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Below are alerts and opportunities in Western wolf country.



       LOGAN—She’s only 10 years old, but already she’s the mother of three and a national celebrity. Rami, the center and spokes-wolf for the “Mission: Wolf” Ambassador Education Program, will make an appearance at Utah State University during a month-long tour, giving the public an opportunity to see wolves up close and personal.
  “Mission: Wolf” is bringing four wolves to Utah State: Rami and her three pups, Luna, Raven and Magpie. Presenters from “Mission: Wolf” will answer questions and provide educational material regarding the return of the gray wolves. In addition to Utah, the ambassador wolves itinerary includes appearances in Montana, Colorado and Oregon.
      “It is the goal of the Ambassador Wolf Program to provide information regarding the differences between wild and domestic canines,” said Kent Weber, the founder and director of Mission: Wolf. “With an understanding of the differences between dog and wolf it becomes possible for individuals to make rational decisions regarding these creatures.”
        “Mission: Wolf” is a wolf sanctuary located in the remote mountains of Colorado. To ensure the wolf's survival in the wild lands of the United States, “Mission: Wolf” is dedicated to educating the public about wolves and the importance of habitat protection.
This opportunity is sponsored by a number of local businesses and organizations, including the College of Natural Resources,  Utah State’s chapter of the Wildlife Society, Common Ground Outdoor Adventures and the Bridgerland Audubon Society.
     Rami and her pups will make their appearance April 14 in the Engineering Auditorium (EC) 106 at 7 p.m. Admission is free and the public is invited. For more information and a complete itinerary, contact “Mission: Wolf” at (719) 859-2157 or visit its Web site at www.missionwolf.com
3-18-2003 Public meetings on Montana wolf plan scheduled around Montana. First is March 27 in Billings. Missoula is April 8.  Overview of Montana draft wolf plan.
3-9-2003 BLM Calls for Development of Wild Heart of Wyoming's Red Desert with its new Jack Morrow Hills Plan. Comments are due May 21
12-2-2002 Don't let the grizzly bears of the Canadian Rockies disappear.  Canadian Grizzly Bear Action Centre.

11-17. Bozeman Chronicle. Record number of comments on Gallatin Travel Plan. Thank you for helping.

10-30. The wolf debate in Pocatello drew about 200 people crammed into one meeting room. There was lots of strong discussion with wolf supporters far outnumbering opponents.

9-21. Your messages on Senator Craig's "logging under the disguise of thinning" amendment helped staunch senators' will. They might have killed the amendment with a threat to filibuster. Added 11-27. The logging under the disguise of thinning is dead for this Congress, but it will be back, probably in a worse form in the next Congress.

5-29. Thank you for your comments to save Yellowstone Park from uncontrolled snowmobiles. Added 6-5. Overall, 350,000 people commented on the plan! Unfortunately, the Bush Administration ignored the public outpouring of support for quieter and cleaner wintertime Yellowstone.

4-30. Thank you for sending your comments on the State of Montana's proposed wolf plan. More than 4,000 were received. Story. Bozeman Chronicle. 5-3.

4-30. Thanks for the email on the southern Idaho predator EA alert. They got over 70 responses, a lot more than they had counted on.  They proposed going ahead with the project anyway, but on 4-29 a federal judge issued an injunction on the plan.

4-1 Thank you for your comments on the Lake Mountain road.



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