Butte neighbors support bison preservation. By Karrie Taggart. Opinion in the Bozeman Chronicle. This organized group, HOBNOB, supports the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act and opposes the editorial stance of the Bozeman Chronicle.
2004 Jan. 29 Montana DOL agents on snowmobiles harass bison along the Madison River.  Buffalo Field Campaign report.
2004 Jan. 29 Bison on the move: Annual migration to park borders taking shape. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. Some are expecting this to be a very bloody year. Others suggest that Montana DOL has realized elk are the real brucellosis threat, not bison milling around in an area where there are not cattle.
2004 Jan. 17 Bill to ban slaughter of bison advances in Congress. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.
2004 Jan. 15 Brucellosis task force faces criticism. By Joan Haines. Bozeman Chronicle. Protestors for the Buffalo Field Campaign were on hand for the Bozeman meeting of the Greater Yellowstone Interagency Brucellosis Committee,
2004 Jan. 11 Outlook for park bison may be bleak. By Becky Bohrer. Associated Press in the Billings Gazette.
2004 Jan. 1 Buffalo Field Campaign report and outlook (long)
2003 Dec. 30 Support the Buffalo Preservation Act. Opinion in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
2003 Dec. 10 Plan for managing wandering Yellowstone bison spelled out. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. This is the government's statement how the bison leaving Yellowstone will be managed this winter.
As usual, it is largely pointless because it doesn't deal with the elk, from which the bison would be quickly be reinfected, if by some extraordinary feat bison were disinfected. It's almost like the story of elk infecting a cattle herd in Wyoming (see below) took place on another planet.
Despite the government's obtuseness, I do see a little give in this winter's plan which could allow some free roaming of bison and a goal of actually restoring  a population of bison outside the Park. Given good will, which I hardly expect, this winter could turn out OK. Nevertheless, it is probably best to expect a nasty slaughter come March or April.
2003 Dec. 6 Herd of cattle south of Pinedale, Wyoming is infected with brucellosis! Denver Post. By Robert W. Black. AP. This really an important development. It appears the cattle were infected by a nearby elk feedlot. Most conservation groups in Wyoming have been trying to phase out these state elk feedgrounds for years because they are breeding grounds of disease. The brucellosis infection rate among elk on these feedgrounds has always been high, much higher than among the bison in Yellowstone Park which Montana DOL kills because of their alleged brucellosis danger even though there are no cattle in the area.
Because Wyoming could now lose its coveted "brucellosis free" status this threat could be the thing that finally breaks thorough the myth-making and backward thinking of the livestock industry and Game and Fish Commission in the state, although no one should hold their breath. For people steeped in myth, disconfirmation of the myth often results in a call for more of the same.
Note that the brucellosis infection in the Greater Yellowstone is an exotic disease brought to the area by infected cattle in the first place.
Here is the first article about the matter, written by rancher Cat Urbigkit, who lives in the area. "Boulder herd infected with brucellosis." Sublette Examiner. Dec. 4
2003 Dec. 3 No Montana bison hunt this winter. It's to be Montana DOL bison "management" as usual. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. Last year's Montana legislature authorized a fair chase bison hunt, but instead Montana DOL seems to be gearing up for a killer of a winter, while the hunt proposal languishes. DOL is still using brucellosis as the excuse for their annual bison slaughter, but increasingly they are talking about an alleged "overpopulation" of bison in Yellowstone is the justification to kill bison. Their arguments change, but their real goal is always just to kill bison and keep them inside Yellowstone Park.
DOL has much to fear from a hunt. A fair chase hunt would create economic value for bison in the local area just as it has for the elk which are also infected with brucellosis. No one in DOL dares to talk about killing elk. Before long hunters would want bison to roam outside Yellowstone instead of the current situation where they are the only animal not allowed to cross the Park boundaries.
As for bison supporters who might oppose a hunt, they will lose much of the public support they have built up if they interfere with a fair chase hunt.
A bison hunt will not be a slaughter. The bison will learn quickly about the hunt as they have done in the Henry Mountains of SE Utah. There a transplant of Yellowstone bison has adapted to much drier conditions, expanded to about 400 animals, is free roaming and is a difficult quarry for the hunter.
The way to defang the Montana DOL and allow bison to wander freely as do elk, deer, antelope, bears and wolves is to support bison hunting.
2003 Dec. 1 Escaped bison in Eastern Oregon reinhabit the Eagle Cap Wilderness, reduce fire danger say ranchers. KATU.com.
2003 Nov. 27 On Nov. 25th  DOL killed a second bison yards from Park, plus other BFC news.
2003 Nov. 25 Montana DOL kills a bison bull on the Park boundary, first of the winter. Buffalo Field Campaign news release.
