Yellowstone wolf mortalities

With a few exceptions, such as wolf 71F, this list was tediously compiled from scattered public information. These data were prepared by Ralph Maughan with assistance from B. D. Wehrfritz. Further corrections were supplied by Jim Halfpenny. The form of the data presentation and the exact text are copyrighted Ralph Maughan.

updated last 11/21/2003

Here is the complete list of the wolves that died since wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park. A brief description of the circumstances follows.











Illegally shot: 10 (10M, 12M, 11F, 28M, 31M, 38M, 39F, 78F, 155F, 273F)
Illegally poisoned: 1 (24F)
Legally killed: 47 (3M, 64F, 69M, 68F, 63F, 27F, 37F, 15M, 135?, 26F, 67F, "Kemmerer canid," 182M, 183F, 184F, 165M, 167F, 168F, 185M, 186M, 188F, 129F 230F, Soda Springs wolf, 232M,  229M, 196M, Absaroka Pack sub-adult, 191M, 195M, 202M, uncollared female, 224M, 263M, 264F, 265M, 272M, 147M, 252M, 2 black Teton pack, Red Lodge Group - 4 wolves, 2 black males, 240M, alpha female Taylor Peaks, 162M, male Washakie Pack)
Road kill: 12 (22M, 32F, 47M, 66M, 108?, 141M, 142F, 133M, 187F, 148F, 199M, 33F)
Natural (adults): 38 (36F, 4M, 20M, 13M, 19F, 17F, 35M, 30F, 6M, 83M, 85F?, 43M, 82M, 123M, 163M, female in Gros Ventre River area,14F, 40F, 8M, 212F, 92M, 189M, 34M, 7F, 2M, 164M, 211M, 296M,175F, 294M, 200F, 105F, 208M, 251F, 259F, 220F, 207M, 260F)
Natural (pups): This is an undercount due to lack of data (45F, (73-76), 91F, (86-90), 100, 117, 110, 112, 127, 169, 139, 140 +21 pups in 1999. 10-13 pups in 2000, 297F)
Other: 11 (46M, 71F, uncollared adult female wolf, 111F, 160F, 78F, 197F, 16F, 238M, 2 wolves from Daniel Pack)


Deaths per year-

1995: 2

1996: 10

1997: 33

1998: 17

1999: 14 + ~21 unaccounted pups 

2000: 16 + 10-13 unaccounted pups

2001: 16+ ? unaccounted pups

2002: 11

2003: 31

Total mortalities = at least 145 + unaccounted pups

11/21/03 01:01 AM

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