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Bears. Archived Stories. March 2000 through Dec. 2003

Note: Unless the comments are in quotes, the opinions expressed are mine . . .

12-11-2003. Grizzlies hear 'dinner bell' when hunters move in, researchers say. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. I've discussed this article repeatedly on my web page. It's nice to see the mainstream media picking it up now that it has been formally published. The actual research was entitled "Large-carnivore response to recreational big-game hunting along the Yellowstone National Park and Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness boundary." It was published in the most recent issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin. Authors are Toni K. Ruth, Douglas W. Smith, Mark A. Haroldson, Polly C. Buotte, Charles C. Schwartz, Howard B. Quigley, Steve Cherry, Kerry M. Murphy, Dan Tyers, and Kevin Frey.

12-7-2003. Famous renegade grizzly researcher upset over delisting plans for grizzly. Casper Star Tribune

12-4-2004. Wandering bear intrigues world. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune.

11-29-2003. More on dumpster bears. Fatter, urban bears at greater risk of death. By Brian Melley.
11-25-2003. "Fast food" turns black bears into fat "night owls." New York Times. By Henry Fountain.

11-23-2003. A Canadian Drama: Exit Bears, Pursued by Humans. By Clifford Krauss. New York Times. Grizzly bears in the famous Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks like Banff are not doing well.

11-21-2003. Idaho grizzly bear sleeping on porches near Driggs is sent out of state to hibernate. AP. The "Jackpine Grizzly" had been sleeping in local garages and porches. She was captured Wednesday night near Alta on the Idaho-Wyoming border. Fish and Game officers felt the inexperienced bear had stumbled into the subdivision and gotten confused about hibernation given the warm sleeping places available. She had not become conditioned to human food; but was sleeping pretty much wherever she wanted to in the sub-division.

11-17-2003. Fremont County may sue about food storage regulations. By Carole Cloudwalker. Cody Enterprise. So some outfitters are opposed these new rules about keeping a clean camp in grizzly country. Wouldn't you like to know who they are so you could hire them for an exciting trip into bear country?<g>
11-9-2003. Rules to govern messy camping unwelcome in 3 Wyoming counties. Billings Gazette. AP.  I think the Forest Service should implement the rules anyway to prevent injury and death of bears and people, but perhaps they could compromise and post "the rules" as "recommendations." The point is we don't want grizzlies to become habituated to human food. Likewise we don't want county commissions becoming habituated to gross stupidity. Like bears, commissioners have natural inclinations that need to be deterred.

11-13-2003. Outdoors: Disney film doesn't bear up under the facts. By Lew Freedman. Chicago Tribune. Here is more analysis of Treadwell incident, which seems to have become grist for everyone's mill. I really doubt people are in danger of thinking of grizzly bears as their buddies. Talking cartoon bears are no more likely to make you think you can hang out with grizzlies than talking elephant cartoons will predispose you to becoming a Republican.

11-7-2003. Grizzly group's funding loss 'insult on top of injury.' By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. Of course the Forest Service has little political incentive under the current Administration to find out anything negative about snowmobiles on hibernating grizzly bears, wolverine kit mortality, wintering ungulate herds, or anything else about this politically favored industry.

11-7-2003. Heavy toll: Grizzly expert says humans killing too many bears. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. This isn't just any grizzly bear expert. It is Chris Servheen, the chief federal biologist on grizzly bear recovery efforts. His critics call him very cautious, so his expressed concern ought to leave a doubly strong impression.

11-5-2003. Twinkies in the Washington state woods lure bears to their death. KATU2 Portland.

10-30-2003. Polar Bears' Habitat Threatened By Thinning Of Arctic Sea Ice. Science Daily News.

10-29-2003. Black bear attack south of Livingston, Montana. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

10-27-2003. Details in death of Treadwell and companion may never be determined. By Joan Haines. Bozeman Chronicle.

10-26-2003. Missoula bear conference focuses on habituation. By Sherry Devlin. The Missoulian.

10-25-2003. Will mama grizzly den this winter? Wildlife folks watching. By SONJA LEE. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer. This is about female, bear 144, who was shot in the 2002 deer hunt and wandered the front range most of the winter with her 3 cubs until Montana FWP trapped them put them into hibernation.

10-23-2003. Grizzly conflicts down 50% this year in Greater Yellowstone. By Buzzy Harrrick. Cody Enterprise. Nevertheless, another grizzly will just killed by hunter. It was in the Washakie Wilderness near timberline where the grizzlies are feeding on whitebark pine nuts and are supposedly especially safe this year. All three hunter killings so far this fall have been in the whitebark pine zone.

10-22-2003. Scientist outlines threat to crucial pine. By Buzzy Hassrick. Cody Enterprise. This about the threats to the whitebark pine, so critical to grizzly bears. The future does not look bright, and I can't image how, with the coming demise of this pine and decrease of cutthroat trout due to whirling disease and the illegally introduced lake trout,  the grizzly population can do anything but decrease, probably a lot in the near future.

10-20-2003.  Near-threats, raw emotions mark clash. By Mark Downey By Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer. This is a complete contrast to the article below, but if these people are publicly threatening Montana FWP grizzly bear manager Mike Madel, they should be arrested. For all the talk about Treadwell, it's the cowards described in this article that are the threat to grizzly bears. Comparing these two articles, I think you get the two sides that are in many rural Western communities.

10-17-2003. There is a place where grizzlies, humans co-exist. By Joel Connelly. Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist. This is about Montana's Rocky Mountain Front where Connelly says people and bears coexist.

10-17-2003. Two grizzlies killed by hunters in Absaroka Mountains east of YNP. AP. Two grizzlies killed in Wyoming and just a small article, 2 grizzlies killed in Montana (see story of 10-15 below). These soon to be forgotten stories ought to put the Treadwell incident in perspective. It's not people like Treadwell who resulting in the huge majority of grizzly deaths. He and his girlfriend's death was a big story because of its uniqueness, and I think that's about it.

10-17-2003. Forest refines grizzly fence. Jackson Hole Zone. The Forest Service is creating a better light weight electric fence for packing into the backcountry.

10-15-2003. Grizzly bears killed. By Sherry Devlin. The Missoulian. "Two grizzly bears are dead and a third is wounded and possibly dead after run-ins with humans - and human food, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks"

10-10-2003. Montana project begun to mark where vehicles killed grizzly bears. By Ron Seldon Missoula Independent.

10-9-2003. Grizzlies raiding Flathead Valley orchards. Kalispell Daily Interlake. By Jim Mann.

10-8-2003. Wildlife officials capture two grizzlies and a tiny black bear cub. AP
10-8-2003. Tiny cub's survival a mystery. By Jim Mann. The Kalispell Daily Inter Lake.

10-13-2003. My note on Treadwell. Folks reading all these stories, and others I haven't posted, should be aware there a lots of hidden agendas in play: bureaucratic, research, political, personal, and ideological. Some are just different points of view; others are malicious ... Ralph Maughan.
10-12-2003. Fearless Grizzly Activist Tempted Fate — and Lost.
Timothy Treadwell's fatal mauling was no surprise to some who say he lived recklessly. By Steve Hymon and Jia-Rui Chong, LA Times Staff Writers.
10-11-2003. A tragic loss. By Dr, Lynn Rogers.

10-10-2003. Bear lover tempted fate. By Joan Haines. Bozeman Chronicle.
It's to good read Tim's friends speaking up in the media rather than just quotes from the bureaucrats.
10-9-2003. Necropsy Completed on Katmai Bears. NPS news release.
10-8-2003. Bears kill pair who lived among them. By Steve Hymon and Jia-Rui Chong. Los Angeles Times Staff Writers.
I think some of these spokespersons are being way too hard on Treadwell. He lived among the bears for 13 years. He probably saved a lot from poachers. He was hardly creating a stampede of people who thought they could also live safely among grizzly bears. His presentations on the bears brought tears to people's eyes.
Watching our aged suffer and relatives die, it occurs to me that many of us would do better if we were finally eaten by bears.
10-8-2003. Bear kills campaigner in Alaska. BBC News.
Despite my initial doubts an autopsy confirms the two were killed by bears -- rm.
10-7-2003. Self taught brown bear expert, Tim Treadwell, apparently killed by aggressive brown  bear. By Rachael D'Oro. Fairbanks News Miner.
I was one of many who saw Treadwell's presentations about living among the giant brown bears, and was amazed that he had never been harmed, but it turns out he couldn't live indefinitely that way.

10-1-2003. Grizzly bears bite at musk oxen population. Associated Press. Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

10-1-2003. Letterman's bear captured, relocated to Flathead. By Melody Martinsen-Choteau Acantha.
9-27-2003. State wildlife officials are trying to keep a hungry bear from making another guest appearance in David Letterman's cabin at his Montana ranch outside Choteau. AP

9-30-2003. NW Montana grizzly killed in archery mix-up. By Nancy Kimball. The Kalispell Daily Inter Lake. Grizzlies are down in the Flathead Valley this fall, so hunters should not assume any bear they see is a black bear.

