Shakeup in Jackson Hole area wolf packs

May12, 2006

A new wolf pack has denned in Jackson Hole and the long-standing Teton Pack has moved south of the famed mountain valley.

A new pack of ten animals, being called the "Buffalo Pack," has denned in the general area the Teton Pack has used since its two founding wolves came to the area in 1999.

Meanwhile the Teton Pack has moved south and is in the Hoback River area. Although they have ten members in the pack, it looks like they didn't den.

As for the Pacific Creek pack which was new last year, they have denned in the Teton Wilderness, NE of Jackson Hole, in the general vicinity of Pacific Creek. Their pack size too is ten wolves.

The Flat Creek Pack, likely founded by "famous" former Druid 253M, has moved its den site, and it has not yet been located. 253M himself has left the pack and is in the dangerous Bondurant to Pinedale wolf "black hole" area. Folks will recall that 253M once journeyed south to an area just east of Ogden, Utah (near Morgan) was caught in coyote trap and returned to NW Wyoming, eventually rejoining the Druids and becoming the beta male.

Mike Jimenez, who manages wolves in Wyoming for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, believes that that new Buffalo Pack is likely the currently missing group of wolves from the Yellowstone Delta Pack. He also thinks the Pacific Creek pack is a split from the Delta pack from the winter of 2004-5.

The Yellowstone Delta Pack was derived from the Soda Butte Pack, one of the first three packs released in Yellowstone Park. The Soda Butte Pack denned twice, north of the Park on the Beartooth Front. Complaints from ranchers led to its capture and eventual release in the remote Yellowstone Delta region where the river empties into Yellowstone Lake. It was renamed the Yellowstone Delta pack when the last founding member of the Soda Butte Pack was killed by a moose.

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