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Idaho passes a wolf management Plan

3-6-2002, updated 3-7, and 3-14

Here is a link to the amended  legislation that cleared the Idaho State Senate committee approving of the Idaho Wolf Plan (SCR134). At least one Idaho conservation group, the Idaho Conservation League, has indicated that the bill is acceptable.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 134.

The amendments look like a good example of symbolic changes -- the wording was made hostile and negative to gain votes, but the substance, namely that the wolf population in Idaho will not be artificially limited to below 15 packs and the territory of wolves can expand, was not changed.

Update 3-7. Both the wolf plan and the grizzly plan have now passed one chamber of the Idaho Legislature. When Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming have all passed wolf and grizzly bear plans acceptable to USFWS, the wolf and the grizzly will be removed from the endangered/threatened species list and the states will manage these animals.

Story: Grizzly, wolf plans progress to other chamber Senate, House swap proposals on dealing with the predators By Rocky Barker The Idaho Statesman

Update 3-14. The wolf plan passed the Idaho House of Representatives today. Because no amendments were added, the bill now goes to governor Kempthorne.
Here is the reaction to the bill by the Idaho Conservation League, one of Idaho's leading  conservation organizations.

Email addresses for members of Congress, the media, and other officials.

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