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More Greater Yellowstone 2002 pup information.

Famous Wolf 7F dead of wolf attack.

May 21, 2002, update May 30

In recent weeks I have posted information about wolf packs that have denned. Here is a more complete update for the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. But first, the Park Service has confirmed that wolf 7F, the Alberta born daughter of wolf 9F, was found dead, apparently the victim of other wolves. Wolf 7F was born 1994, and captured and brought to Yellowstone. She was put in the Rose Creek Pen with her mother 9F and big Wolf 10M. Her mother and mate separated from her upon releawe in late March 1995. 7F made it on her own during the spring, summer and fall of 1995, but in the winter of 95-96, 7F found a mate -- Crystal Creek wolf 2M; and they founded the first natural wolf pack in Yellowstone in 70 years. The pack was named after famous conservationist Aldo Leopold. The pack has prospered even since, while maintaining a small territory on the Blacktail Deer Plateau.

Yellowstone National Park Packs-

There are pups for Druid 106F's group and also the main Druid Group (21M and 43F).

Rose Creek II Pack has pups.

Nez Perce Pack has pups.

Swan Lake Pack has pups.

Mollie's pack has pups.

Cougar Creek pack has pups.

Leopold Pack has pups. New alpha female?

The Chief Joseph Pack probably have denned. There is a radio collar problem with Chief Joe. This major, long-standing pack lacks radio collars. Only a yearling has a collar.

The Tower pair did not den for a second year. As mentioned in a previous story, Druid 103F's group attacked the Tower male and almost killed him about 2 months ago. The female may have been attacked too.

The Yellowstone Delta Pack (which has been a large pack) has not been located for about 2 months now. They might have left the Park or chewed off their radio collars. Some packs are good at chewing off collars.

North of Yellowstone Park Packs-

Sheep Mountain Pack and Mill Creek Packs have probably denned. Mill Creek has been around for 2 and probably 3 years, but there are no radio collars.

West of Yellowstone Park Packs-

The Freezeout Pack's alpha female has been seen nursing 3 pups. She was evicted last year from the nearby Taylor Peaks Pack, but became the alpha female of the Freezeout Pack after the original alpha female was illegally shot.

The Taylor Peaks Pack has pups.

East and southeast of Yellowstone Park Packs-

Sunlight Basin, Beartooth, Absaroka, Washakie, and probably the Greybull packs have pups. As I mentioned earlier, the mange-infested alpha male of the Absaroka Pack survived the winter. Unless he shakes the scabies infestation, he could die of sunburn this summer.

South of Yellowstone Park Packs-

The Teton Pack, which was rejuvenated last year with a litter from both of the adult females (9 pups in total), has at least 4-5 more pups (and probably once again a double litter). On May 29, the Jackson Hole News reported there were six pups, but that several of the yearling wolves seem to have dispersed.

The new Green River pair has denned and it is believed the Gros Ventre Pack (no radio collars) has denned. The Green River Pack will set a new record for being the most southerly pack in Wyoming.

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