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2001 Dec. 22 Yellowstone Delta Pack gets radio collars. plus winter study pack number and prey data.
2001 Dec. 21 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (11-20 to 12-21). Because Dept. of Interior web sites are shut down, I scanned the hard copy and put the important, news-filled report up here.
2001 Dec. 17 Idaho Wolf Update December 2001.
2001 Dec. 17 Idaho Wolf Update mid-October 2001.
2001 Dec. 17 Idaho Wolf Update September 2001.
2001 Nov. 30  Chief Joseph Alpha male is dead. Was it natural? (this is a fuller version of the story). Update 12-20. Cause was natural.
2001 Nov. 27 Some instability remains in Yellowstone wolf packs. 
2001 Nov. 26 The latest on Wyoming wolves outside Yellowstone. Additions Nov. 27.
2001 Nov. 19 The Greybull Pack, a new Wyoming wolf pack.
2001 Nov. 15 Core of the Nez Perce Pack found, but the Druids have disappeared. Update Nov. 16. Druids reappear. Another update Nov. 19.
2001 Nov. 13 Against all odds, Whitehawk Pack Survives Summer. Addition Nov. 14.
2001 Nov. 9  Elusive Nez Perce Pack still not found in extending flights. Update Nov. 14. Pack still not found.
2001 Nov. 8 Tracking flight fails to find Nez Perce Pack near Ashton, Idaho or back in Yellowstone. 
2001 Nov. 7 Large Number of Wolves appears in Eastern Idaho. Nez Perce Pack? Updated later on Nov. 7.
2001 Nov 6 Yellowstone wolf news. Winter looks bad for elk survival, plus pack news.
2001 Oct. 29 Last of the old Sheep Mountain pack brothers shot by Wildlife Services.
2001 Oct. 23 Druids and Nez Perce Pack Square Off. Additions Oct. 26
2001 Oct. 9  Five new wolf packs derived from Idaho wolves in 2001
2001 Oct. 3 Tim Sundles puts up a wolf web page.
2001 Sept. 25 Wolf News. SW Montana and Wyoming outside Yellowstone NP.  No. 9's Collar Goes Dead
Update Nov. 5. No. 9 still alive.
2001 Sept. 17  Statement by the Wolf Recovery Foundation on the terrorist attacks.
2001 Sept. 11 Wolf Update. Early Sept. for Yellowstone Park.
2001 August 27 Why do wolves kill so few cattle? Additions Aug. 31.
2001 August 26 Dead grizzly cub found in Lamar. It was likely killed by the Druids.
2001 August 25 More on the alleged wolf attack on Carmen, Idaho couple
2001 August 24 Two pairs of wolves in Montana's Big Hole Valley relocated to Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness of north central Idaho. Update 9-14-2001
2001 August 19 Report on Salmon, Idaho wolf hearing. Details of testimony on hearing where man claimed an Idaho wolf attacked him and his wife.
2001 August 14 33F, Chief Joe alpha female, annihilated on US 191. Update 8-21
2001 August 13 More Idaho Wolf Guardians Needed.
2001 August 9 Two wolf new packs named in Yellowstone -- Cougar Creek Pack and Tower Pack
2001 August 9 The Bitterroot Divide becomes a major wolf concentration area. Now with an addendum on the Elk Summit area.
2001 April 8 Five members of Montana's Boulder Pack released from captivity Near Lake Koocanusa. Update 4-13, 6-4, and 8-7 and 8-10 Boulder transplants move to Flathead Lake. Spokesman newspaper report on a new transplantation causes political firestorm.
2001 August 6 Defenders' Volunteers keep Whitehawk Pack wolves and sheep apart so far.
2001 July 28 Report on Druids. Update on Aug. 8
2001 July 25 Park's Nez Perce Pack kills adult bison, and probably a grizzly cub, plus reports on other Park and SW Montana packs. Update and additions 7-27.
2001 July 24 Defenders offers big reward for Idaho wolf poisoners.
2001 July 10 54 pups identified in Idaho so far. Seven packs or pairs left to investigate. Updates July 15 and July 23.
2001 July 9 Early July update on Wyoming Wolves outside Yellowstone. Teton Pack with 9 pups!
2001 July 9 So far so good on Whitehawk Pack. More volunteers needed.
2001 July 7 Mollys Pack has its first pups.
2001 July 5 Watching the Druids and more . . . a grand time in Yellowstone
2001 July 2 Defenders calls for volunteers to help keep Whitehawk Pack and sheep apart.
2001 July 2 Western Watersheds Project to Sue Sawtooth National Forest over failure to keep Whitehawk Pack and sheep apart
2001 July 1 Wildlife Services kills two adults in the Whitehawk Pack
2001 June 27 Yellowstone Park wolf pup update.
2001 June 25 Rundown on a number of recent wolf-livestock depredations. Update June 26. Update July 1 Teton Pack disperser gunned down by the government at Cokeville, WY.
2001 June 21 Kill order on Whitehawk Pack is lifted. The controversy may continue. Critique of USFWS comments added June 22.
2001 June 18 Brailsford sheep head directly into wolf pack. Report from the field. Update June 19: Whitehawk Pack still alive. Order to kill still in effect. 