2003 Nov. 20 Guest opinion: Cheering for runaway bison and the Rocky Mountain Front. Billings Gazette. By Ben Long.
2003 Oct. 5
2003 Sept. 29
2003 Sept. 12
2003 Aug 22
2003 Aug. 21
2003 Aug. 16 National Wildlife Federation wants details on federal bison test lab near Gardiner.
2003 July 24 Bison almost saved. Rahill amendment narrowly defeated in the House.
2003 July 7 Opinion: Don't bother to 'manage' park bison for Horse Butte residents. By Liz Kearney (on behalf of residents near Horse Butte). I wonder if the Horse Butte area residents have thought of suing Montana DOL for violations of their property rights?
2003 June 26 Buffalo Field Campaign. Report from the Field. Summer Activities.
2003 June 8 Montana DOL scatters bison all over hell. Report from Buffalo Field Campaign. Regretfully this is going up a week late. The report came when I was out of town.
2003 May 24 Bison injure two YNP employees. AP
2003 May 22 Buffalo Field Campaign. Montana DOL continues hell bent on their pointless mission.
2003 May 19 Rather than Yellowstone bison, it is the elk feed grounds that are breeding grounds for brucellosis. By Meredith Taylor (a feature article in) the Casper Star-Tribune. The facts Taylor presents are so clear that it is ridiculous that anyone would think Yellowstone Park bison are the brucellosis problem. 1. most of the infection of bison and elk is in Wyoming south of YNP; 2. the infection is spread mostly from the Wyoming elk feedgrounds were wintering animals crowd together passing the disease around, not among the free ranging elk and bison which are infected incidentally and at low rate.
2003 May 15 Buffalo Field Campaign. News from the field. Despite removal of cattle from the area Montana DOL, the Forest Service and the Park Service have increasing their hazing of bison outside the Park. Their frantic activity reminds the quote from philosopher George Santayana -- "fanaticism consists of redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim."
2003 May 8 Gut piles from bison killed in hunt would be problem. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette State Bureau. Suddenly Montana DOL is worried about the remains of bison that will be left from the future bison hunt. It sure didn't bother them in the winter of 96-7 when they killed hundreds, and the guts left, often on private land. One has to wonder if this is just anger at losing their jurisdiction over the bison to Montana Parks, Fish and Wildlife?
2003 May 4 Buffalo Roam at Their Own Peril; Yellowstone's bison risk being rounded up for slaughter if they stray. Ranchers fear they will infect cattle with brucellosis. LA Times.
2003 May 2 Bison hazed during calving season. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. Despite recent efforts to permanently eliminate cattle from the area and passage of a bill to have a bison hunt for bison outside Yellowstone Park, Montana DOL hasn't ended its endless, pointless and expensive policy of trying to keep the bison inside Yellowstone.
Buffalo Field Campaign report on the hazing and recent events.
2003 April 27 Montana legislature gives final approval of Yellowstone area bison hunt. AP
2003 April 26 Hebgen Lake cattle grazing relocated.  By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. This is more about NWF's successful effort to close a controversial grazing allotment in Montana in exchange for an equivalent, and perhaps better allotment, in Idaho. Notice the "sour grapes" at a win/win situation from the spokesperson from the Montana Stockgrowers Association.
2003 April 24 The National Wildlife Federation spent $120,000 to obtain a new grazing allotment for the Idaho family who held the Horse Butte Grazing Allotment NW of West Yellowstone, MT. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. More good news (not in the story above). The Munn Brothers are reported to be also negotiating a possible sale of their private land near Horse Butte to the Forest Service.
2003 April 23 Forest Service to retire Horse Butte Grazing Allotment. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The primary purpose for Montana DOL killing bison that move west out of YNP just disappeared, although the Idaho grazers that Montana DOL has been protecting for years may still graze on some private land they own near West Yellowstone.
2003 April 19 Montana legislature produces a conference report favoring a bison hunt. Montana forum.  By Jennifer McKee. At 35-40 licenses, I would not automatically reject the hunt as a bad idea. If bison are allowed to roam outside YNP as a result of a limited hunt, it will be a great improvement over confining them to the Park and subjecting to sporadic mass slaughters by the Montana DOL. Note: a report from a conference committee (the final bill) has yet to be voting on by the legislature.
2003 April 7 Guest Opinion: West needs wild bison, domestic cattle. Billings Gazette. By Don Woerner. Laurel, Montana. Veterinarian
2003 April 5 Buffalo hunt inching closer to law. By Walt Williams, Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer
2003 April 3 Reverse migration: Hazers herd bison back into Yellowstone. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. As a worst case scenario this could end with the DOL shooting 500 bison.
