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Idaho Legislators Again Refuse Wolf Management Responsibility

(1-28-99) (articles added 1-29)

It looks like once again the Idaho legislature won't let Idaho participate in state management of wolves.  Ed Bangs told me that that if Idaho refused to adopt a wolf management plan and manage wolves, he (meaning the federal government) would indeed keep managing the Idaho wolves when there were 200, 300, 600 or whatever.

Here is the story from the Post Register. Big bad wolf - Legislators huff, puff over program by Gene Fadness.

Lemhi County, Idaho, where two wolf packs are located, and legend has it wolves are killing many cattle and too many elk, is so frustrated with the lack of state involvement that the county is funding a study of wolf predation to get some facts. I hope the study is well designated and scientifically impartial, because the systematic data we have seen gathered from Yellowstone is lacking in Idaho.  This lack of data allows rumor to reign. We could use some hard figures.

On a the positive side, maybe Idaho's congressional delegation will be able to get some federal money to study the wolves.  They are no friends of wolves, but perhaps they will see the virtue of knowledge. Because they are all members of the majority party and on the right committees, they could make money flow like water if they chose to.

Folks will have to watch out for "riders," however, that delist the wolf, or some such. This addition of riders -- otherwise impassible legislation by means of the "midnight" amendment to unrelated legislation -- has over the last ten or 15 years, pretty much replaced the old fashioned democratic process of bringing a bill to the floor and sending it to the President if the bill could gain a majority of the votes.

Here is a related article (opinion) about the plight of Idaho Fish and Game. Fish and Game's Death Spiral by Marty Trillhaase. Post Register 1-28-99

There is increasing concern and editorial comment about the plight of Idaho Fish and Game. J.F. -- Where to celebrate demise of Idaho Fish and Game? Opinon. Lewiston Morning Tribune. 1-29-99.

The Idaho public seems to support money to keep IFand G in business. Survey results - People willing to pay for wildlife programs. Post Register. 1-29-99

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