Comments of Lynne Stone, Boulder-White Clouds Council

If you happen to watch ABC's sham show on Idaho wolf recovery Tuesday
night, you are probably still shaking your head at ABC's one-sided
portrayal of Idahoans and wolves. ABC only showed Idahoans who are
opposed to wolves (with one exception, Jon Marvel).

Every female on the show was against wolves.

ABC's anti-wolf bias was so bad that the folks gathered here at the
cabin, started hooting and booing at Peter Jennings and I had to stand
in front of the TV, lest someone throw a shoe at it.

When the ABC film crew was in Stanley in April, I suggested two
livestock producers they could interview who are learning to live with
wolves. However, Jennings interviewed the worst.

Also, ABC's Senior Producer told me during their April visit that they
wanted my viewpoint because I lived in the same tiny town as Ron
Gillette (Idaho's foremost wolf hysteric). ABC aired Ron at length --
Ron fit with the show's theme that all of Idaho was against wolves. I
don't mind that ABC chose not to air my comments, but certainly some
Idaho woman advocate should have been shown, to counter the line up
opposing wolves.

Ralph described the show as a hatchet job turned into an ax murder.
Also, Ralph brings up a point I have been thinking about for the past
two days -- how accurate is our national news? When I watch national TV
news, I almost always watch ABC. Now, I'm wondering what other ABC
reporting has been as distorted as the Idaho wolf issue. I'm switching
to Dan (Rather) or Tom (Brokaw).

If you would like to tell ABC that there are folks in Idaho who support
wolves, go to Ralph's site and click on the internet address for the message
on the program:

or email:

In the show's few redeeming scenes, there were beautiful wolves and
wolf pups; Sawtooth scenery; the wisdom of Bruce Babbit; and the honesty
of Ed Bangs.

The people you saw speaking out against wolves, often not making much
sense, or telling outright lies -- well, these are the ranchers and
politicians that those of us working on conservation issues in Central
Idaho, deal with in our jobs. Some of the ranchers shown (the
Brailsfords and Bakers) are part of the reason we have had 27 wolves in
Custer County shot by government officials since 1999 because of
conflicts with sheep or cattle.

If you have never been to a public meeting in Salmon or Challis, or even
Stanley, on any environmental issue, attend sometime -- it will open
your eyes. You will learn of the challenges of being an advocate for
wolves, wilderness, salmon, clean water, or any other natural value

Living in Stanley, I have been accosted by people I don't even know, who
tell me to leave town. There's a saying that when you live in Blaine
County, you don't live in Idaho. Well, when you live in Custer County,
I'm not sure sometimes if I'm still part of the United States of
America. I often feel like a black person must have, back in Mississippi
in 1950. But, it's a fight worth fighting, advocating for wildlife and
wild places. And when one needs to escape the struggle, there's the
Sawtooths, White Clouds, Cape Horn, Elk Meadow and all the other reasons
I live in Idaho.

For justice,

Lynne Stone, Boulder-White Clouds Council