9-29-2003. A northern passage to safety ...The death toll on a stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway was so alarming that Banff National Park built a series of overpasses and underpasses to allow animals to cross. By Mark Stevenson. The Globe and the Mail.

9-29-2003. Wyoming black bear poachers get hefty sentence. Billings Gazette. You pay a lot more for poaching a black bear than a wolf in Wyoming. Nevertheless, it's great to see the poaching rabble have to pay up.

9-29-2003. Bear injures two women in Glacier. By Mark Esper. The Kalispell Daily Inter Lake.
9-29-2003. Hikers injured in encounter with bear. By Sonja Lee and David Lee. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer and Tribune Correspondent

9-29-2003. Montana black bear population studied. By Jim Mann. The Kalispell Daily Inter Lake.

9-27-2003. Wyoming Game and Fish kills black bear that enters home. Jackson Hole Zone. By Rebecca Huntington. More bears in the area may entering buildings.

9-24-2003. Minnesota woman fends off bear attack in her own garage. Knight Ridder Newspapers.

9-24-2004. "Just another flavor of meat" A book review of "Monster of God." By Katharine Mieszkowski. Salon.com.
"Author David Quammen talks about what the human race will lose if we don't allow the big alpha predators -- tigers, bears and crocodiles -- to survive. And OK, maybe they need to eat one of us once in a while."

9-18-2003. Grizzlies to benefit from bumper crop of whitebark pine nuts. Bear experts warn forest users to be on the lookout, careful near whitebark pine stands. By Rebecca Huntington. Jackson Hole News and Guide. Despite fire, drought, and white bark pine blister rust, this year's crop of whitebark pine nuts in the Greater Yellowstone is strong and should keep grizzlies out of trouble in the remote high country.

9-16-2003. Alberta Budget cuts linked to poaching rise. Wildlife officers say enforcement and control problem getting worse. Ed Struzik. The Edmonton Journal. Grizzly and black bears have been especially hard hit by the poachers.

9-14-2003.  Grizzly Bear Interagency Study Team Fall 2003 update on grizzly bears. New Release.

9-12-2003. Bowhunters, Avoid Becoming The Hunted. Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. Org. posted 9-9.

9-9-2003. Fewer sightings of Yellowstone grizzly cubs this year no cause for concern biologists say. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. Heavy cub "crop" from last year are keeping mother grizzlies busy this year biologists say, plus the good whitebark pine crop has kept grizzlies up high where they can't be seen.

9-9-2003. A Battle for Turf Where the Grizzlies Ruled. By Jim Robbins. New York Times. Some are saying the Bush dominated Forest Service is willing to let 3 of the 5 grizzly populations left in the lower 48 states go extinct.

9-9-2003. Park biologist concerned about bear displacement from Glacier National Park forest fires. By Chris Peterson. Hungry Horse News. There may be benefits in the long run.

9-6-2003. Room for bears. By Brent Israelsen. The Salt Lake Tribune. The 87,500 acre Blackrock/Spread Creek grazing allotment just east and northeast of Grand Teton National Park has been bought out from a willing ranch family and closed to grazing to the enormous benefit of grizzly bears, elk, moose, and wolves. This is truly glorious country.
Earlier story on this: 7-31-2003. Coalition 'retires' grazing area in Wyo. By Tom Kenworthy, USA Today.

Now ungrazed Squaw Basin in the Blackrock/Spread Creek grazing allotment.

Now ungrazed Squaw Basin in the Blackrock-Spread Creek allotment,
now permanently closed to livestock. Photo Copyright Ralph Maughan
Elevation of photo is about 9000 feet,

9-5-2003. Whitebark Pine, a key grizzly food, hit hard by Yellowstone drought and consequent fire and insect infestations. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. This is long term damage because whitebark pine take maybe 50 years to regrow and produce the vital pine nuts.

9-5-2003. Hungry bears find food in town limits. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette State Bureau.

9-3-2003. Choteau, Montana, rancher has shocking fix for grizzly problem. By Eve Byron. Helena Independent Record. Help from Defenders of Wildlife with a powerful electric fence solves a grizzly/sheep predation problem on the Rocky Mountain Front.

8-31-2003. Montana grizzly killed after grain shed break-ins. AP

8-27-2003. No new food storage requirements this year in Bridger-Teton National Forest. Associated Press. These requirements are to assure that hunters don't get into a quarrel with grizzly bears over elk carcasses and camp foods. Outfitters and some counties have fought these rules that will protect bears and hunters because they see the rules as "camel's nose" under the tent for expansion of grizzly bear range in the Greater Yellowstone. Trouble is the bears have already expanded their range.

8-20-2003. Grizzlies continue cattle kills. More than 20 head dead. By Cat Urbigkit. Sublette Examiner. Note Urbigkit is an Upper Green rancher who has started a local newspaper. This area is between the Gros Ventre Mountains and the Wind River Range.

8-18-2003. Call off the hunt for [Alberta] grizzly bears. Editorial. The Edmonton Journal. The sad truth is that Alberta, once regarded as part of Canada's great wild country, now has no more grizzly bears than Yellowstone Park and the immediately surrounding country.

8-18-2003. Winter prep: Bears back for fall feeding frenzy. Mother, cubs appear in west Boulder. CO neighborhood. By Todd Neff, Boulder Daily Camera Staff Writer.

8-16-2003. U.S. plans grizzly bear delisting proposal for 2005. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau.

8-8-2003. Pine beetles destroying crucial food for grizzlies. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. The beetles are destroying the high altitude white bark pine, whose nuts are a critical grizzly food. The critical foods for Greater Yellowstone grizzlies are white bark pine nuts, cutthroat trout, army cutworm moths, and elk. There are threats to all of these, but the greatest are to the nut pines and the cutthroat which are being eaten by the accidentally or deliberately introduced lake trout, which do not come to the surface and so are of no use to any of Yellowstone's wildlife.

8-7-2003. Third grizzly of the year killed by train at Glacier NP south boundary. Kalispell Daily Inter Lake.

8-6-2003.  Grizzly shot on Vancouver Island. No previous evidence of species crossing over from mainland. By Mark Allan. Canada.com. For some reason Vancouver Island never has had grizzly bears despite high concentrations on the nearby mainland. Nevertheless, one made it to the northern tip of the island, but he's now dead.

8-4-2003. WY Game and Fish Commission adopts new grizzly bear compensation formula. By Jeff Gearino. Casper Star Tribune. At this high rate of compensation (3.5 times the value of every calf or lamb confirmed killed by a grizzly bear), it would same almost rational for a rancher to put out the sheep and cattle and hope a grizzly eats them. Wyoming also pays livestock owners for black bear and cougar losses. Incredible! Furthermore, the statement that wolves leave "less behind than bears or cougars" has no basis in research. Adding to the insult is the fact that many of these livestock operators graze on your public land, essentially for free, stealing grass from elk and degrading the the streams with their cows standing in and defecating in the water.

8-2-2003. Robert fire at Glacier threatens key grizzly bear range. BY Jim Mann. Kalispell Daily Inter Lake. The fire threatens dense productive huckleberry areas.

7-30-2003. Idaho black bears targeted for population study. Idaho Mountain Express. By Greg Stahl. "This is the southern end of bear range for Idaho, and it’s kind of marginal habitat. In Deer Creek, obviously there’re bears up here, but the majority of the bears in the Wood River Valley are in different drainages." Idaho Fish and Game regarding bears near Sun Valley, Idaho (Wood River Valley).

7-28-2003. Alberta researchers reeling from grizzly bear slaughter. By Alanna Mitchell. The Globe and Mail.
More on the tragedy from Charlie Russell and Maureen Enns.

7-28-2003. Efforts to prevent Sunlight Basin wolf pack from entering livestock enclosure result in a dead grizzly cub east of Yellowstone Park.

7-18-2003. Another dead grizzly in NW Montana. Collar cut, indicating illegal death. Kalispell Daily Inter Lake. By Jim Mann.

7-15-2003. Bear mauls 2 backpackers.1st attack on a person since 1971 in Rocky Mtn. Park. By Coleman Cornelius, Denver Post.
7-16-2003. Bear sought in attack eludes park officials. By Coleman Cornelius, Denver Post Northern Colorado
7-30-2003. Park Ranger kills aggressive bear. By Coleman Cornelius. Denver Post.

7-12-2003. Conservation groups challenge mine that would wipe out grizzly bears and bull trout. Mine would bring development deep into one of the last grizzly areas. Earth Justice. Conservationists have been fighting this proposed Montana mine near the Idaho border, under the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness for 20 years. Glad they haven't given up the fight.

7-12-2003. Mama Bear - Idaho woman rehabilitates bears for release into wild. Deseret News. By Ray Grass. I don't know Sally Maughan, but looks like she it doing important work to save orphaned bear cubs.

7-11-2003. $2.1 million more approved for NW Montana DNA grizzly bear census. By Jim Mann. Kalispell Daily Inter Lake. They are really putting a lot of money into this. However, this is not a finally appropriation, the bill has only cleared a U.S. Senate committee.

7-11-2003. Grizzly cub that was part of wandering trio found dead. By Sonja Lee Tribune Staff Writer. This was one of "Kathy's" cubs, the giant female grizzly wounded by a deer hunter last fall. Kathy seems to be doing well.