2003 April 2 Suit against bison hazing rejected. AP
2003 April 2 Bison hunting bill on its way to full Montana House of Representatives. By Walt Williams. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer
2003 April 1 Montana bison hunt bill will harm sport if not amended. By Tim Border. Gallatin Wildlife Association. The proper kind of bison hunt could be very valuable to Montana as well as allowing bison to roam outside Yellowstone. Currently the Montana DOL wastes bison. Utah is considering a bison hunt for the bison herd on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. The herd has no predators and has to be culled. They expect the state might get $10,000 per bison license! Meanwhile, Montana is budget cutting educational opportunities even while they waste money shooting these bison which pose almost no threat to cattle.
2003 April 1 Bison head west out of park. By Brodie Farquhar. Casper Star-Tribune staff writer. "A large herd of bison crossed out of the west side of Yellowstone National Park on Monday putting them in danger of being killed."
2003 March 31 Hundreds of bison leave YNP for Horse Butte in annual event that often leads to their slaughter. News Release
2003 March 31 Bison test report inflates infection rate. 4th letter. Billings Gazette.
2003 March 20 Buffalo Field Campaign report from the field. Misleading data on bison brucellosis infection and much more news. Here is the misleading story in today's Billings Gazette. Why does DOL give out this inaccurate data each year? Because there are always new reporters who believe it.
2003 March 20 Guest opinion: Slaughter of bison saddens Gardiner. By Mary Hagemeyer. Billings Gazette.
2003 March 17 Animal rights groups takes aim at legislation creating Montana bison hunt. By Walt Williams. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. A bison hunt could be a very bad thing or a good thing that will finally make bison valuable to the state of Montana. However, the hunt must be fair chase and the bison allowed to roam at will outside Yellowstone Park. It must not be a mid-winter firing line sort of thing. The deal should be Montana gets a hunting season in exchange for bison living outside Yellowstone Park if they choose to do so.
2003 March 17 Crosby-Stills-Nash for bison in Bozeman. April 1.
2003 March 16 Montana hunting groups don't want bison hunt, if it isn't a real hunt. Bozeman Chronicle. Montana Wildlife Federation and the Gallatin Wildlife Association said they are opposed on Montana SB 395. The groups don't want to do the dirty work for the Montana DOL. It should be a real hunt, managed the Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Bison should be wild and free ranging, not limited to the Park.
2003 March 13 Buffalo Field Campaign's report from the field. Lots of news.
2003 March 12 Greater Yellowstone Coalition's letter to Sec. Norton on the bison.
2003 March 12 Bozeman area food bank to receive some of Yellowstone bison meat. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle.
2003 March 11 Criticism of Yellowstone Bison Kill Increasing. ENS.  It's the third article down
2003 March 10 Buffalo Field campaign in Bozeman for fund-raiser. By Joan Haines Bozeman Chronicle
2003 March 7 Hundreds of Yellowstone Bison Killed for Roaming. ENS. This is a good article in that it is one of the few that points out the completely contradictory way bison are handled by Montana as compared to Wyoming.
2003 March 7 Bison didn't gain much from CUT land deal. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. CUT is the Church Universal and Triumphant. They are a New Age religious group that own a lot of land just north of the YNP boundary. A large land trade was made with them and the federal government in 1998. It was hailed a victory of wildlife, but the current bison slaughter throws cold water on that notion.
2003 March 7 More bison sent to slaughter; 6 escape slaughterhouse in Columbus, Montana. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. 187 have now been slaughtered.
2003 March 6 More park bison sent to slaughter. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau.
2003 March 5 Giant bison slaughter underway at north boundary of Yellowstone. BFC report.
2003 March 4 Special Update from Gardiner, Montana. Buffalo Field Campaign. Yellowstone National Park Sends Over 100 Wild Bison to Slaughter; Over 60 More Buffalo Captured Today
2003 March 4 More than 100 park bison to be sent to slaughter. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. After 5 years passage it is sad to see the Park Service back in the business of sending bison to slaughter. These bison were baited from inside YNP to the trap.
2003 March 1 Park rangers herd over 200 bison from Gardiner back to the Blacktail Deer Plateau. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
2003 Feb. 26 Hunting season for bison OK'd by Montana State Senate panel. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette  State Bureau
2003 Feb. 24 Montana's spending on bison control puts cows ahead of kids. Opinion by George Nell. Bozeman Chronicle.  I agree with Nell that a fair chase bison hunt outside Yellowstone Park the solution to the bitter 7 year controversy. One difference --  the bison should be allowed to leave the Park at will as all other Park animals are allowed to do. Those out of the Park during hunting season would be subject to the hunt, with total number taken set by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.
