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Wolf fight on the Blacktail Deer Plateau
Robert Weselmann captured this rare photo of wolves fighting last winter
on the Blacktail Deer Plateau. One black female was substantially wounded.
Copyright © Robert Weselmann

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Conservation news in Wolf Country-
Recent conservation news stories in Western Wolf Country, plus archives of news stories.
Stanley web cam, in the heart of Idaho wolf country.
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-Sept 1
Hard times for humans are good for wolves [at least in East Germany]
-Aug 31
1. Secret Forest Service plans leaked to obliterate or privatize thousands of campgrounds nationwide.
2. Stillwater River area Montana residents scramble to get out of the way of the Derby Fire
3. Secretary of Interior Kempthorne's WY trip disappoints many in Sublette County, Yellowstone. Others see a welcome half to the drift toward industrial level recreation. 2 stories.
-Aug 30
Dry, windy weather fans Idaho fires. Firefighters didn't get any breaks from the weather Tuesday, but they kept things under control. Two stories.
-Aug. 29

Firefighters get read for wind in NW Wyoming too. The Purdy Fire could burn mountain subdivision around Dubois, WY.
-Aug 25 (update Aug 28 -- get ready for Aug. 29!).
Sawtooth Range (Idaho) gets a big fire. Numerous homes and cabins threatened. Photos of the fire.

-Aug 24
1. Oregon moose population is booming
2. Smoke from Montana and especialy Idaho fires, smothers air quality in SW Montana.

The Greater Yellowstone wildlife disease page-
Latest information on the continual persecution of Yellowstone's bison by the Montana Department of Livestock. More recently added coverage of Wyoming's head-in-the-sand stance over its disease-spreading winter elk feedlots.

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-Aug 4

Mad cow watch goes blind! (2 stories)
-Aug 3
Interstate-90 Billboard Spotlights Park Service Role in Bison Slaughter. Patagonia, Inc and Buffalo Field Campaign Join Forces.
-Aug 1
Could a huge prairie preserve emerge in the depoplating Northern Great Plains?
-July 5
Business is the basis for a bison solution [editorial]
-June 13
Montana Governor's bison ideas irk ranchersStockgrowers Association
-May 30
In Wyoming, Charges and Countercharges Fly Over Elk

-May 23
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks eyes expanded Yellowstone bison hunt
-May 22
Governor Schweitzer eyes more changes in bison management

Wilderness and backcountry news-
Dec. 23, 2008. This is an overall description of Idaho wild country. . . .photos and descriptions of designated wilderness areas and the unprotected Idaho wild, roadless country. In case folks think this is a new controversy, the battle over protecting the roadless areas has been going for almost 30 years now. President Bush is just the latest of the villains to attack conservation of these few remaining unroaded lands.
News stories— For more recent, go to my blog
-Aug 22
Mt. Hood plan needs both houses of Congress. Oregon's delegation needs to get wilderness protections through this session of Congress

Bear Information-
Info on bears, especially grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, with some news from other beary places-
-Aug 24
Montana Fish, Wildlife ana Parks releases plan for Western Montana grizzlies (i.e., Montana grizzlies outside the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.)
-Aug 23
Some Glacier National Park trails now closed due to large numbers of grizzlies feeding along them.
-Aug 21

1. A Montana grizzly is relocated to the Cabinet Mountains to augment the critically low griz population in the depleted Cabinet-Yaak grizzly recovery zone.
2. Alberta Farmers urged to spare bears. BearSmart teaches how to keep animals
-Aug 16

Yellowstone grizzly euthanized after being fed by humans.

-Aug 14
A good huckleberry season in Montana accounts for the lack of grizzly/human conflicts this summer.
-Aug 10
1. New books look at old ties to bears
2. Four orphaned grizzly cubs find two-legged mama bear. B.C. woman has knack for rescuing, raising, then releasing wild animals

My Wolf Reports-
Current information on Yellowstone wolves and the Idaho wolves, along with archives of several hundred past wolf reports
-Aug 30
Complete Yellowstone wolf update. With more information and photos late on Aug. 30

-Aug 27
Yellowstone wolf watching update. End of summer. Sloughs and Agates kept the show going. By Kathie Lynch
-Aug 26
Newspaper story reveals culturally derived cowardice in New Mexico-AZ Mexican wolf country

-Aug 24
Druid pack is doing well.

-Aug 23
Update on the wolves of the Jackson Hole country

-Aug 22
Archery season in Idaho to begin Aug. 30. Always good news for wolves.

Outside Resources -- Links-
Links to outside resources including wolf, bear, bison, and conservation web sites. New links: Wolf and Wildlife Studies (NW Montana wolf research and education!); Safari Yellowstone and the Leopold Project.
Photos of places mentioned often in wolf stories-
Wonder what a place described in a wolf story looks like? Don't recognize a name like "Little America "  in Yellowstone Park? This link is the place for photos and brief descriptions of frequently mentioned place names in wolf stories. If there are some places mentioned in stories where you want me to put up a photo, Perhaps I can do it. Aug. 8. A number updated and new ones added recently. For example, check on the entry on Frank Church Wilderness.
  Facts, statistics about the Northern Rockies Wolf Restoration-
Feel like you came in the middle of a motion picture? Do you want statistics, maps, and an overall history of the wolf restoration story in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming? Go to this page.

-March 21. A new map of the location of Idaho wolf packs.
-March 21. A new Northern Rockies wolf population graph.
is a specialist in natural resource and environmental policies and politics. He was born and raised in Utah and Idaho. He has many years experience in Western public lands and environmental issues. Maughan has written several hiking guidebooks in addition to academic books and articles. He is a professor of political science at Idaho State University (Pocatello).

Ralph's spouse, Jackie Johnson Maughan is a writer and the author of a number of outdoor books and articles. She has also been a Forest Service fire lookout during 4 recent summers.


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