7-10-2003. Black bear wounds Oregon man on float trip in remote Utah area. Oregonian. By Rich Vosepka.

7-7-2003. Doritos stealing grizzly bear destroyed in vicinity SW of Glacier National Park. Kalispell Daily Inter Lake. By Jim Mann.

7-6-2003. Glacier National Park offers plenty of bruin sightings. By William L. Spence. Kalispell Daily Inter Lake.

6-27-2003. Livingston, MT man survives grizzly attack in Tom Miner Basin, north of Yellowstone. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. By Scott McMillion.
7-7-2003. The rest of the story. "Bear mauling victim admits he shot the bear dead." By Scott McMillion Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer

6-23-2003. Thermopolis, Wyoming man fined for shooting grizzly. AP. A Thermopolis man has been fined $750 for mistakenly shooting a grizzly bear in the Owl Creek Mountains. He said he thought it was a black bear.

6-20-2003. Grizzly bear payments offered ranchers on Wind River Indian Res. by Defenders. By Jeff Gearino. Casper Star Tribune. The reservation is on the east side of Wind River Range. Grizzlies are expanding their territory into the reservation which is about the same size as Yellowstone National Park.

6-20-2003. Famous YNP grizzly bear 264 hit by vehicle, euthanized. Original story 6-16. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. I was in Yellowstone when this happened. I had seen her every year for about 4 years. It was sad driving back to Norris today. The happy bear watchers were gone and that section of the road seemed depressing and deserted.
6-24-2003. Popular grizzly killed after car collision. Jackson Hole Zone.

6-12-2003. Parks Canada building bear proof fence at Lake Louise campground.

6-12-2003. Three hurt in YNP when unattended car rolls over "bear jam" crowd. AP

6-12-2003. Officials probe shooting of Colorado bear. Run-in not likely to be last this year. By Kit Miniclier, Denver Post Staff Writer.

6-11-2003. Fremont County Wyoming opposes food storage order. Casper Star Tribune. Maybe the county commissioners could protest this "federal tyranny" by traveling to Union Pass and festooning themselves with hot dogs and honey.

6-11-2003. Grizzly leaves Banff townsite. By Sonia Kuczaj and Dave Husdal. The Banff Crag and Canyon.

6-10-2003 Search for tent-busting grizzly halted. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau.
6-6-2003. Bear attacks prompt park to act. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau.
Neither of these YNP incidents was really an attack.

5-28-2003. Trains are a great source of bear mortality along the south boundary of Glacier NP. By Richard Hanners. Hungry Horse News.

Related. 5-16-2003. Two female grizzlies killed by trains just south of Glacier NP. Kalispell Daily Interlake.

5-26-2003.  Grizzly bear experts spar over migration and delisting issues. By Eve Byron. Helena Independent Record.

5-25-2003. Not berry eaters, these bruins. AP. "YELLOWSTONE PARK - Steven Spielberg couldn't have scripted a better scene." Greater Yellowstone grizzlies, more than any other bears in the world, subsist on meat. They have learned to kill full grown elk and moose.

5-24-2003. More good bear news today. Wounded grizzly and cubs doing well. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune. I have received a lot of questions about this bear lately, so I'm glad the Tribune did an update.

5-24-2003. Biologists catch, release largest bear ever recorded in lower 48 states. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune. The 850 pound grizzly was captured near Blackleaf Canyon in Montana on the Rocky Mountain Front (a place long lusted after by the oil companies). When in his summer fat, this bear (no. 175) is estimated to weigh at least 1000 pounds!

5-23-2003. Death of grizzly in Grand Teton National Park is probed. Billings Gazette

5-21-2003. Good news for grizzlies . . .1,700 acres set aside in Swan Valley. By Sherry Devlin. The Missoulian. This is in NW Montana between two wilderness areas, but in a valley where a lot of sub-dividing is going on.

5-20-2003. Illegally fed orphaned grizzly bear euthanized. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. The area just east of YNP was become the worst place in the ecosystem for tourists feeding grizzly bears. Now yet another has been killed because or these irresponsible people.

5-11-2003 . All Yellowstone area grizzly bear food sources at risk. By Brodie Fahrquar. Casper Star Tribune. The importance of bison to grizzly is surprising to me, making Montana DOL's perennial campaign against bison all the more troublesome.

5-6-2003. Yellowstone black bear kills a rare wolverine while defending an elk carcass. Science Daily News.

5-6-2003. Years in wilds with grizzly bears result in book. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. "Chuck Neal admits that he prefers the company of grizzly bears over most people."

5-4-2003. Wimpy county commissioners in 2 rural Washington State counties keep trying to pressure British Columbia from restoring grizzly bears to the province near U.S. border. Napa News.com.

5-1-2003. Wildlife Services to begin killing Oregon black bears to protect timber interests. Williamette Week on-line. The unnatural tree plantations that fills the industrial forests of Oregon attract black bears. The bears damage some of the trees, so they are killed.
5-1-2003. Environmental groups will fight bear controls: They plan to file suit against a program that allows killing bears that damage trees. AP

4-27-2003. How many bears are enough? By Dan Whipple. UPI Science News.

4-12-2003. Traffic jams present biggest bear problem in park. AP. An interesting article, but not very reflective. The recent appearance of roadside bears is not a return to the bad old days of people feeding bears. There is little of that now. What it shows is that the backcountry habitat for bears is now, happily, full. Thus bears have begun to use roadside habitat, and much of it is very good habitat except for the presence of all the people. The people, including myself, have been thrilled with the opportunity to see grizzly bears close up from the safety of the roadside. Note that the tourist incident cited in the article took place about 5 years ago, not recently. Let's hope the good behavior of tourists continues and that the traffic jams don't get too bad.

4-11-2003. Keep Canadian grizzly bears north of border, Washington state lawmakers say. By Steven Friederich. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. ". . . the Legislature's action "flies in the face of our national parks. ... What the hell ever happened to the wild and wilderness American psyche enshrined by Teddy Roosevelt?"
Related 4-14-2003. Sen. Bob Morton is the anti-grizzly leader in the Washington state legislature. By Joe Scott. The Bellingham Herald.

4-11-2003. First grizzly bear death of the year near Moran, Jct., Wyoming. Casper Star Tribune. The 5-year old boar was killed by an unknown person.

4-10-2003. Grizzly mom, cubs released after six-week rest. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer. The yearling look healthy. Their wounded mother looks thin.

4-3-2003. Counties, tribes join important government griz committee. Casper Star-Tribune. By Jeff Gearino. The meeting of the Yellowstone Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Subcommittee was held in Jackson April 1-2. Native Americans will get one vote on the committee and each of the three states will get a county vote (3 votes total). Fremont and Sublette counties in Wyoming have, in particular, had a very backward anti-bear attitude.

3-26-2003. Wyoming Game and Fish Commission OKs its final grizzly bear management plan. Casper Star Tribune. By Jeff Gearino. Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming have to produce these (actually called "conservation strategies') before the grizzly bear can be delisted in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem and managed by the states. It will be interesting to see the details.

3-27-2003. Yellowstone area grizzly gene pool shows shrinkage. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. This is a longer version of the story below and more information.

3-23-2003. Bears awake, sighted weeks earlier than usual near Glacier National Park. Hungry Horse News.

3-12-2003. Yellowstone bears beginning to wake up. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette.

3-2-2003. Congress funds grizzly DNA study. Biologists: Montana 'pork' project necessary for recovery decisions. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune. Despite Senator McCain's ridicule, this study may settle the debate over how many grizzly bears there are in northern Montana, where they are, how they use the land, and the population trends.

2-28-2003. Grizzly family finally catching shut-eye. By Michael Babcock. Great Falls Tribune Outdoor Editor.

2-24-2003. Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to hear grizzly bear damage appeals. By Jeff Gearano. Casper Star Tribune. Damage appears have declined considerably over the last couple years since Dan Ingallis gave up his grazing allotment to Rudy Stanko.

2-21-2003. Biologists trap healing mother grizzly for relocation. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer.
2-22-2003. Cubs join mom. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune.

2-18-2003. Fine and 90 days in jail for illegal killing of a large Idaho black bear. AP

2-16-2003. Wounded grizzly probably will not den. May be trying to relearn her home range. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune.

2-14-2003. Reduce B. C. Grizzly hunt, expert says. Unless reduction occurs, population could drop 20 per cent in next 30 years, report claims. Nicholas Read. Vancouver Sun.

1-29-2003. Grizzlies still on the move. Biologists worry wounded mom, three cubs will not hibernate this winter. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer.

1-28-2003. Kathy's shooter and companions cited from trespassing. Billings Gazette.

1-27-2003. Should the wounded sow be helped? By Todd Wilkinson. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The wounded grizzly's name is Kathy and the plight of her and her cubs has received international attention.

1-16-2003. Wounded grizzly and cubs still haven't denned. By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune. Will the mild winter save her?