2003 Feb. 20 Government agents give Colorado middle school students first hand lesson civics lesson. News release.
2003 Feb. 12 Wild bison hunt as solution for bison in Montana that leave YNP? By Walt Williams. Bozeman. Chronicle Staff Writer. A major reason why Montana worries about brucellosis in bison, but not elk, is that elk are regarded as valuable for hunting and bison not. This, if written properly, could help end this long controversy.
2003 Feb. 6 BFC Field Report - Much colder weather increases threat to bison from DOL
2003 Jan. 30 BFC Field Report - Government agents capture a few bull bison, but it wasn't easy, just pointless.
2003 Jan. 27 Buffalo Field Campaign leader gives opinion of Brucellosis issues. By Barbara Shesky. West Yellowstone News.
2003 Jan. 26 Yellowstone Bison Thrive, but Success Breeds Peril. New York Times. By Katharine Q. Seelye. Please read my comments. Ralph Maughan
2003 Jan. 23 Good news. DOL captures and test 4 bison, but doesn't kill them. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. By Scott McMillion.
2003 Jan. 23 National Elk refuge brucellosis study called a sham.  By Brodie Farquhar. Casper Star-Tribune staff writer. The good news is they are finally starting to pay attention to Wyoming elk, where the brucellosis is, rather than the Yellowstone bison where it isn't. The bad news is the same unscientific, politicized process. Like the killing of bison, the vaccination of the elk with an ineffective vaccine is little more than a ritual, and one that at least does little harm to elk, although revelations about the politics are appalling. Read
2003 Jan. 16 BFC Field Report. Mild winter keeps bison inside YNP. Governor Martz is language challenged in answering BFC question at new conference.
2003 Jan. 9 BFC Field Report. BFC's Endangered Species Lawsuit Heard in Court
2003 Jan. 8 Federal Judge Urged to Halt Montana DOL Bison Herding Method. Guardian (U.K.). It's good to see the story about Yellowstone bison and Montana Department of Livestock's aggression toward them has made it in the news in the U.K.
2003 Jan. 2 BFC Field Report. Yellowstone's lack of snow keeping bison in the Park.
2002 Dec. 19 BFC Field Report. Quiet week!
2002 Dec. 11 Opinion of the Missoulian. If people want bison, what's the beef?  "Montana's practice of killing Yellowstone bison is untenable. Perhaps we should step back and search for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity."
2002 Dec. 9 Just when bison thought it safe to go out ... Opinion of Great Falls Tribune. A bison-killing winter like 1996-7 might again be the offing. Montana needs to think of some alternatives.
2002 Dec. 2 Huge Bison Herds in Yellowstone May Cause Problems for Montana. AP. A better headline would be " Montana may cause problems for bison herds, Yellowstone Park."
2002 Nov. 21 BFC Field Report. DOL kills a bison bull while Gallatin N.F. supervisor lies to Senator Baucus. 11-22. Here is the story in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
2002 Nov. 14 BFC Field Report. You can now donate to BFC securely on-line.
2002 Nov. 7 BFC Field Report. Montana DOL wastes money while Montana's budget goes through the floor.
2002 Oct. 31 BFC Field Report. Montana DOL fails to respect private property rights.
2002 Oct. 28 A cow on the loose in Yellowstone. What if Park Service acted like Montana DOL? Opinion by Todd Wilkinson.
2002 Oct. 24 BFC Field Report. This report is interesting to me in that it shows some people near West Yellowstone are beginning to see Montana DOL more as an outside force of occupation or as trespassers and disturbers of the peace than as a legitimate part of the Montana government.
A note about DOL's chief supporter, Montana Governor Judy Martz. . . her popularity has fallen to 19%, the lowest ever recorded for a public official in a scientific public survey.
2002 Oct 19 Speaking up in Defense of Yellowstone Buffalo. By John Potter. Op ed in the Billings Gazette.
2002 Oct. 3 1.BFC news release. Montana DOL begins bison slaughter at a record early date. Looks like it is going to be a bad winter.
2. Three Yellowstone bison captured, sent to slaughter. By Scott McMillion Chronicle Staff Writer
2002 Sept. 26 BFC Field Report. Montana DOL already harassing bison.
2002 Sept. 19 BFC Field Report. Temperatures falling, plus video available.
2002 Aug. 22 BFC Field Report. Current activities, plus bison and the brucellosis myth.
2002 Aug. 8 BFC Field Report. Summer activities.
2002 July 11 BFC Field Report.  Joe's still in jail.
2002 July 6 BFC Field Report. . . Activists are sentenced and get more time than violent offenders.
2002 June 20 BFC Field Report. . . Summer's here and the cows aren't.
2002 June 6 "Parting shots." DOL shoots 2 disease-free bison bulls as a going away gesture. BFC Update from the field.
2002 May 31


Grazing of cattle west of Yellowstone Park halted by federal court. AP. A federal judge has reaffirmed an order to end cattle grazing on the Horse Butte allotment near West Yellowstone at least until 2004. This ends any reason why the Montana DOL should be in the area hazing and killing bison, although skeptics doubt they will disappear just because their purpose has evaporated.

