The Lynx Reintroduction to Colorado (and lynx in general)

Articles: (note that in time some of the links about lynx will die)

  • 4-10-06. Releasing Lynx Through a Mix of Weather and Emotions. By Chuck McGuire. New West.
  • 7-14-05. Colorado's lynx experience baby boom. Researchers count 46 kittens - most since reintroduction.
    By Gary Gerhardt, Rocky Mountain News
  • 3-31-05. Lynx on rebound, roam into Utah. The Associated Press.
  • 2-17-05. More Yukon lynx headed for Colorado. By Chuck Tobin. Whitehorse Daily Star.
  • 1-19-05. Lynx released in So. Colorado migrates through Wyoming and well north into Montana. Casper Star Tribune. Looks like it will return to Canada.
  • 1-1-05. Lynx repopulation lands on feet with new kittens. By Judith Kohler. Associated Press. Denver Post.
  • 9-4-04. Two reintroduced lynx move from Colorado to Utah. Denver Post.
  • 6-17-04. Colorado lynx moves to Wyoming, gives birth. By Theo Stein. Denver Post Staff Writer
  • 6-10-04. Note. In 2003, at least 23 lynx kittens were born in Colorado from the transplanted lynx from Canada. In 2004, so far, 8 kittens have been located.
  • 2-22-04. Lynx seen on Wyoming's Medicine Bow National Forest. The reintroduced lynx seem to be moving northward.
  • 2-10-04. Lynx kittens' survival boosts biologists' hopes. By Theo Stein. Denver Post Environment Writer.
  • 1-18-04. More Canadian lynx brought to augment Colo. population. By Associated Press. Boulder Daily Camera.
  • 1-11-04. Reintroduction of lynx encouraging. By Jennie Lay. Steamboat Pilot and Today (Steamboat Springs, Colorado).
  • 8-4-03. Colorado Lynx Update. Colorado Div. of Wildlife. This has lots of great photos of new lynx kittens in Colorado.
  • 7-14-03, Presence of Lynx confirmed in Yellowstone National Park. YNP News Release.
  • 5-27-03. Baby Lynx found in SW Colorado. (pictures!). Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources. This is the first known reproduction.
  • 4-18-03. Four more lynx released. Durango Herald.
  • 4-4-03. Four lynx released near Creede, Colorado. Durango Herald.
  • 3-28-03. In legal mire over lynx, judge lets cat out of the bog. By Gary Gerhardt, Rocky Mountain News. This means a second round of lynx releases in Colorado will soon begin.
  • 12-20-02 The first 4 of the new lynx arrive in Colorado for release next spring. Denver Post.
  • 11-16-02 Colorado state wildlife commission approves plan to release 180 more lynx. By Gay Gerhardt. Rocky Mountain News.
  • 11-12-02. Colorado biologists hope to release 150 more lynx. AP
  • 11-11-02.The major problem with the Colorado lynx reintroduction so far. . . no kittens. By Katy Human, Camera Staff Writer.
  • 6-19-02 Rancher will not be prosecuted in lynx killing. Boulder Daily Camera. (see story of 4-26 below for the background).
  • 5-8-02 Biologists suggest releasing up to 186 more lynx in Colorado. Rocky Mountain News.
  • 5-2-02 Colorado Department of Wildlife Considering Reintroduction of additional lynx. By Steven K. Paulson
    Associated Press.
  • 4-26-02. Sheep Rancher accused in Colorado lynx killing. Employee violated species act, feds say. By Electa Draper. Denver Post.
  • Lynx Fur Flying: A Story About Political Meddling In The Every Day Business of Conducting Science. PEER special report.
  • 2-20-02 Lack of reproduction endangers lynx effort. Experts urge more releases to improve odds. By Theo Stein Denver Post Environment Writer.
  • 2-5-02 Lynx genes are similar over a wide area. AP