1-14-2003. Only one person testifying supports building a grizzly bear zoo near Bozeman Pass. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

1-8-2003. Polar Bear Headed For Extinction, Says University Of Alberta Scientist. Science Daily Magazine. So which will Bush choose, the bears or the oil companies? Really hard to guess.

1-4-2002. Expert assails U.S. policy on grizzlies. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau.
Related 1-4-2002. Yellowstone’s grizzly bears not ready for delisting, expert says. By Chris Hunt - Assistant Managing Editor. Idaho State Journal.
Related 1-5-2002. Bear biologist bristles at claims by environmentalists. By Sherry Devlin of the Missoulian.

12-23-2002. Groups seek killer of rare north Idaho grizzly bear. Rocky Mountain News.

12-11-02. Group envisions grizzly's return to Colorado wild. By Barry Noreen. Colorado Springs Gazette.

11-22-2002. Mother grizzly in Montana survives shot in the head by a deer hunter. By Michael Babcock. Great Falls Tribune. She is one of the largest female bears ever seen in Montana.
11-23-2002. Wounded Grizzly Mother Still Able to Nurse Her Three Young Cubs. AP
11-24-2002. Sow grizzly is improving and her survival is possible. AP
Update 11-27-2002. Sow may have lost left eye.

Update 12-1-2002.  Wounded grizzly mother prompts call for mandatory pepper spray with hunters. Montana Forum.
Update 12-4-2002. Wounded grizzly struggles to find den for her and her cubs. AP
Update 12-13-2002. Grizzly continues to improve, but still hasn't denned. Great Falls Tribune.
Update 12-19-2002. Wounded griz and cubs continue to move along the Rocky Mountain Front. (third article) Montana Digest
Update 1-10-03. Despite info the wounded sow had denned, this may not be true. Wounded sow, three cubs still in search of den. By Daryl Gadbow of the Missoulian. S
he and her cubs have moved to more remote country away from people.

11-27-2002. Grizzly populations in U.S. becoming most isolated from Canada. By Jim Mann. The Kalispell Daily Inter Lake. Much of the problem is Canada Highway 3 in B.C.

11-26-2002. New bear proof garbage storage installed in Cooke City, Montana. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

11-21-2002. Reward raised in grizzly killing. Kalispell Daily Interlake.

11-17-2002. Massive grizzly bear study slated for NW Montana.. By Jim Mann. Kalispell Daily Interlake.

11-14-2002. CITES gets tough on gruesome Chinese bear bile "milking" practice. Reuters.

11-13-2002. NW Montana teenager kills grizzly in self-defense. By Jim Mann . The Daily Inter Lake. I see this story is being spun nationally as "Boy Scout kills Grizzly Bear, Saves Himself..

11-12-2002. Scaring Bears to Save Them. By Skip Knowles. Salt Lake Tribune.

11-1-2002. Another illegal grizzly killing in one of the most endangered population segments. By Daryl Gadebow. Missoulian. This bear was killed in the Cabinet-Yaak population segment which has only 10-15 bears.

11-1-2002. There's nothing like watching a grizzly bear in the wild. By Andrea Peacock. Writers on the Range. High Country News.

10-20-2002. Grizzly Bear shot to Death near Priest Lake, Idaho. Bonner County Daily Bee.
Second story. Illegal grizzly shooting in Selkirks investigated: Male found near Priest Lake was important for breeding among endangered population. Spokane Spokesman-Review. By Dan Hansen. There are only about 15-20 grizzly bears in this grizzly population.

10-22-2002. Grizzly’s death delivers blow to recovery efforts. By John O’Connell - Idaho State Journal.
10-18-2002. Idaho Conservation Groups offer $8000 reward for info on killer of grizzly bears. News release.
Original story. 10-5-2002. Two grizzly bears illegally killed in northeast Idaho (on Sawtelle Peak). USFWS law enforcement news release. This is really irritating because grizzlies are not common in Idaho.

10-17-2002. Government kills a in NW Montana grizzly, and snares and moves two bears over 700 pounds. By Jim Mann. Kalispell Daily Interlake.

10-14-2002. Young grizzly at Pahaska Tepee is orphaned cub of the late, popular grizzly No. 104. Cody Enterprise. By Buzzy Hassrick.
Related 10-14-2002. Photo.

10-15-2002. Record number of grizzly females with cubs seen in Greater Yellowstone this year. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. However, the drought might have also made bears more visible. The bear population is estimated on the basis of the number of females with cubs seen, which is a fraction of the total number of grizzlies, seen and unseen.

Added 10-29-2002. 10-9-2002. Greater Yellowstone grizzlies doing well, but 2002 mortalities highlight need to reduce conflict between people and bears. News release from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team.

10-8-2002. Keeping track of bothersome grizzlies near Kalispell, Montana. By Jim Mann. The Daily Inter Lake.

10-4-2002. Sighting could help grizzly re-introduction. A Bitterroot Grizzly Breakthough. By Jed Gottlie. Missoula Independent.

9-28-2002. Grizzly bear trapped in the Bitterroot Valley. Missoulian. By Daryl Gadbow. What the article doesn't say is that the bear almost made it to central Idaho. The long planned reintroduction of grizzly bears to central Idaho was killed by Secretary of Interior, Gail Norton.
9-27-2002. Grizzly bear makes a rare appearance Bitterroot Valley. By Sherry Devlin.

10-3-2002. Bear Attacks in Eastern Idaho Have Officials Urging Caution. By Chuck Oxley, AP.
9-30-2002. Black bear escorting cubs attacks Soda Springs, Idaho hunter. Idaho State Journal.

10-3-2002. Serial grizzly bear poacher near Jasper National Park? Globe and Mail.  By Dawn Walton.

10-1-2002. Feds try again to sell locals on grizzly reintroduction in North Cascades. Idaho Statesman. Hopefully the B.C. government will settle the issue in favor the grizzly by reintroducing them on the B.C. side of the border.

9-26-2002. Popular Jasper National Park Grizzly, shot, left to rot. Ed Struzik, Staff Writer The Edmonton Journal.

9-17-2002. Hunting guide bitten by grizzly bear in the Thorofare Cody Enterprise. By Buzzy Hasrick. The action of the bear was regarded as normal (defending her cubs).

9-16-2002. Incident on the Iceberg trail. Kalispell Daily Interlake. Fools hem in a Glacier NP grizzly bear, but no one is harmed.

9-16-2002. Bozeman bears trapped and moved to Elkhorn Mountains. By Alison Price. Bozeman Chronicle.
9-15-2002. Black bear jam: Mama bear and cubs draw crowd at Bozeman Ponds. By Erin Everett and Joan Haines. Bozeman Chronicle.
9-13-2002. Bears still wandering around Bozeman. By Joan Haines. Bozeman Chronicle.
9-11-2002 Bears in Bozeman. By Joan Haines. Bozeman Chronicle.

9-12-2002. Another fed bear, another dead bear. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle.

9-8-2002. Due to high bear danger, YNP superintendent urges hikers to travel in parties of thee or more. Billings Gazette.

9-7-2002. ATV wreck almost results in a grizzly bear encounter.  By Karin Rownow. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

9-7-2002. Three grizzly bears removed from the wild near West Yellowstone due to human sloppiness. By Jacob Goldstein. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

9-7-2002. Bears are at low elevations throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Billings Gazette. There is not a shortage of food, but what food there is, is not up high this September because the whitebark pine nut crop failed.

9-4-2002. Grizzly mauling in the Thorofare. Pepper Spray saves the day. Yellowstone National Park news release.
9-6-2002. Here is a longer story. Hiker mauled by grizzly in Yellowstone. By Scott McMillion Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.
9-8-2002. Buffalo Field Campaign Distances itself from mauling victim. Helena Independent Record. It turns out that man mauled was under an arrest warrant for failure to pay child support.

8-27-2002. Buffalo field Campaign Hikers Encounter Grizzly near Hebgen Lake. One hiker is mauled. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. By Jacob Goldstein.
Update 9-4. Man faced death while griz gnawed. Biologists issue warning following four bear attacks in the region. By Whitney Royster. Jackson Hole News

9-2-2002. Bear bites camper near Sportsman Lake in Yellowstone.

8-31-2002. Yellowstone visitors warned of hungry bears this Labor Day.
By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.
Here is the YNP news release. Increased Bear Activity in Yellowstone National Park.

8-29-2002. Bear in camp! Grizzly teaches class on backcountry food storage. By JOAN HAINES Bozeman Chronicle.

8-29-2002. Wyoming Game and Fish working to trap grizzly family. Biologist says people’s carelessness caused bears to become habituated to humans. By Rebecca Huntington. Jackson Home Guide.

8-27-2002. Poor whitebark pine nut crop spells bad news for grizzlies and people on the Shoshone NF this fall. AP
Looking back to a year ago.
8-8-2001. Big crop of grizzlies’ favorite nuts predicted By Jeff Tollefson. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. This is very good news for grizzlies -- whitebark pine nuts are one of the bear's most beneficial sources of food.

8-21-2002. Green Creek grizzly, black bear activity increases. By Buzzy Hasserick. Cody Enterprise. Green Creek is east of Cody, WY.  People have built a number of homes there in grizzly and black bear habitat. There are incidents almost every year.

