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Wolf pack near Livingston, Montana
It will be named "Lone Bear Pack"


A coyote trapper recently trapped two wolf pups on Wineglass Mountain, the prominent ridge just south of Livingston, Montana which forms part of the narrow northern entrance to the Paradise Valley. The pups were radio-collared and released unharmed. They were both females, 70-80 pounds. Their presence no doubt indicates their parents are in the area. Ed Bangs was quoted saying he thinks the pack has 4 or 5 members.

While no wolf pack occupies the bottom of long Paradise Valley, this makes the fourth pack that occupies its fringes. On the south end are the Sheep Mountain Pack and the Chief Joseph Pack. These two packs range south to, or into Yellowstone Park. On the east side of the Valley is the Mill Creek Pack. This new pack, which will probably be named "Lone Bear" is at the valley's northern end.

There have been indications that wolves were in the area for several years. In March 2001, a wolf was hit and killed near Bozeman Pass, a few miles northwest of Wineglass Mountain.

Like most of the rest of Paradise Valley fringes, the Wineglass Mountain area is a mix of public and private lands, the latter with ranches, ranchettes, farms and recreational property. Every winter I see large numbers of deer in the fields at the base of Wineglass mountain.

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