All Yellowstone Packs denned. Pups showing up

May 9, 2006

All of the Yellowstone Packs have now denned, except the Sloughs who lost all their pups and the unknown pack which apparently had none. Examination of the Slough natal den by the Yellowstone wolf team showed no pup remains, indicating to Dr. Doug Smith that the pups were probably consumed before 380F and 527F abandoned the den to the unknown pack.

Three pups have been spotted so far for the new Hellroaring Pack. Mollies Pack and the Hayden Valley Pack finally denned. I'm not sure if the Hayden Pack used their old (poorly located den site near near the highway), but Mollies Pack choose a new den this year, albeit in the Pelican Valley as usual.

295M hung in there and his new mate has a den at the traditional Swan Lake den site, raising a possibility of a regeneration of that pack.

The Gibbon Meadows Pack has essentially replaced the old Nez Perce Pack even to the point of abandoning their traditional Gibbon Meadows area den for a new one not far from the Nez Perce site on the Central Plateau.

It is thought the the Yellowstone Delta pack has split, with one split off segment having no collars, but the collared female in the other segment has been near one of the pack's traditional den sites for two weeks now. So that part of the pack most have pups.

Leopold, Bechler, Cougar Creek I, and Druid have pups. The Druid wolves are seen carrying meat up to their new site. I have no information on Cougar Creek II, such as whether they denned in or outside the Park.

The three uppermost northern range packs--the Druids, the Sloughs, and the unknown, new pack have all been fairly close together, mostly in the Lamar Valley and Round Prairie. They have been avoiding each other. The new pack did finally leave behind the Slough den area after they "conquered it." The new pack was last at the Druid's old Chalcedony rendezvous site and up on Specimen Ridge. The Sloughs were at and near the Druid's old den site on Druid Peak.

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