8-20-2002. Catskills Black Bear Kills Baby. Yahoo News. Despite what this story says, when bears become predatory on humans (a very rare event), black bears are clearly more predatory than grizzlies.

8-20-2002. Grizzlies expand their territory to the Wyoming Range about 30 miles south of Jackson Hole. AP. Great news! for the beautiful Wyoming Range. It has lots of elk but a paucity of bears.

7-11-2002. Bear Startles Bozeman Woman in her Kitchen. By Gail Schontzler Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.

7-3-2002. Grizzly Bear  study would span 9,500 square miles. By Jim Mann. The Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell, Montana).
Related 7-4. U. S. Senate panel approves cash for grizzly study. Associated Press.

6-30-2002. Grizzly injures two hikers in Glacier National Park. AP.

6-30-2002. Grizzly cub struck and killed by vehicle in Yellowstone NP. News Release.

6-25-2002. Montana cattle killed during June snowstorm attract numerous grizzlies. Spokane Spokesman-Review.

6-24-2002. Grizzly status debated as population rises. By Todd Wilkinson. Special to The Christian Science Monitor.

6-12-2002. "Easy" removed from town of Whitefish, Montana. Daily Interlake. Easy will not be retuned to the wild.

6-11-2002. 370 pound grizzly killed on busy NW Montana highway. Kalispell Daily Interlake.
6-12-2002. Highway death of grizzly prompts tribal wildlife official to stress need for highway changes. Missoulian.

6-2-2002. Grizzly’s apparent recovery could mean its doom. By John O’Connell, Idaho State Journal Writer. Grizzlies are doing well in Wyoming. I just got back from Jackson Hole, but already the government is really loading up the prime grizzly country just east of Jackson Hole with lots of cattle. There will be more cattle in that country this year than for many years.
6-5-2002. Opinion of the Idaho State Journal. If the big bears are removed from the Endangered Species List, it could mean their demise.

5-31-02. Yellowstone postal worker deters grizzly with a squirt from a water bottle. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle.
6-2-2002. The story made it to the New York Times. Following All the Rules in a Close Encounter With a Grizzly. By Blaine Harden.

5-14-2002- Grizzly 264 chases elk across the lawn at Mammoth Hot Springs. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. This showing was definitely too close to people, but she was driven off with cracker shells. She has since ditched her  2-year old cubs. . . time for them to be on their own. Update 6-12. Her cubs appear to be doling well on their own. I got a poor photo on 6-10 of one of the cubs with an elk calf it had killed, and 264 seems fine.

5-13-2002. Ghostly griz revealed by GPS collar. By Sherry Devlin. Missoulian.

5-12-2002. Canada to frisk grizzlies. Wildlife officials to trap, collar bears roaming near site of global summit. By Glen Martin. San Francisco Chronicle. The White House announced Bush was not afraid of the bears.

5-9-2002. Grizzly bear road show: No. 264 becoming Yellowstone attraction. By Scott McMillion Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. This grizzly has been seen by probably thousands of Park tourists. She is the best behaved grizzly you can imagine. I got photos of her three years ago. As McMillion says this is a wonderful opportunity to see a beautiful grizzly close up, yet you always fear some unthinking tourist will spoil it, ending her roadside days.

5-5-2002. Compared to journey of Lewis and Clark, few grizzlies left. Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News.

5-4-2002. Several Wyoming Counties Ban Grizzly Bears. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. By Joan Haines. County ordinances can't overrule state laws, nor federal laws. Their ordinances are symbolic rather than legal. Nevertheless, this shows why America can't trust Wyoming to manage the grizzly bear because the county courthouse crowd will have real power over the bear when it is delisted. An irony, Fremont County, Wyoming has always had grizzly bears. The great bear is not a recent arrival.

  • Fremont, Sublette, and Lincoln counties are some of the most scenic land in the country and they live off the tourist dollars to a large extent. The next time visit you might want to tell retailers what you think of their county commissioners. Map of the Wyoming Counties.

  • You can email Fremont County. Click on "feedback" at the bottom of the County Commission page.

  • Email Lincoln County commissioners. Sublette County has no web page.

5-1-2002. North American black bear population is growing says World Wildlife Fund

4-20-2002. Bears are awakening. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. Most of the grizzlies are now out of their dens. Many male griz have been awake since mid-March.

4-9-2002. Opinion: More on the action of Fremont County, WY Commissioners to outlaw grizzlies and wolves in that county. Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

4-4-2002. Apple fed grizzly killed east of Cody. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. The first grizzly mortality of the year.

3-29-2002. Feds withdraw opinion on Rock Creek mine. USFWS  now says grizzly habitat likely to be harmed by project. Missoulian. By John Stromnes.

3-27-2002. Greater Yellowstone Coalition withdraws support for Idaho grizzly plan. By Marv Hoyt. Idaho GYC Field Office. The legislature's adoption of an Idaho grizzly plan (for delisting) was overshadowed by the adoption of the wolf plan, but what started out good is now a failure. There is a message here for Western activists who are asked to sit down, give up their time, and participate in crafting a citizen's plan. . . don't do it. It will suck up your time, cause you to associate with people you'd rather avoid, and then the politicians will double cross you all. I know from my own harsh experience. Hire an attorney and fight. On these western public land/wildlife issues it is better to fight and maybe lose than "work out your differences" because in the end they won't be worked out anyway.

3-26-2002. Alberta grizzlies threatened, report says. Spring bear hunt in doubt if minister acts on recommendation. Ed Struzik, Journal Staff Writer. Edmonton Journal.

3-20-2002. Bear issues get good reception in Cody. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. "After getting snubbed in Fremont County last week, Shoshone National Forest officials were all smiles Tuesday after discussing grizzly bear issues with Park County commissioners for more than an hour."
3-18-2002. Response to Fremont County, Wyoming's "Line in the Sand."
3-15-2002. Fremont County, WY politicians posture on wolves and grizzlies
. AP. So, they're going "to draw a line in  the sand." And most folks had thought this county superiority legal nonsense had disappeared in the West.

3-5-2002. Yellowstone Park issues news release that the bears are waking up.

3-4-2002. Land sale raises concerns for NW Montana grizzlies By Jim Mann The Daily Inter Lake

3-2-2002. The Wyoming Grizzly Bear Management Plan. Link at griz.trak.net. This web site links to the final plan, which was adopted.

3-2-2002. Plan for managing grizzlies near park goes to House By Rocky Barker The Idaho Statesman.

3-1-2002. Wyoming Game and Fish Commission unanimously approves Wyoming grizzly plan. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. The plan is not all that bad, but then Wyoming's commission isn't a bunch of political hacks like  most of  Idaho's. In the Wyoming plan grizzlies won't restricted to just a small area around the boundaries of Yellowstone NP.

2-8-2002. Son of Dubois, Wyoming, mayor fined in grizzly poaching. Associated Press

1-12-2002. Defenders successfully ends sheep grazing in key grizzly area between Grand Teton and Yellowstone NP.  News Release.

1-2-2002. Yellowstone ranger's settlement restores a little faith. By Todd Wilkinson. regional columnist and author. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
Related 1-22-2002. Park Service Lifts Gag Order On Ranger Critical of Hunters.  Agency Agrees to Clarify Speech Restraints on Employees. By Leah Thorsen Special to The Washington Post. Wow, Jackson's whistleblowing has really gotten national coverage. One point, however, Jackson has not been critical of hunters, but rather of outfitters who promote unethical backcountry practices related to assuring their clients an elk by hook or crook, the result being a huge influx of grizzly to the area during hunting season.
1-14-2002. Jackson Back in Action.
By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
Related 1-3-2002. Yellowstone Ranger Vindicated Under Whistleblower Laws By Cat Lazaroff. ENS.

12-27-2001. U.S. to Put Ranger Back in the Saddle: 'Action' Jackson, punished for speaking out on hunting practices, will be returned to Yellowstone. By Deborah Schoch. Times Staff Writer. LA Times. Jackson's reinstatement shows the power of national publicity to defeat the nefarious practices of local "good ol' boys."

12-20-2001. Our View: Idaho State Journal Editorial. Public can comment on grizzly plan. Why would Idaho Fish and Game Commission members want to block citizen involvement? Because they don't like grizzly bears, wolves, fox, ravens, crows, coyotes, bobcat, cougar or lynx.

12-20-2001. Grizzly mortality high in NW Montana this year. Hungry Horse News. By Richard Hanners.

12-12-2001. Idaho Governor Kempthorne to take public comment on grizzly proposal. Governor keeps plan alive after F&G tabled it. By Rocky Barker. The Idaho Statesman. The governor has advanced the plan for Idaho to manage its portion of greater Yellowstone grizzlies after the Fish and Game Commission tabled the plan. The plan was drawn up by a citizen panel.
12-13-2001. Opinion of the Idaho Statesman: Public should have say on grizzly bear management plan.

12-12-2001. Experts explore grizzly solutions. Engineer has ideas for safe passage. By Sherry Devlin of the Missoulian.

