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The white Hayden Valley pack alpha female, 540F, near her den.

Wolf Population Growth-

New. March 21, 2006. Northern Rockies Wolf Population 1979-2004 (government graphic).

Wolf Population growth graph
Notice that the wolf populations of the GYA (Greater Yellowstone Area) and Montana (NWMT) have stopped growing, and the numbers now bounce up and down each year. Essentially all of the growth the last two years comes from Idaho (CID). Don't believe the politicians when they uncritically talk about
the "exploding" wolf population.

Table showing the wolf population and number of breeding pairs by recovery area. 1986-2005. (government graphic). March 21, 2006. Notice that the wolf populations of the GYA (Greater Yellowstone Area) and Montana (NWMT) have stopped growing, and the numbers now bounce up and down each year. Essentially all of the growth the last two years comes from Idaho (CID).

Wolf Territory Maps-

Status of the Packs in the Recovery Areas-

History of the wolf recovery in detail for the central Idaho and Greater Yellowstone recovery areas.

Official government Gray wolf annual reports- 89, 90, 91-92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97 & 98 (YNP), 99, 2000, and 2001. Ladywolf did an incredible public service by converting all of the early (hard copy only) gray wolf annual reports to pdf files. Previously only the last 3 years of reports were available on the web. Please send Ladywolf a thank you for creating this important web resource.

What happened to the originally reintroduced wolves by individual?

Complete list of Greater Yellowstone wolf mortalities. Current to Oct. 23, 2003. Due to the increasing number of wolves and the greater difficulty documenting deaths, especially obtaining the wolf's number, I have ended this project after 8 years.

Yellowstone northern range elk counts over the years. Some groups have organized to promote the view the wolves are wiping out the Yellowstone northern range elk (one of several herds to use the Park and surrounding area). I gathered this data from a NPS publication (to 1996) and news reports since. Added 12-30-2003

The Fear of Wolves: A Review of Attacks on Humans. Norsk institutt for naturfirskning. A massive report. Jan. 2002. pdf file.

  • The Idaho Wolf Plan. This was adopted by the Idaho legislature after an ad hoc committee went though many draft plan. Feb. 2002. The plan was accepted as adequate by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to conserve the wolf in Idaho.
  • Montana Wolf Conservation & Management Plan. In 2004 the US Fish and Wildlife Service approved the Montana Wolf Plan. This is an environmental impact statement. The plan they adopted is alternative 2.
  • The Wyoming Wolf Plan. This plan was mandated by the Wyoming legislature, then written by Wyoming Game and Fish in 2003. The plan was rejected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as unacceptably weak in its likelihood that it would conserve a recovered wolf population in Wyoming.
  • The Oregon draft wolf plan. This plan was not mandated by the federal government. Oregon came up with it on its own under state law. It was submitted to the 2005 Oregon State Legislature which failed to adopt it. Meanwhile any wolves in Oregon are being managed under the stricter status as a federal endangered species.


  • Rules for the reintroduction (from the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations) Published 1994
  • Revised rules for NW Montana and northern Idaho - Sept. 1999
  • The Northern Rockies wolf recovery areas. Government graphic Feb. 2000
  • Dr. Halfpenny's Yellowstone wolf pack composition chart (graphic). A visual presentation of the Yellowstone wolves by pack, pack status, and color. (500k GIF file) Keeping track of all these wolves is taking a bigger and bigger chart!  The task has become even more difficult because the wolves are no longer being numbered except when one is captured for collaring or removal.
  • New Chart is updated to May 2004. Added here on July 6, 2004
  •   Past Yellowstone wolf pack composition charts (this is an incomplete set, but it is very useful to view many of the past details of pack growth and change.).
Would you like a high quality field copy of the 2004 Yellowstone Wolf Pack Chart?

$4.95 (U.S. currency) at:
A Naturalist's World
Box 989
Gardiner, Montana 59030.

The Yellowstone wolf chart is the creation of Jim Halfpenny and Diann Thompson of A Naturalist's World. Please, no requests to Dr. Halfpenny for information for student reports.

Available also, a bronze cast of the footprints of the Druid Sisters 40F and 42F.  Now in 2003 available a cast of wolf 21M. Buy

Yellowstone Wolf Data Table. Updated last on Jan. 5, 1999. All the pups from 1998 have numbers. There will be no future charts like this one because the wolf team's effort to number all the wolves has been ended. It's no longer practical.

Map of payments to ranchers for grizzly bear depredations. Outside link.

Detailed list of grizzly payments (pdf file). Current to May 2006

Map of payments to ranchers for wolf depredations. Outside Link.

Detailed list of wolf compensation payments (pdf file). Current to April 2005.

Yellowstone Park daily bear reports 2006 (NPS web site).

2005 signtings archive
2004 sightings archive.
2003 sightings archive.

Potential Interactions between wolves, grizzly bears and black bears in Yellowstone (fact sheet). My view is this needs to be updated. Grizzlies do steal many carcasses from wolves (most of the wolf-killed carcasses are soon stolen by griz in the Pelican Valley). To date wolves have killed at least 3 grizzly bear cubs. One wolf might have been killed by a grizzly (at least the grizzly cached her [partially buried her for later feeding]).

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear investigations (2004 report). This is a document over of 100 pages (pdf file), with tons of information about grizzly bears in the area.


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