Photo added on July 6.

2001 June 14 Sawtooth Valley's Whitehawk Pack has pups and trouble, but progress may be in the making. Update later on June 14 and on June 15 (order to kill). Second update Friday evening. Update afternoon June 16
2001 June10 Gravelly Pack Controlled and Captured and sent to Turner Ranch for conditioning. Update June 15.
2001 June 6 2001 denning update for Yellowstone Park and SW Montana Wolves. Pack name addition June 22
2001 June 5 2001 denning report on Wyoming wolves outside Yellowstone NP.
2001 May 29 A close encounter with the alpha male of the Teton Pack. 
2001 May 22 Two wolves killed near Clayton, Idaho after attacking cattle. One wolf suffered from a grievous pre-existing injury.
2001 May 17 Alpha female 24F of the Teton Pack was poisoned last fall, USFWS law enforcement reveals. Minor update 5-21, plus a look back from 11-13-2002.
2001 May 15 In a big surprise the Teton Pack has denned.
2001 May 10 The Druid's four dens are a puzzle.
2001 May 7 Idaho wolf update for early May 2001.
2001 Apr 27 Yellowstone wolf denning information for late April 2001, Updated Apr 27 afternoon
2001 Apr 20 Idaho Wolf News Report for mid-April 2001
2001 Apr 19 Season Ends with no wolf kills on National Elk Refuge, or was there one just the other day?
2001 Apr 16 2001 Denning Information on GYE wolves
2001 Apr 11 More Idaho Wolves Poisoned by 1080. Moyer Basin Pack was major target of criminal
2001 Apr 10 2001 will probably be the first year toward delisting the wolf in the Northern Rockies.
2001 Apr 10 Mill Creek wolves are numerous, plus major effort made to stop Chief Joe from choosing another bad den site. Update 4-20.  Mill Creek wolves counted as a breeding pair for 2000
2001 Apr 8 Idaho Wolf News Report for late March 2001
2001 Apr 2 Yellowstone's "big dogs" lure wolf watchers to Yellowstone Park. By Shelli Johnson. The Yellowstone Journal.
2001 Apr 1 Growing Reports of wolves well north of Yellowstone. Update 4-20
2001 Mar. 31 Leopold Wolf was not Killed in Paradise Valley
2001 Mar. 30 Not much of a show of wolves this winter on the national elk refuge.
2001 Mar. 18 Wolf B23F, alpha female of the former Stanley Pack shot by Wildlife Services after killing a calf
2001 Mar. 15 In the field with Doug Smith, Yellowstone's wolf exper. Seeing and hearing my first wolf in world's oldest national park. By Shelli Johnson. The Yellowstone Journal.
2001 Mar. 13 Female from Rose Creek joins with no. 9F and partner. Wyoming Wolf Update March 2001
2001 Mar. 13 One of the re-released Sheep Mountain wolves dead. Probably drowned. Update 4-19-2001
2001 Mar. 12 Idaho Wolf News Report for early March 2001
2001 Mar. 9 Wolves as "killing machines." Analysis of a lame metaphor.
2001 Mar. 6 New NW Montana pack kills two llamas. Their owner doesn't blame the wolves.
2001 Feb. 28 Yellowstone wolf update beginning of March 2001.
2001 Feb. 28 Half of the Boulder Pack is Captured; taken for training at Turner's Ranch. Update 1-22,  1-26, and 2-28
2001 Feb. 24 Idaho Wolf Update for Late February 2001
2001 Feb. 21 Winter Radio Collaring for Idaho Wolves Underway. Number of wolves appears down. Story added Feb. 23.
2001 Feb. 12 Yellowstone Park wolf news mid-February 2001
2001 Feb. 3 Two members of the Teton Pack has been successfully radio-collared. One wolf makes cleaver escape into 1999 den site hole.  Minor addition 2-9-2001
2001 Feb. 1 Protect Habitat For Treasured Wildlife. A great response to the Jackson Hole Guide article of Jan. 24 where some worry predators are "decimating" elk in Jackson Hole.
2001 Jan. 31 Idaho Wolf Update for Late January 2001
2001 Jan. 29 Annual wolf radio collaring in Yellowstone is complete. Results. More data Jan. 30.
2001 Jan. 29 Restoration of the wolf in Jackson Hole Proceeds at a snail's pace.
2001 Jan. 23 Swan Lake Pack kills a Nez Perce Yearling
2001 Jan. 19 Comprehensive Idaho Wolf Update. This is the summary for 2000 by the Nez Perce tribal wolf recovery team.
2001 Jan. 17 Idaho's Stanley Pack seems to have disappeared.  Radio collared members of the pack go their separate ways. I have added an archive of past stories on the pack to this article.
2001 Jan. 17 The Daring Druids or "Another Ho-hum day in paradise."
2001 Jan. 14 Secretary of Interior Babbitt returns to Yellowstone to view the success of his wolf restoration.
2001 Jan. 5 Reward increased for killers of Big Smoky Wolves
2001 Jan. 4 Soda Butte Pack is renamed the "Yellowstone Delta Pack."
2001 Jan. 3

Semiotics of howling, hunting, and scent-marking: Deconstructing the alpha pair.


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