  • 12-23-01  Search for baby lynx takes to Colorado high country. By Gary Gerhardt, Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer
  • 12-20-01. The Missing Lynx. Missoula scientists hot on the trail of the elusive lynx. Missoula Independent. By Steven Hawley.
  • 9-20-01 Skier and snowmobiles may impact lynx indirectly by making way for competitors to lynx. By Sherry Devlin. Missoulian.
  • 8-21-01 Lynx kittens may decide lynx future in Colorado. By Katy Human. Boulder Daily Camera Staff Writer
  • 4-24-01 Evidence discounted of lynx in Oregon Cascades. Hair collected at test sites in national forests in the state turns out to be from bobcats, coyotes or other animals. By Michael Milstein of The Oregonian staff
  • 1-18-01  Colorado's lynx program is called a success. Durago Herald.
  • 11-14-00 Signs of Lynx Inhabiting Absaroka Mountains east of Yellowstone. Billings Gazette.
  • 11-6-00 Yellowstone National Park Lynx. newspaper. 
  • 9-24-00 After rocky start, lynx reintroduction program on track By Judith Kohler. Associated Press.
  • 7-25-00. 10th Circuit Court Rejects Farm Groups bid to Oust Colorado Lynx. Denver Post. This is the same court that rejected the Farm Bureau attempt to remove the wolves from Yellowstone and central Idaho.
  • 7-2-00. Second Batch of Colorado Lynx Thriving. Rocky Mountain News by Dick Foster.
  • 5-4-00 The Missing Lynx by Steven Hawley. Missoula scientists hot on the trail of the elusive lynx. Missoula Independent.
  • 4-2-00 Wyoming lynx study may prove useful. Billings Gazette.
  • 3-10-00 Lynx Science Reports. USFWS website.
  • 2-18-00   More Lynx to be released in Colorado soon. Boulder Daily Camera
  • 1-14-00   Release set for 52 more lynx in Colorado. Denver Post.
  • 12-18-99   Lynx Killer Ordered to Pay $18,000. Denver Post.
  • 11-26-99   Colorado's state wildlife commissioners to end Lynx reintroduction Program? Boulder Daily Camera.
  • 11-19-99   Reintroduced Colorado Lynx found shot dead in Nebraska! Lincoln Journal Star.
  • 11-6-99   Hunter Arrested for shooting Colorado Lynx. Denver Post.
  • 10-27-99   Lynx Report Supports Endangered Species Listing. ENN.
  • 10-7-99   Lynx Program to Continue Despite Early Problems. Billings Gazette.
  • 9-20-99   Wyoming Lynx Being Studied. Boulder Daily Camera.
  • Updated Aug. 99   Canada Lynx News from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • 7-20-99   Seventh lynx found dead: Cat found dead on the shoulder of I-70 near Vail Pass. Boulder Daily Camera.
  • 7-13-99   Reintroduced Lynx found shot. Denver Post
  • 6-12-99   Lynx reintroduced to Colorado. Yahoo News. This story is about the additional lynx released in May.
  • 4-22-99   The Lynx in Montana. Missoulian by Daryl Gadbow.
  • 4-13-99   Starvation suspected in death of project's 4th lynx. Denver Post.
  • 4-5-99   On the Trail of Colorado's Missing Lynx.
  • 3-28-99   Will the Lynx Survive? Reintroduction program leaders remain optimistic, despite deaths and near starvation of several cats.
  • 3-7-99   Protestors Condemn Starvation of Lynx.
  • 3-4-99   Second Lynx Starves to Death.
  • 2-4-99   Canadian Lynx Released to Colorado Wilderness
  • 2-3-99   Lynx Release Imminent.
  • 12-12-98   Groups Sue to Stop Colorado Lynx Reintroduction.
  • 12-1-98   Division Plans Release in January
  • 11-13-98   Colorado Wildlife Commission Approves Lynx Reintroduction
  • 7-8-98   Government proposal to list the lynx as a threatened species. Federal Register.

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