12-8-2001. ATVs abuse grizzly habitat in Gallatin Range, north of Yellowstone. Photos from the summer of 2001. Wild Trails Campaign. A project of Native Forest Network & Sierra Club

12-3-2001. More grizzlies venturing out of their usual areas in northern Montana.. AP. This might seem to contradict the story below, but the Selkirks and northern Montana are separated by much development. There are two major grizzly populations in the U.S., the Northern Continental Divide populations (discussed in the article above), and Greater Yellowstone. Populations of from 10 to 20 bears hang on in the Selkirks (northern Idaho and southern B.C.) and the Purcell (extreme NW Montana and southern B.C.)

11-21-2001. Idaho grizzly committee hammers out a draft grizzly plan for Idaho. By Rocky Barker. The Idaho Statesman. I understand it is a relatively good plan, but it still has to survive the Fish and Game Commission and the state legislature.
Related 12-7-2001. Fish and Game bearish on grizzly blueprint Panel: Plan leaves unclear who pays for delisted bears. AP

11-10- 2001. Montana to test bear hunters to see if they can tell black bears from grizzly bears. AP

11-1-2001. Study finds grizzlies leaving Yellowstone for gut piles at kill sites. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. This is an important confirmation of a trend hunters have noticed for some time.
Related 11-1. Montana elk hunter killed by griz that apparently came to claim the carcass. Missoulian.
Related 11-2. Search on for grizzly that killed hunter. Missoulian.
Related 11-3.
Authorities kill sow and two cubs believed involved in fatal mauling of elk hunter.
Related 11-6. Tests on suspected griz expected this week. By Scott McMillion Chronicle Staff Writer.

10-26-2001. Huge griz killed for eating too many sheep. AP

10-26-2001. Greater Yellowstone ecosystem breeding grizzly bear count up. AP. Good news!

10-25-2001. Grizzly stats show people need to do more to avoid trouble. By Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer.

10-25-2001. Grizzly injures hunter in Grand Teton near Moran Jct. AP. This was the second grizzly caused injury in GTNP this year. The first was a very unusual early season encounter with a ranger on skis.

10-26-2001. Bear Biologist Frank Craighead Dies at age 85. Washington Post. Frank and John Craighead were legendary pioneers in study of grizzly bear biology in Yellowstone and elsewhere.

10-23-2001. 98% reject Gale Norton's plan not to reintroduce griz to Bitterroot Mountains. Missoulian. By Sherry Devlin. "Ninety-eight percent of the 28,222 people who commented gave a thumbs-down to the Bush administration's proposal to stop the reintroduction of grizzly bears into the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho, according to an analysis released Monday by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service." 
Interestingly Norton implied local publics were against griz, but well over 90% of Idaho and Montana comments supported reintroduction.
Related, The story back in 2000.
Story in the Missoulian. March 6, 2000.  It's finally out for the public to see -- the document that will govern the management of grizzly bears after they are delisted in the Yellowstone grizzly bear recovery area. Here is the document. March 2000

10-21-2001. More on Park Service Attempts to gag "Action Jackson." In The Northwest: Gagged: The man who spoke up for the grizzlies. By Joel Connely. Seattle P-I Columnist.
10-25-2001. Still more the gag efforts. Gag Reflex. By Victoria Tilney McDonough. Missoula Independent.

10-13-2001. Bear experts say don’t blame salt licks. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The artificial salt licks may not be to blame for grizzly deaths, but the tons and tons of wasted elk meat attract grizzly bears. While not yet officially documented, hunters, outfitters, anyone else with experience in the remote Thorofare country know that bears migrate southward out of Yellowstone for the abundant remains of the elk hunt. The outfitters should be required to retrieve the meat before the hunters can take the antlers.

10-13-2001. Hunter kills cub rescued from Montana fire. Bear released into wild last winter after publicized recovery at shelter. AP.

10-6-2001. Enviros, feds disagree about importance of dismissal of lawsuit on grizzly bears.  By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. This is over a dispute in who is doing the most to control ATVs in grizzly habitat north and northeast of Yellowstone Park.

10-2-2001. Project to replant tree stands may revive native food source. By Michael Jamsion. Missoulian.

9-24-2001. Bear politics change at border Canada moves forward with plans to bring grizzlies back to the Cascades. Spokane Spokesman Review. By Dan Hansen. This is good news; some of these bears will make it to U.S.  As for the whimpering Washington state opponents of this, all I can say is no wonder Bin Laden thought the U.S. would be a pushover with these constant stories about namby pamby folks all scared of animals. It's time for them to show a little courage or shut up.

9-24-2001. Drought leads bears to roam Jackson Hole. AP

9-19-2001. Lucky Hunter Survives Grizzly Attack. Oregon surgeon Hurt. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

9-15-2001. Train near Glacier NP kills grizzly eating cow killed by earlier train. AP

9-15-2001. Survey shows most Wyoming Residents support larger grizzly habitat. AP

9-12-2001. Grizzly killed, claws removed; reward offered. Associated Press. This took place SE of Glacier NP.

9-12-2001. Bear lampooner forgets how it used to be 09/05/01 By Norman A. Bishop. Letter to Bozeman Daily Chronicle. This is a very good letter from a very prominent retired biologist from Yellowstone NP. Fortunately there are folks like Bishop who know that facts and tell  them when the misinformed speak out.

9-11-2001. Foraging grizzlies are big nuisance in Wapiti. By Jeff Tollefson. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. Wapiti is an area of sub-divisions along the North Fork of the Shoshone about 15 miles west of Cody, WY.
9-12-2001. Related. Officials kill grizzly in Wapiti By Jeff Tollefson Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau

9-1-2001. Three bothers charged with Wyoming grizzly shooting dating back to 1996. AP.

8-30-2001. Semi-truck kills grizzly on NW Montana Highway. Missoulian.

8-23-2001. 3 grizzlies moved after killing sheep in the Upper Green River of Wyoming. AP.

8-18-2001. Traps set for grizzly sow in subdivision west of Cody. AP. People who build subdivisions in grizzly bear use areas can expect to get bitten unless they are cautious. In recent years I have been flabbergasted to watch houses spring up in the mountains near Cody and Jackson where grizzlies are thick. Note: A local resident contacted me indicating that some of these houses in this particular area have been present since the 1960s.

8-6-2001. Grizzly that had taken to living in Dubois, WY killed by authorities. AP

7-28-2001. The Great Grizzly Search. A bear's sighting in the Bitterroot wilderness in Montana has experts puzzled. Few believed that the greatest predator of all was roaming the region. BY Kim Murphy. LA Times. I have put up a number of articles in the past on the "great grizzly search."  I am very skeptical they will find any population of grizzlies, a lone bear perhaps, but I think Norton's backdown ended efforts to restore grizzlies to their rightful place in central Idaho and the Montana Bitterroots.

7-20-2001. Dead horse in Bob Marshall Wilderness may draw grizzly bears. Great Falls Tribune.  I recently learned how dead outfitter's horses near trails in Yellowstone are dealt with -- they are wrapped in cordite and blown to smithereens.

7-19-2001. Wisconsin bear hunter fined for failure to distinguish griz from black bear in NW Montana. Missoulian. By Michael Jamison.

7-17-2001. Bear expert fears Sec. Norton's decision will result in genetic isolation of grizzlies. AP.

7-15-2001. 'Bearanoia' drives grizzly policy. Opinion of the Missoulian.  "People who can muster a healthy respect for grizzly bears have no need to submit to irrational fear."

7-10-2001. Officials kill the grizzly to have crossed over U. S. 93 in many years. By Sherry Devlin. Missoulian. The first grizzly in years to cross the U.S. 93 gauntlet and move toward Idaho had been killed by officials after it got into carelessly left out human food and acquired a taste for it. 7-13-2001 Related. U.S. 93 study aims for animal, human safety By Sherry Devlin. Missoulian. "Coalition wants safe passage for critters and cars."

7-5-2001. At Home in a Cage. Opinion by Richard Cohen. Column from the Washington Post. This is a well written column by a person willing to express with clarity and publicly what so many of the grizzly reintroduction opponents exemplify: nearly complete ignorance of bears, personal cowardice, and a lack of experience with the natural world.

6-25-2001. On the retracted plan to reintroduce grizzlies to central Idaho. Opinion of the Missoulian. By ignoring science and yielding to politics, the secretary of interior endangers collaborative approaches to species protection.

6-21-2001. The Bears out There: Wildlife groups renew their efforts to find proof of grizzlies living in the Selway-Bitterroot wilderness. By Carlotta Grandstaff of the Missoula Independent. Lets hope they find some grizzly that Norton says no new grizzly will arrive.
6-20-2001. US Fish and Wildlife Service News Release ending plan to reintroduce grizzly bears to central Idaho. 
6-21-2001. After years of work Sec. Norton overturns plan to reintroduce grizzlies to central Idaho. Billings Gazette.
By Jeff Tollefson.

6-12-2001. Ninemile grizzly found in rare territory.  Bears not documented in that area for decades. Missoulian by Sherry Devlin. This is great news for those who hope the grizzly may reinhabit central Idaho on its own without a reintroduction. U.S. 93 north of Missoula has long been a barrier keeping Montana grizzlies out of the country to its west.
6-13-2001. More on this story. Bear found in Ninemile Valley attacked birds at home near Ravalli. Missoulian. This story unfortunately shows how development has cut off grizzly bear migration corridors.