Meanwhile, it has been business as usual for the DOL as described by this field report by the Buffalo Field Campaign.

2002 May 23 Dept. of Livestock kills 29 more bison and violates Yellowstone National Park backcountry. Buffalo Field Campaign field report.
2002 May16 Most bison back in the Park, but Dept. of Livestock still lurking in the area. Buffalo Field campaign report
2002 May 10 DOL tries to make their hands look a bit less bloody, but they keep arresting Americans who are disgusted with their spectacle. Buffalo Field Campaign update.
2002 May 3 Montana DOL kills, beats, and harasses bison and confiscates video tape. . . BFC update. Feds are complicit. . . .
Confiscating the tapes, the hallmark of authoritarian bureaucracy.
2002 April 29 An essay on how Montana DOL treats the bison. By Flo Gardipee.
2002 April 27 Montana DOL now shooting Park bison. AP. They've dropped their brucellosis claim, which we always knew was phony. DOL's new claim is that they are doing population control because the Park's bison population has increased to over 3000 animals. In the Past the Park has had over 4000 animals a number of times. The population is naturally regulated. The fact that Yellowstone Park is not protesting, but cooperating, shows how they have been subordinated by the Bush Administration. Park Service/DOL News Release, plus my comments.
2002 April 26 State skips brucellosis tests, sends 32 bison to slaughter. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. As the year has progressed, Montana  DOL has gotten more and more out of hand. Due to their widespread abuse of the law and of  people's rights, the Park Service and Forest Service should stop cooperating with them, but unfortunately the opposite is true.
2002 April 25  Arrests continue. BFC claims Montana DOL violates civil liberties and breaks wildlife laws as they continue to capture bison.
2002 April 25 Yellowstone bison pure, study shows, but genetically, other bison don't measure up to frontier ancestors. New York Times. By Mark Derr.
2002 April 11 Montana DOL has largest bison capture since 1999, plus report on the D. D. Buffalo Stampede. Buffalo Field Campaign. Report from the field.
2002 April 5 Buffalo Field Campaign holds its "Buffalo Stampede" in the nation's capital. By Christopher Thorne. AP.
2002 April 5 Montana DOL Agents round up 15 bison, arrest one protestor. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer
2002 March 28 Buffalo Field Campaign News from the Field
2002 March 14 Buffalo Field Campaign News from the Field
2002 March 13 Montana DOL thugs arrest peaceful protest marchers.
2002 March 9 Buffalo protester pleads not guilty to three charges. By Joan Haines. Bozeman Chronicle.
2002 March 8 Buffalo Field Campaign report. Lots of arrests and general continuation of government stupidity, wildlife harassment  and waste of dollars.
2002 March 7 Bison protester faces federal charges. By Erin Everett. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. Another brave soul gives up his freedom to fight Montana DOL's pointless campaign against the bison.
2002 March 5 Taxpayers pay dearly for a few cattle. By Bill LeBon. Letter to the Bozeman Chronicle. This is an interesting letter about the subsidy involved in the Montana operations against bison. However, LeBon failed to mention that this is also a trans-state subsidy because the cattle the Montana DOL are "protecting" are not even Montana cattle, but Idaho. The Munn Brothers live in Idaho.
2002 March 2 Groomed trails' effects on bison not proven. By Becky Bohrer and Associated Press. Billings Gazette. I have never agreed with Meagher's argument that snowmobile groomed trails make it easy for bison to leave Yellowstone Park in the winter because in fact it is plainly obvious the bison don't follow the packed snowmobile road out of the Park. The bison struggle though deep snow and leave the Park at the Madison River or north of the Mason at Duck Creek.
2002 Feb. 26 First female bison of the winter caught. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer. This is the first time I have seen a bison story in a Montana paper that even mentions the summertime cattle near West Yellowstone that Montana DOL is so excited about "protecting" are in fact Idaho cattle.
2002 Feb. 21 BFC Update. Montana DOL wastes more taxpayer money and harasses wildlife deep into Yellowstone Park.
2002 Feb. 14 Buffalo Field Campaign. Good weather, DOL absent, but continuing drought imperils Yellowstone area wildlife.
2002 Feb. 7 Buffalo Field Campaign. DOL kills more non-infectious bulls.
2002 Feb. 1 Buffalo Field Campaign. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Tour to Benefit the Buffalo Field Campaign
2002 Jan. 24 Buffalo Field Campaign report for the field.
2002 Jan. 18 Buffalo Field Campaign report for the field. Four more bison bulls captured by DOL.
2002 Jan. 10 Buffalo Field Campaign report from the field. DOL kills 10 more bison bulls. 
It is impossible for bison bulls to transmit brucellosis unless they mate with cattle. It's not the mating season and there no cattle are in the area.
