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2002 Dec. 30 Whatever happened to "the saddleback" (male Druid wolf) from the litter of 1999?
2002 Dec. 29 Time to bring this story (now greatly updated) about Rudy Stanko from last July back to the top. 7-1-2002 "New rancher said to put numerous small calves in the middle of major Wyoming grizzly and wolf country."
2002 Dec. 23 Wolves as "wildlife terrorists." Think it's idiocy? Some people will believe it. Why?
2002 Dec. 20 Druid that went to Utah is now back with the Druid Pack, and Molly's pack continues to stay in the Lamar area. Update late on Dec. 21
2002 Dec. 21 Comprehensive update on the wolves of the Greater Yellowstone Northern Range. I have been making small additions and a few corrections to this for the last 3 days.
2002 Dec. 17 Lots of wolf activity on the northern range. Molly's Pack makes incursion in Lamar. Is Leopold splitting?
2002 Dec. 10 Idaho news: Jureano Mountain pack down to just two or three? Wildhorse Pack disperses?
2002 Dec. 3 Former Druid wolf 253M shows up southeast of Ogden, Utah. This well known wolf knew how to travel fast. Update 12-5. USFWS. . . new Utah wolves will stay. Update 12-7. Wolf 253 remains near Yellowstone. 12-8 Facts about wolves and Utah. Update 12-10. What route did the wolf travel into Utah? Update 12-16. Policy clarification from USFWS
2002 Dec. 2 Washakie Pack seems to have nearly completed its split into two packs.
2002 Dec. 2 New wolf pack near northern end of Paradise Valley. Will be named "Lone Bear."
2002 Nov. 18 Teton Pack kills a heifer. Wolf control is ordered, but then dropped after heavy snow.
2002 Nov. 12 Alert on Wyoming's awful draft wolf plan. Update 11-26. Wyoming wants to give wolf management to it's state ag dept. "Wolves are not wildlife" says state ag director.
2002 Nov. 6 Incident with wolves likely cost North Idaho elk hunter three horses.
2002 Nov. 4 Two members of the Mill Creek Pack shot by landowner after killing 16 sheep in Paradise Valley
2002 Oct. 1 and 30 Update on Wyoming wolves outside YNP. Sunlight Basin alpha pair recollared. Update Oct. 30. Wyoming Game and Fish Commission keeps unacceptable wolf plan!
2002 Oct. 24 Wolves Benefit Free-Ranging Jackson Hole Elk Herds. Article by Meredith Taylor. My comments added 10-27.
2002 Oct. 22 Late October update on the Druid Peak Pack and its offshoots
2002 Oct. 10 Idaho wolves . .  has their population growth ended?
2002 Oct. 9 Washakie Pack split into 2 groups
2002 Sept. 30 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rejects Wyoming's plan for predator/trophy game animal status for delisted wolves.
2002 Sept. 18 Jureano Mountain wolf pack breeches the fladry, but the fladry is seen as a partial success. Sept. 20 "Control" of pack resumes.
Note: This article is a revision and update of an earlier article (which I have taken down).
2002 Sept. 17 Yellowstone Grizzlies and Wolves in Late Summer Tussles
2002 Sept. 16 Proposal that would kill all Wyoming Wolves outside Yellowstone is sneaked out of Wyoming Game and Fish Commission
2002 Sept. 3 ABC News Program on Idaho Wolf controversy tonight. Bias, few facts, just opinions, and lies. Update 9-4, 9-9. Update 9-11. Peter Jennings defends the program. Update 9-18. Action alert on Peter Jennings.
2002 Sept. 2. Late August update on the Idaho wolves.
2002 August 30 Wolves make their first cattle kill in Grand Teton NP.
2002 August 25 Mid-summer 2002 Greater Yellowstone pup numbers
2002 August 24 Views of wolf scientists on the delisting/downlisting of wolves (with an emphasis on the Rocky Mountains).
2002 August 22 There are just three of the reintroduced wolves left in the Greater Yellowstone Recovery Area
2002 August 17 Family shoots their dog stuck in wolf trap north of Stanley, Idaho
2002 August 13 Quiet summer for Wyoming wolves east of the Park. The Absaroka Pack is apparently mange free
2002 August 12 Yellowstone Park Wolf Miscellany
2002 August 9 Bangs Concludes Wolves have not had a Significant Effect on Elk Population Numbers so far. Montana disagrees. Addition 8-13
2002 August 8 Four Mexican Wolves Perish in Wildfire at The California Wolf Center.
2002 July 19 Federal Judge Orders Government not to kill any wolves in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Additions Aug. 8 and Aug. 28
2002 July 11 Latest Yellowstone Pup Info. The all gray Swan Lake Pack has 11 pups!
2002 July 10 Idaho's Wildhorse Pack: Living on the edge of trouble for over 2 years now.
2002 July 9 Would used car lot flags frighten wolves? "Fladry" to be tried on Jureano Mountain Pack
2002 July 3 "Control" of Washakie Pack reveals fatal injury to wolf 147M. Update July 12.
2002 July 1 New rancher said to put numerous small calves in the middle of major Wyoming grizzly and wolf country.
2002 June 27 ICL and WWP file motion to get sheep and cows out of part of the Sawtooth NRA immediately. Updated 6-28 and 7-3
2002 June 25 Wolves are back in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area! New wolves seen in the same places as the past ill-fated packs.