6-7-2001. Park officials remove grizzly trapped on Dot Island in Yellowstone Lake. AP.

5-28-2001. Yellowstone area: Grizzly losing ground, say researchers By Associated Press

5-26-2001. Isolation causes the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem's grizzly gene pool to shrink. AP.

5-15-2001. In The Northwest: The grizzlies of Yellowstone are a part of paradise by Joel Connelly. Seattle Post Intelligencer.

5-16-2001. Well known and well behaved grizzly struck and killed on East Entrance Highway. AP.

5-12-2001. Garbage-raiding grizzlies drafted to test new containers. The Associated Press.

5-4-2001. Enviros skeptical of Wyoming Game and fish grizzly proposal. By Jeff Tollefson. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. Link to the Wyoming grizzly plan. Please comment by July 20.

5-3-2001. The Power of Babble: Confusion and backpedaling follow last week’s report about shelving the Bitterroot grizzly plan. Missoula Independent. By Carlotta Grandstaff and Chris Harder.

4-25-2001. Grizzly kills worth more than $15,000, rancher [Dan Ingalls] says. Associated Press. 

4-25-2001. Norton may shelve plan to reintroduce plan to reintroduce grizzlies to Idaho. Washington Post. By Michael Grunwald. 
4-26-2001. Grizzly reintroduction may be shelved. Idaho Governor  Kempthorne hails willingness of Bush officials to reconsider issue. By Ken Miller The Idaho Statesman
4-26-2001. Official says agency has not shelved grizzly reintroduction program. Associated Press.

4-18-2001. Calf-killing giant grizzly captured. 650-pounder one of Front's oldest, largest By Sonja Lee. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer. As a side note: the Rocky Mountain Front of Montana, home of many springtime grizzlies, is expected to be heavily targeted by Bush for natural gas leasing/exploration. It is presently legally withdrawn.
     4-19-2001. Old bear's behavior proves fatal. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer.
     4-28-2001. More on the big grizzly. AP.   

4-17-2001. Grizzly attacks angler on U. S. 89 at Flagg Ranch. Billings Gazette. Park Service Report news release on the attack.

Wyoming Game and Fish's Draft Grizzly Bear Management Plan is on-line. Your comments on how Wyoming will manage grizzlies after delisting are due by July 20. You can email them. 4-9-2001

  • 4-17-2001. Wyoming Wildlife Federation Opposes proposed Wyoming grizzly plan. AP.

G&F panel set to debate action on grizzly plan. By Jeff Tollefson. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. 3-26-2001

People warned of early grizzly bear emergence. Billings Gazette. 3-11-2001

Sierra Club critical of changes made to Wyoming grizzly bear plan. Billings Gazette. 3-9-2001

Grizzly bites Grand Teton National Park Worker. Billings Gazette. As I said in my Yellowstone wolf update last week, grizzlies are emerging from their dens and skiers and snowshoers should be carrying pepper spray. 3-9-2001

Strong as a Sleeping Bear By Henry Fountain. New York Times. 2-6-2001

Mine permit hinges on grizzly bear protection. Spokane Spokesman-Review. Agency lays out conditions for operation in grizzly country. 3-4-2001

Selkirk grizzlies killed illegally. Spokane Spokesman-Review. 2-25-2001

Fur flies after B.C. bans hunting for grizzly bears. Spokane Spokesman-Review.  Polls show most Canadians favor moratorium, but hunting groups call it ``politics over science' 2-25-2001

Game and Fish Commission weakens draft Wyoming Grizzly Plan. Billings Gazette. 2-22-2001. Commission gutted grizzly bear plan, its co-author says. Associated Press 2-26-2001

Game and Fish Commission Reverses Stance: Grizzly Meeting to be open to the public. Associated Press. 2-18-001

Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioners to have secret meeting on grizzly bears. Associated Press. So far delisting talks in Wyoming have gone fairly well with opposing sides agreeing. Critics suspect all this good will and fair play is disturbed to the Game and Fish Commission. 2-17-2001

Wyoming Game and Fish Prepares for Grizzly delisting. Associated Press. 2-15-2001. 

Bitterrooters grapple with the government’s decision to bring grizzly bears back to western Montana. By Carlotta Grandstaff. Missoula Independent. The plan to put grizzlies back in the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho/Montana has divided the Bitterroot Valley below. Now the federal government has issued its ruling: the grizzly will be restored in a plan similar to that of wolf reintroduction. 2-15-2001

Good sense prevails with B. C. grizzlies. Opinion of the Vancouver Sun. 2-9-2001

B.C. orders immediate halt to grizzly bear hunt. Conservationists are elated, hunters are livid at moratorium. By Nicholas Read. The Vancouver Sun. 2-8-2001

B.C. reviews grizzly hunt Move comes after warnings by experts. By Craig McInnes Vancouver Sun Legislature Bureau 1-27-2001

Bill in Montana Legislature seeks to restrict grizzly bear and wolf killing By Jeff Tollefson Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. These are legal necessities given the past hostility of Wyoming law, before these two species can be delisted in Wyoming. 1-25-2001

Defenders Pays $62,000 In Wolf/Grizzly Compensation During 2000. US Newswire. 1-20-2001. Link to Defenders Grizzly Compensation Trust site.

Idaho Sues to Stop Bitterroot Grizzly bear Reintroduction. Missoulian 1-20-2001.

Public Comments Overwhelmingly Supported Reintroduction of grizzlies to the Bitterroot Mtns. of Idaho/Montana. News Release. Alliance for the Wild Rockies. 1-17-2001.

First draft of Wyoming's grizzly plan expected soon. Associated Press. 1-13-2001.

Best way to count grizzly bears may be analysis of grizzly fur DNA. Associated Press.  Most population estimates in the past have been based on observation and extrapolation. Dec. 28.

Little basis in Idaho governor Kempthorne's opposition to grizzlies. Opinion by the Idaho State Journal. Pocatello. Dec. 26.

One by one, trophy hunters are rubbing out British Columbia's grizzlies. By Paul Koberstein. Cascadia Times. Dec. 25. 

Bear finds cozy den under park building: Sow, at least one cub snoozing through winter at Glacier NP. Associated Press. Dec. 25

Hunters troubled by killing of grizzly bears. Associated Press. 12-21-2002

Gallatin NF says Snowmobiles Don't Harm Hibernating Grizzly Bears. By Jeff Tollefson. Billings Gazette. 12-20-2000

Idaho State Government to Hires Attorneys to Keep Grizzlies out of Central Idaho. Governor: "We oppose the introduction of this flesh-eating, antisocial animal." Associated Press. 12-13-2000.

Grizzly Bear Mortalities Mount. ENN by Margot Higgins. 12-11-2000. My view is that as the Yellowstone area grizzly population has grown, bears have moved south. They greatly benefit from the fall elk hunt south and east of the Park, and they are also greatly harmed by it. The remains of the hunt are a valuable source of late season protein and fat for the bears that don't get shot; but increasingly the bears hear a gun shot and show up at the site of elk kill. Too many hunters are unprepared from this, or are prepared only with a gun, not the more effective pepper spray. 

Most lethal year for grizzly bears triggers inquiry. By Brodie Farquhar. Casper Star-Tribune staff writer. 12-6-2000.

One reason it was a bad grizzly year was the failure of the whitebark pine nut crop (note: 1999 was a good nut year). The High Country News has a good article on the whitebark pine. Last chance for the whitebark pine. A remarkable tree, spread by birds and eaten by bears, finally gets some attention. by Mark Matthews. 12-4-2000

Grizzlies invited back to the Bitterroot by Sherry Devlin The feds give locals control of bear reintroduction. High Country News. 12-4-2000.

Glacier, Bob Marshall Grizzly Bears have a bad year too. Billings Gazette. It wasn't just the Grater Yellowstone grizzlies that had a bad year. The difference was in the Yellowstone it was hunters who failed to carry pepper spray and in the Northern Continental Divide ecosystem the causes were more various. 12-1-2000.

Governor Kempthorne's arguments against Idaho grizzly reintroduction picked apart in Idaho Mountain Express opinion piece. Idaho Mountain Express. 11-29-2000.

Grizzly recovery areas too small, report says. Billings Gazette. 11-24-2000.

Year 2000 worst Yellowstone Ecosystem year for Grizzlies in a long time. 19 Grizzlies Dead. Billings Gazette. By Jeff Toleffson There is no excuse for the high grizzly mortality due to elk and deer hunters given the large number of training sessions on use of pepper spray held in the area, plus the large number of testimonials as to how well spray works compared to bullets. I noticed only one hunter-grizzly kill this year where it appears bullets rather than pepper spray was the effective choice. 11-18-2000.

Grizzlies OK'd for Bitterroot. Idaho threatens lawsuit; Montana considers options. Missoulian. 11-17-2000. Notice that Governor Racicot is less opposed than Gov. Kempthorne. 