2002 Jan. 3 Buffalo Field Campaign report from the field. 2500 bison located inside Yellowstone..
2001 Dec. 28 Acting superintendent of Yellowstone National Park says Park is doing its fair share of bison harassment. AP. Quite the opposite, the Park should completely stop its help with this expensive and pointless program. 

Buffalo Field Campaign Update. Things quiet.


2001 Dec. 21 Buffalo Field Campaign report from the field. Photos added 12-26
Photos.  Captured Bison in DOL truck.    BFC flag.   Photos courtesy Ken Cole.
2001 Dec. 16 Park Service needs to get its hands a little dirty. Opinion of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The Chronicle thinks the Park Service needs to get more active helping Montana DOL harass and kill Yellowstone bison lest the bison get into the flower beds on Wilson Avenue (in Bozeman 80 miles away). They also opine that if the Park Service helped more, the pointless killing of bison, not to mention harassment of citizens, wouldn't look so bad in Boston and Atlanta (where according the the newspaper's stereotype all Americans who are against this expensive and pointless outrage live).
2001 Dec. 15 Opinion. No home for wild buffalo on Montana firing range. By John Potter. Billings Gazette.
2001 Dec. 11 Montana Governor Judy Martz charges feds falling down on bison plan. By Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer. Apparently she doesn't think the Park Service is harassing bison or the Buffalo Field Campaign enough.
2001 Dec. 9 U.S. attorney made mistake on bison protesters? conviction status. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The new U.S. attorney seeks to take credit for convicting the dangerous bison protectors before "justice" is done.
2001 Dec. 6 Bison Bob?s luck runs out. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Montana DOL has captured and killed two more harmless bison bulls. Here is the story by the Buffalo Field Campaign.
2001 Nov. 29  Buffalo Field Campaign Update: In Mourning and in Court.
2001 Nov. 28 Groups ask judge to make Montana Dept. of Livestock t release its bison records. AP
July 15, 2001. Earlier story on this. Livestock Department accused of illegally denying groups access to public records By Ericka Schenck Smith Missoulian State Bureau
2001 Nov. 21 Buffalo Field Campaign Report (Nov. 16). Forest Service Screw-up gives you more time to comment on Horse Butte Grazing Allotment Plan.
2001 Nov. 12  Tell the Forest Service to Convert the Horse Butte allotment into a safe haven for buffalo and other wildlife. Comments due Nov. 15. The Horse Butte Grazing Allotment, where a couple hundred cows from Idaho graze during the summer, ironically is the main argument Montana has for harassing and killing bison all winter near West Yellowstone. You can tell the Forest Service to close this grazing allotment, but only 3 days are left. Save the bison and your tax dollars and act now.
2001 Oct. 11 Buffalo Field Campaign Report. Snow on the ground now.
2001 Oct. 11 Biologist: Bison herd changing Yellowstone's landscape. (link restored) By Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer. "The famous and often controversial bison here are changing the ecosystem around them as they move steadily to the west, according to Mary Meagher, a retired National Park Service biologist who has studied the stodgy beasts for 40 years."
2001 Sept 1 Buffalo Field Campaign report. Idaho drugs bison.
2001 Aug. 23 Buffalo Field Campaign report. For the first year, BFC has been active all summer. Good, Montana DOL is obviously hatching up new schemes for the winter. Crosby, Stills and Nash support pro-bison group. Billings Gazette. Aug. 29.
2001 July 28 Groups sue to get access to bison management records. AP. By Bob Anez.
2001 July 15 Montana DOL accused of illegally denying groups access to public records. Missoulian.
2001 July 10 Numerous groups sue Forest Service over renewal of cattle grazing permit on Horse Butte. Note: most the Montana DOL campaign against bison seems to be to protect this sole, modest  summertime cattle operation, mostly on public land, which the U.S. Forest Service just renewed.
July 11. Billings Gazette article on the lawsuit by Jeff Tollefson. The comments of the affected rancher sure are "interesting" <g>
2001 June 27 Montana shoots "recalcitrant" bison bull outside park. AP. It is impossible for bison bulls to pass brucellosis to cattle unless an infected bull mates with a cow.
2001 June 23 Idaho Officials Capture 4 Wild Bison and Transport them to Yellowstone. BFC news.
June 24. Story as told by the Spokesman-Review.
2001 May 12 Government bison harassers still on the loose, but are taken to federal court. Park Service lets DOL violate sacrosanct grizzly and bald eagle closures in Yellowstone Park.
