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Numerous dogs in Idaho and Wyoming poisoned with illegal bait, likely meant for wolves?


6-9-04, 6-10, 6-21, 6-23, 7-28, 8-5

Numerous dogs (21 so far) in Idaho, and especially Wyoming have been poisoned with baits laced with the pesticide Temik (aldicarb). Most of the dogs have died miserable deaths.

I have been covering the issue on my wolf country news conservation page, but since many web site visitors do not check there, here is the most recent story as told by Rebecca Huntington of the Jackson Hole News and Guide.

5-12-2004. "Dog poisoning toll continues to mount. Visitor says public needs better warnings of potential danger."
6-9-2004. Dog poisonings likely aimed at wolves. CNN International. This is a somewhat reworked version of the story above, but it is good that the story is now emerging world wide.
6-10-2004. More Temik poisoned meat found. This time inside Jackson Hole. AP. It's possible that the poisoner wasn't after wolves after all, but I think it is more likely that these a copycat poisonings based on the now disseminated knowledge how easy it is to kill animals with this pesticide.
6-21-2004. Another dog poisoned with pesticides in Jackson Hole. Billings Gazette. This was yet another dog in the Moran area, which is a place inhabited by wolves.
People see suspicious man with rubber gloves in Cache Creek, next to Jackson. By Whitney Royster. Casper Star-Tribune environmental reporter. A man walked out of the woods carrying a brown, liquid filled bottle and wearing sleeve length, heavy duty industrial gloves
7-28-2004. Dog believed to be poisoned. Travelers in Sawtooth Valley, Idaho should be wary of letting dogs run free. By Greg Stahl. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer. The poison was in an area frequented by the Galena Wolf Pack. I have to wonder when the authorities are going to start arrested these prisoners. Talk about terrorism!
8-5-2004. Dog poisonings as terrorism. By Todd Wilkinson. regional columnist and author

Many of these poisonings have been reported in the media, but some, such as a recent poisoning of a dog in Idaho's Sawtooth Valley was not. The most lethal place for dogs was been the area in Wyoming from the Buffalo Valley (near Moran) eastward to Togwotee Pass. It is thought that baits were scattered willy nilly by someone on skies, or more likely a snowmobile, last winter.

Dogs have also been poisoned in the Greys River Wyoming area south of Jackson Hole (east of Star Valley).

In Idaho most of the dead dogs got the bait near the Wagonhammer Springs rest area near Carmen, Idaho (north of Salmon). A man who has a web site that tells people how to poison wolves using Temik lives just a few miles from Wagonhammer Springs. His residence was recently searched under a warrant by officers of Idaho Fish and Game and reported in media, boots and a computer were seized.

The article on how to poison wolves with insecticide was also reprinted in a Riverton, Wyoming paper.

All of the baits were in areas where wolf packs are known to exist, but it appears no wolves have been killed, although in addition to dogs, coyotes, fox, magpie, and perhaps 2 moose have died. Other dead birds and animals probably are out there. Wolves are unlikely to go after poison hot dogs or meatballs, but dogs, small predators, and scavenging birds, such as eagles, crows, magpies, and ravens are.

The poison baits are potentially toxic to humans as the poison can be absorbed through the skin, so your poisoned pet can poison you if it vomits on you. So can the baits if handled with bare hands.

Earlier stories:

Feb. 25, 2004. Poisoned Meatballs Found at Wagonhammer Springs. KPVI, Channel 6, Idaho Falls, Pocatello.

March 25, 2004. Search Warrant Served on Outspoken Man [Tim Sundles].  KPVI, Channel 6, Idaho Falls, Pocatello.

April 1, 2004. Agent: Poison targets wolves. Law officers suspect pesticide that is killing dogs may have been meant for wolves. By Rebecca Huntington and Bill Curran. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

April 8, 2004. Dogs Poisoned along Greys River Road, Wyoming. Bridger-Teton National Forest.

April 8, 2004. Wolf Disaster. Challis Messenger. Here Ron Gillet of the Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition, Inc. condemns the search of the Sundle's place and seems to blame the poisoning on the government for reintroducing wolves. Gillet's letter was picked up by many other media, for example, "Wolf critic blames feds for dog poisonings"
Associated Press. April 26, 2004. "Wolf foe blames poisonings on feds." Jackson Hole Zone.

April 28, 2004. Possible Dog Poisoning in Upper Sawtooth Valley. News Release. Salmon Region, Idaho Fish and Game Department.

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