Huge [dead] Bear killed near Meeteestse, WY to be Displayed. Associated Press. 11-19-2000

Men fined for shooting grizzly on Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming. AP 11-8-2000

Some unethical outfitters continue to bait elk with salt in the Thorofare just south of YNP. Billings Gazette. This is not just unethical, but it raises the likelihood of a grizzly-hunter encounter. Three grizzlies have been killed in the area so fare this year in elk hunting related incidents. 10-30-2000

Wounded Grizzly missing near the Dunoir. Billings Gazette. This is in Brent Creek (Grizzly Central) just a little SE of the Dunoir. This makes it the 6 th grizzly shot this hunting season in Wyoming. 10-29-2000.
Washington man recounts terror of grizzly bear attack By  Jennifer Hafner Svan. The Riverton Ranger. This story is about the man who mauled and the missing wounded bear. This appears to be another incident that could have been prevented by pepper spray.  
I was in Brent Creek in June 1997 looking for the Washakie wolf pack.  It wasn't but 20 minutes until I disturbed a grizzly from its day bed. It got up and snorted at me and I backed off my my pepper spray in hand. The bear didn't charge.

Firmer Grizzly count sought for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Billings Gazette. 10-29-2000

Griz gawks up the wrong trees: Sow relocated after frightening bowhunters in their tree stands. By SHERRY DEVLIN of the Missoulian 10-20-2000

Selkirk and Cabinet-Yaak Grizzlies on the Brink. ENN. These areas are in extreme northern Idaho and extreme NW Montana and extend up into British Columbia. Some American bear managers have always thought we can count on Canada for grizzlies to migrate down and replenish the population, but British Columbia is doing a rotten job managing this southern B. C. population of bears. The U.S., if anything, provides the refuge. 10-18-2000

Three controversial Oil and Gas Leases in Prime Grizzly Country Pulled. Billings Gazette by Jeff Tollefson. Friends of the grizzly have fought long and hard against these leases, which are in a place the great bear is as abundant as any place in the Yellowstone area. 10-12-2000

Two more Wyoming grizzlies killed by elk hunters. Billings Gazette. The season for grizzlies had been pretty good, but now the mortalities associated with the hunt have begun to soar. I believe these latest bring to four the number of dead grizzlies. The sow shot in the Thorofare had cubs-of-the-year. They won't survive. So that will mortality to 6 dead bears. 10-11-2000

'How will the Wildfires of 2000 Affect Grizzly Bears in the Rocky Mountains? by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 9-28-2000. Related article. Fires will help grizzlies find new habitat, expert reports. Billings Gazette. 9-29-2000

Federal court asked to order new analysis for off-road vehicle effects on bears By LORNA THACKERAY of The Billings Gazette Staff. "Environmentalists worried that snowmobiles and off-road vehicles are damaging grizzly bear habitat in the Gallatin National Forest asked a federal judge in Billings on Tuesday to order the Forest Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to provide a new analysis of the impacts." 9-27-2000

Drought Brings Wyoming Grizzlies Lower. Billings Gazette. 9-15-2000

Pepper Spray Saves Horseback rider in Yellowstone. The spray stopped the grizzly attack. Billings Gazette. 9-3-2000. 

The Return of the Grizzly: Parts of the West are braced for a second coming by David Whitman. Atlantic Magazine. As most articles in Atlantic, this is a long and interesting article about grizzlies returning to the Rocky Mountain Front and the conflict it created between famous Montana author A.B. Guthrie, and IMO his diminished son, Bert. The article then moves on to the plan to restore grizzlies to Central Idaho and the Bitterroots. September 2000

My view is that now that American citizens have spent $500-million on the fires, much of which went to protecting new houses in the fire prone forest, these folks ought be be quiet and do what's right for the wilderness accept the grizzly.

The grizzly wars by Jim Nesbitt. Seattle Times. Opposition from Idaho's governor, internecine warfare among enviro groups hinder restoration of grizzly to central Idaho. 8-27-2000

Bear attacks, injures hiker in Glacier Park. Type of bear undetermined. By Michael Jamison. Missoulian. 8-15-2000.

Wyoming Game and Fish decides to work on a state grizzly bear plan. Billings Gazette. 8-3-2000

Avalanche Peak Trail in Yellowstone closed after grizzly encounters. Billings Gazette. 8-1-2000

Meeteetse area Rancher recalls encounter with grizzly this May. Billings Gazette. 6-17-2000. For background see story of May 16 below. 

Off road vehicles endanger grizzly recovery, groups warn. ENN. June 28, 2000.

Black bear hunters kill at least 5 grizzlies in Montana, Wyoming. Billings Gazette. June 18, 2000.

Yellowstone Grizzlies Depend on Shrinking Cutthroat Trout Population, Scientists say. Billings Gazette. June 18, 2000

Groups want protection for Idaho grizzlies: Cabinet-Yaak bears warranted for endangered species status. The Missoulian. The Cabinet-Yaak area is on the Montana/Idaho border, just south of British Columbia. June 10, 2000.

Hunter from Pennsylvania fined for killing Flathead grizzly. Missoulian. May 25, 2000.

Tourists just east of Yellowstone are taking big risks with grizzly bears. Billings Gazette. Grizzly bears this spring have been very prominent near the road just east of Yellowstone on the Shoshone National Forest. Incautious tourists are risking fines and their skins. May 25, 2000

B.C. grizzlies could be Idaho-bound: Selway-Bitterroot region targeted.  By Joel Connelly.  Seattle Post-Intelligencer. May 23, 2000.  I think this is a much better idea than taking grizzlies from Yellowstone or Glacier National Park for central Idaho.  American grizzlies are inbred. Bears from B.C. live in similar habitat as central Idaho and they have genetic diversity American bears lack. I am disappointed by the opposition from the Canadian Defenders of Wildlife, although he is very correct that B.C. gives insufficient protection to bears (and just about every other type of wildlife).

DNA analysis of fur shows more grizzlies than thought in a Yellowstone Park analysis area. Billings Gazette. This technique may finally lead to an accurate estimate of the number of grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. May 23, 2000

Sierra Club proposes expanded grizzly recovery zone. May 22, 2000. Billings Gazette. AP

Officials probe grizzly shootings in Wyoming's Bighorn Basin. By Michael Milstein.  Gazette Wyoming Bureau. May 16, 2000. All of these deaths took place outside of the Yellowstone grizzly recovery area, but in a place where grizzlies have become commonplace due to their movement toward the better habitat SE of Yellowstone -- healthy stands of whitebark pine. The fact that this area is not in recovery zone or in the critical zone in the proposed delisting says volumes about what is wrong with the existing plan and proposed delisting.

Groups sue over oil leases on Shoshone National Forest.  By Michael Milstein. Gazette Wyoming Bureau. April 6, 2000. This drilling site is in one of the densest grizzly concentration areas outside Yellowstone National Park. 

Report says Bitterroots ideal for griz. By Sherry Devlin. Missoulian. April 6, 2000

Delisting Grizzly Could be Expensive for the State of Montana. Billings Gazette. March 31, 2000. Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana have been insistent on delisting the grizzly, did they think the bear's future management would be costless?

Grizzly recovery zone debated at Jackson. April 3, 2000. Billings Gazette. Statements by the government at the Jackson delisting meeting made it clear the grizzly recovery zone is today based on politics not science. 

Disease threatens whitebark pine nuts that feed grizzlies. March 25, 2000. Billings Gazette.

DNA technology helps track grizzlies. CNN/ENN. March 21, 2000. This could be a welcome alternative to the intrusive and sometimes lethal fitting of radio collars. And by 2004 it was.

Final federal plan on Bitterroot Grizzly reintroduction is released. The recommendation is to reintroduce the bears (Sadly when Bush and his crew of wildlife wreckers came in, this plan was killed. Read the sad story how the reintroduction was derailed, unfold above).

Final rule proposing the establishment of a grizzly bear population in the Bitterroot area. (Official DOI  document. Nov. 14, 2000).
Grizzlies OK'd for Bitterroot by Sherry Devlin of the Missoulian. Exclusion zone on valley floor; citizen committee to manage. March 10,
Grizzly Reintroduction to central Idaho Planned by Greg Stahl. Article from Idaho Mountain Express. March 15, 2000. Final plan afoot to reintroduce grizzly bears. CNN. March 16, 2000

 Grizzly Bear "Yellowstone Conservation Strategy" is finally released  

Story in the Missoulian. March 6, 2000.  It's finally out for the public to see -- the document that will govern the management of grizzly bears after they are delisted in the Yellowstone grizzly bear recovery area.
Here is the document. March 2000  

Bear supporters at Cody open house wary of Yellowstone strategy by Michael Milstein. Gazette Wyoming Bureau. March 22, 2000   

95 % of Comments on Yellowstone Country "Draft Grizzly Criteria" Supported Protecting Grizzly habitat . News release from the Sierra Club Grizzly Bear Ecosystems Project. March 5, 2000

Grizzly War.
Feature article of the Nov. 9, 1998 issue of High Country News.  

Whitebark Pine Blister rust spreads ecological disaster. Feb. 18, 2000. By Margot Higgins - Environmental News Network  


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