2001 May 6 Buffalo Soldiers: On the front lines of Montana's bison fight with the Buffalo Field Campaign. Missoula Independent. By Jay Erickson.
2001 April 28 Unfortunately the DOL didn't go home. Bison hazed while calving. ENS.

Bison hazers busy in April. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Buffalo Field Campaign's take on recent events.

2001 April 19 Buffalo, Bears and Spring. DOL packs it up for the season. BFC report.
2001 April 13 Buffalo Field Campaign News. More harassment of bison. 
2001 March 30 Buffalo Field Campaign News. Helicopter hazing continues. National Geographic Special Airs April 9.
2001 March 22 Buffalo Field Campaign News. More bison captured, more arrest, activist threatened. March 23. Same story from Bozeman Daily Chronicle. State rounds up 7 bull bison, kills 3. By Scott McMillion Chronicle Staff Writer
2001 March 15 Buffalo Field Campaign News. Bison struggle gets nasty, bison captured and  7 BFC arrested volunteers. Two bulls sent to slaughter

Bison protesters arrested in year's first bison capture. The Associated Press

2001 March 8 Buffalo Field Campaign Update March 8, 2001
2001 March 6 Montana government criticizes federal government's lack of aggressive action on bison. Billings Gazette. It seems Montana's new governor follows in the steps of Racicot on bison. She criticizing the Park Service and APHIS for not chasing bison all over the place this mild, mild winter. 
2001 Feb. 15 Buffalo Field Campaign. Report from the Field.
2001 Feb. 3 "Biobullet" Brucellosis Vaccine Development turns out to be Difficult. Billings Gazette.
2001 Jan. 30 Buffalo Field Campaign. Report from the field.
2001 Jan. 18 Buffalo Field Campaign Report. -29 degrees at West Yellowstone.
2001 Jan. 12 7 brave bison defenders arrested so far this winter. Buffalo Field Campaign update.
2001 Jan 9 U.S Forest Service and Montana DOL violate Eagle Closure law, Buffalo Field Campaign steps in to hold it up. BFC news release.
2001 Jan. 9 New Study Shows Bison Don't Favor Groomed Roads in Yellowstone National Park. Montana State University News Release.
2001 Jan. 8 Yellowstone National Park Held Hostage by Million-Dollar Cheeseburgers! by Bruce Gourley. Yellowstone Net News. 
2001 Jan. 5 Idaho conservationist Jon Marvel gives ranchers a roasting at Rocky Mountain College forum. Billings Gazette. Idaho's most effective conservationist came to Montana to participate in a panel stacked with collaborationists.
2001 Jan. 5 Buffalo Protectors rally at Governor Martz's Inauguration, and much more. BFC's latest report.
2000 Dec. 28 So how does the Buffalo Field Campaign view the new bison plan from their position at ground zero? Here is their report Dec. 28.
2000 Dec. 23 Little new in plan for wayward park bison. Denver Post. This is a good, altho sad article. The Post's headline is misleading, however--because the bison are not "wayward." They are following appropriate natural behavior to migrate to lower elevations in the winter. It is the policy that is wayward.
2000 Dec. 23 Beginning the battle of the bison plans. by Ron Selden. Missoula Independent. "Activists involved in the ongoing controversy over Yellowstone National Park?s bison say they?re still trying to digest the state?s final bison management plan released last week.
2000 Dec. 22.  Yellowstone Bison Benefit Little from New Management Plan By Cat Lazaroff. Environment News Service. It looks like any rejoicing about the bison plan was short-lived.
2000 Dec. 20 Federal Agencies, Montana Reach Agreement on Management of Yellowstone Bison. Park Service News Release.
12/22/00. Feds, state agree on Yellowstone bison plan. Associated Press.  Greater Yellowstone Coalition says deal won't make many positive changes from present.
2000 Dec. 18 Groomed winter roads have little effect on bison migration says Journal of Wildlife Management article. By Jeff Tollefson. Billings Gazette.
2000 Dec. 14 The Dog Gets His Bone. What will Racicot receive for being Bush's pit bull? By George Ochenski. Missoula Independent.
2000. Dec. 8 Dept. of Interior Near Bison agreement with Montana? By JEFF TOLLEFSON. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. Is this just in time for a Racicot political appointment?
2000. Nov. 30 DOL is already hazing bison. Buffalo Field Campaign Update Nov. 28.
2000 Nov. 11 Buffalo Field Campaign Update Nov. 11. Now we have to live with what the election produced.
2000 Nov. 8 Proponent of more bison slaughter wins close Montana governor's race. Republican celebrates tight win over O'Keefe. Missoulian.