2002 June 19 Latest Yellowstone Park pup info
2002 June 19 Yellowstone Delta Pack Drives Grizzly from Den
2002 June 15 Legal Victory for wildlife over livestock grazing on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area!! Lawsuit may stop government wolf killing there. More information. June 18 and 19
2002 June 14 Another wolf-killing bragger gets caught
2002 June 12 Big surprise! Central Idaho wolf is in Wyoming's Greybull Pack. More information June 14, and 18
2002 June 11 Update on the Druid Peak Pack
2002 June 7 Winter Severity and Wolf Predation on a Formerly Wolf-free Elk Herd. This is a research article on wolves, elk and the winter on Yellowstone's northern range. Addition June 11.
2002 June 6 The Teton pack has eleven pups!
2002 June 2 Idaho Wolf Update
2002 May 30 Scientists Reject Moves to Remove Wolf Protections. 48 noted scientists urge Gale Norton to scrap her department's plans to downlist the gray wolf. More June 1
2002 May 25 More on the death of Wolf 7F. An era passes in Yellowstone.
2002 May 21 Famous Wolf 7F dead of wolf attack. More Greater Yellowstone 2002 pup information. Minor update 5-30
2002 May 10 Update on Wyoming Wolves outside Yellowstone Park: Wolf/elk controversy in the Gros Ventre during the winter.
2002 May 1 Conservation Groups demand strong wolf recovery from Secretary Norton
2002 April 29 Yellowstone Park denning info
2002 April 27 Brucellosis, mad elk disease, wolves, and the fantasies of Northern Rockies wildlife politicians. More links and info 4-30.
2002 April 17 Some email to wolf managers is far too unpleasant
2002 April 16 Are wolf/livestock depredations soaring? The dangers of wolf managers, crying "wolf."
2002 April 13 History of the Whitehawk Wolf Pack
2002 April 11 Feds kill more wolves, this time in Montana.
2002 April 10 Defenders of Wildlife responds to recent killings.
2002 April 9 Bangs Responds to Whitehawk and other wolf killing controversy.
2002 April 6 Statement by one of the Whitehawk Pack's wolf guardians from last summer and fall.
2002 April 5 Whitehawk Pack being killed by the government. End of a year's effort by many to conserve the pack. Updated 6 times. Most recently April 14.
2002 April 4 New wolf policy proves deadly to Idaho and Montana wolves. Policy of stockgrower association appeasement will not work. Update April 5: two more Whitehawk Pack wolves killed.
2002 April 2 Druid youngsters kill a bison. Molly's Pack kills a lot of them, but has a hard time keeping them.
2002 March 31 Wolf Illegally shot east of Yellow Pine, Idaho
2002 March 29 Idaho wolf report. It has been a long time since one of these came out, but it was written on March 27.
2002 March 28 Government kills 4 wolves in Paradise Valley: Details from Yesterday's story.
2002 March 25 Yellowstone wolf update. Druid 103's group attacks Tower Pair. Mollies Pack lives off bison.
2002 March 22 Stanley anti-wolf leader wants Idaho Fish and Game to pick up area winter elk feeding. Update 3-24 and 3.29.
2002 March 18 Wyoming residents howl over legislature's plan to charge feds for Wyoming elk eaten by wolves.
2002 March 11 Mange strikes the Absaroka Pack east of Yellowstone NP. Update 3-12, 4-1
2002 March 9 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report. (3-1 to 3-8)
2002 March 6 The text of the amended Idaho wolf plan (by the Idaho state senate committee). Update 3-14. Wolf plan clears Idaho legislature; goes to governor.
2002 March 2 Is the distance between the Druid Pack wolves and wolf watchers getting too narrow?
2002 March 1 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (2-22 to 3-1).
2002 Feb. 23 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (2-15 to 2-22).
2002 Feb. 22 Former Gravelly Pack female moves from Washington state to B.C. Updated on 2-24
2002 Feb. 19 Outfitters, elk, wolves, and single cause explanations.
2002 Feb. 17 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (2-9 to 2-15).
2002 Feb. 11 More Yellowstone wolves radio-collared. The average Druid Pack wolf is small. More data 2-13.
2002 Feb. 10 Idaho anti-wolf folks get special audience with Secretary Norton's Scientific advisor and Senator Larry Craig.
2002 Feb. 9 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (2-1 to 2-8).
2002 Feb. 8 Gravelly Pack alpha female is in Washington State! Updates 2-9 and 2-14
2002 Feb. 4 Gros Ventre Pack shows up near Pinedale, Wyoming. Update 2-7
2002 Feb. 2 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (1-25 to 2-1).
2002 Jan. 29 Wyoming legislature may seek federal reimbursement for dollar value of elk killed by wolves. Addition 1-29
2002 Jan. 26 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (1-19 to 1-25).
2002 Jan. 23 Famous Druid Pack splinters.
2002 Jan. 19 Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (1-11 to 1-18). DOI web sites still down. Interior hog-tied.
2002 Jan. 13  Wyoming Game and Fish complaining again this winter about wolves at Gros Ventre River elk feedlots. Update 1-17-2002
2002 Jan. 10  Northern Rockies Gray Wolf Recovery Progress Report (12-22 to 1-10). DOI web sites still down.
2002 Jan. 9  Wolf found shot dead near King Hill, Idaho. That's pretty far south.


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