2000 Nov. 4 Buffalo Field Campaign. Montana DOL already gearing up to go after Yellowstone bison. BFC can't endorse anyone in the Montana Election, but the positions of the candidates are clear, if Democrat Mark O'Keefe wins the governor's office, the annual slaughter will end. If Republican Judy Martz wins Racicot's slaughter program will continue. The race is tied in the polls.
2000 Oct. 23 Buffalo Field Campaign. Report from the field.  
2000 Oct. 16 Where the Yellowstone buffalo roam. By Margot Higgins. ENN. Analysis of the current situation.
2000 Oct. 6 Bison Gore Two Horses Just Outside Yellowstone. Bozeman Daily Chronicle by Ron Tschida.   
2000 Oct. 5 Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls, Indigenous, and Dar Williams sing in Montana to turn out the Native America vote defend the Yellowstone bison. Missoulian.
2000 Oct. 3. Comment period on bison proposal extended. Associated Press. The new due date for your comments is Oct. 17.  
2000 Sept. 28 Bison plan caters to cattle, groups say
Gazette Wyoming Bureau

The government's position final position  is just about as stupid as when I posted my first article on the bison slaughter Jan. 16, 1997 . . Ralph Maughan. The public has until Oct. 2 to comment on this travesty.
2000 Sept. 24 Deaf Ear to the Public and What you can do before Oct. 2 by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.
2000 Sept. 21 Bison Action Alert from the Buffalo Field Campaign.
2000 Sept. 3 Final Bison EIS released. Negotiations with Montana Continue. Billings Gazette. The federal government wants to end the annual bison slaughter, but Montana continues to resist. The article says "The federal agencies have little authority over the buffalo when they leave the park," but this isn't true. If Montana's next governor is a bad as Racicot, a good President could tell the Forest Service to keep the Montana Department of Livestock off national forest land, or else!! A lot rides on the year 2000 election. Story on the Montana gubernatorial campaign Billings Gazette. Sept. 3. Note added in 2005. Martz went on to win the race and became one of the most unpopular governors in Montana history.
2000 Aug 24 . . . Final Yellowstone Bison environmental impact statement issued. It is a big disappointment to conservationists, especially after the outcry two years ago against the draft plan. Public comment was the second largest in U.S. history on any wildlife issue, and the public rejected the continuation of the slaughter of bison overwhelmingly.

Link to the final environmental impact statement

Read the BFC Newsletter. PDF file, wait about 2 minutes to load at 56 kbps

2000 June 22 Here is the latest news from the Buffalo Field Campaign.
2000 June 6 Mild winter, Buffalo Field Campaign vigilance yields large number of bison calves-
2000 May 12 BFC update. DOL illegally enters Yellowstone Park and Chases Bison.  If any of us did this (the area is closed in the spring to all enter because of the high grizzly population), we would be arrested.  The DOL should be arrested too.
2000 May 4 Action Alert from Buffalo Field Campaign
2000 April 21 Montana DOL uses heavy-handed methods to frighten bison back into Yellowstone. News Release. Buffalo Field Campaign.
2000 April 14 Bison action near West Yellowstone and Big Sky heats up (several stories)
2000 April 10 Wyoming G&F stays course with elk vaccinations. Billings Gazette. In contrast to Montana, Wyoming focuses on the correct brucellosis hazard, the infected elk.  Unfortunately, there is almost no evidence these vaccinations work and they perform them on the disease spreading elk winter feedlots.
2000 April 7 14 Bison Hazed back into the Park by DOL. Here is the report on the hazing from Buffalo Field Campaign.
2000 April 4 Has an April Bison Exodus Begun?  
2000 April 1 Buffalo Field Campaign Update for March 30
2000 March 24 Buffalo Field Campaign Update for March 24
2000 Feb. 29 Lots of money spent on bison controversy. Billings Gazette by Joe Kolman.
2000 Feb. 22 Billings Gazette opinion: Leave Defiant Bison Bull Alone.
2000 Feb. 14 Battle continues over lone bison bull. Billings Gazette.  This effort to haze this single bison bull that has stepped over the imaginary Yellowstone Park boundary reflects the continuing stupidity of Montana's position and shows that Governor Racicot was lying on Nightline when he said this program was winding down. It is essentially impossible for bison bulls to pass on brucellosis (unless they mate with cattle!). At any rate, there will be no cattle in the area until June.
2000 Feb 10 Buffalo Field Campaign Alert (and reflections on last night's Nightline Program)
2000 Feb 10 Bison issue must be resolved. Billings Gazette's Opinion. 
2000 Jan 31 Political war continues over bison herd by Andrea Barnett. High Country News.
2000 Jan 30 Buffalo Field Campaign News.
2000 Jan 17 So Far the Mild Winter Helps Bison Escape Montana DOL. Yellowstone Net.

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